♥ Casio TR15 Review #3

15 December 2013

Hello Sweeties :3 I know I know I know it. I know you can't wait for my review post for this Casio Tr15 and that's why I'm here to review about casio TR15- Remote Capture & Wifi Photo Transfer. Oh yea before I continue for this review have you read my previous blog post about the TR15 Brightening Mode & Make-up Mode on my #2 review? Haven?? I'm sure you have lots of question on that and that's why I updated on my previous post but you can click on the link below to read more about the features :- 

about the Make-up mode & Skin brightening mode

Make sure to see each diff between diff mode. So yea! Continue from the previous ..ermm.. I'm gonna talk about their super easy remote capture and wifi photo transfer. I heard lot of you asking what's the diff between tr15 and also tr10 & can you use wifi card to transfer & etc. Again, this is the reason why I picked this topic for you all! HAAHHAAH To solve and answer all your FAQs (Frequent Asked Questions). Let me start with the Wifi Photo Transfer first, k?


Casio TR15- WiFi Photo Transfer

Apart from the pretty selca photo, TR15 compared with all previous version really improved a lot. In term of their features (no longer need to mention because it's super awesome) and now I'm really love their super fast wifi transfer for all photos. Firstly, you no need additional wifi memory card because the memory card size is totally diff with the previous one. This Casio TR15 included the wifi feature exactly inside the camera. So you no need to do anything from that but you just need to have a smart phone which can download the app- Exilim Remote in order to transfer the photo from your camera to your phone.

So now I'm going to demo this whole process for you and let you know why TR15 seems better if compare with others :) 
 -First I download the application to enable file transfer from my camera to my phone.

 -Once you done , click on the app will show you the exactly same screen as the photo above.

 - Don't worry for that part. Now you just need to open your Casio TR15 click the PHONE LOGO on the top (beside the rubbish bin logo)

 -Then it will bring you to the exactly same one as mine. Have two choice you can choose send to phone or view on phone. I click on [SEND TO PHONE] since I want to transfer the photo to my phone.

 -After you click it , you can pick and simply tick the photo you want to send to your phone. Hmmm so of course I picked my best selca photo!! HAAHAHAH Then click [OK]

 -After you clicked [OK] it will automatic jump into this screen. You are require to connect your phone wifi with your CASIO TR15. Connect to the Wifi name and type in your password.

 -Like this. All information on the screen ya~

 -Once you connect it will show you this and don't be shock when you look at your phone. THE FASTEST SUPER FASTTTT SPEED transferring your photo to your phone.

 -I picked 9 photo and each of the photo 'run quicky' & smoothly from my camera to my phone :P HAAHHAAH really so fast!

 -After all photo completely sent to your phone it will automatic terminate the wifi connection from your camera.

 -Like this and your phone automatic saved all photo within a mins! SUPER FAST!!! Now you no longer have to wait it and save each photo one by one. You can instantly transfer multiple photos from your casio tr15 to your phone at one time.

So awesome right? I know you will love the next feature!! It's their remote capture!!


Casio TR15- Remote Capture.
No need to explain too much about this remote capture feature. This is the HOT UNIQUE SELLING POINT of this latest series of camera. You no longer need to ask your bf , your dad , your bro , your gf to help you capture your ootd post!! YOU CAN DO IT BY YOUR OWN! Like what I did I just simply placed this TR15 on the top of my book or on table. Then connect it to my phone.... I CAN INSTANTLY see myself on my phone!! OMGGGG 

Let me show you how~
 - So first of all (as usual) open the app and turn on your camera.

 -Click on the 3rd logo [Phone Logo]

 -Then will jump out a ID and a password. At this time connect your phone to this wifi and enter the password. Almost repeat the same step like transferring your photo to your phone.

 -Wooohooo Done connect!

 - TAAAADAAA!! You now can see your phone screen turn like your camera!! Not just this, now you can adjust and zoom in / close up setting to control your camera.

 -So I placed mt casio TR15 on the table. Then this is how my phone screen look like. I SEE MYSELF!!

 -You can also choose few setting available on your phone app. Either you click on/off the self-timer or the LED light!

 - You will have the countdown number on your phone screen too if you on the self timer.

You know what!! Now you can pose #likeaboss and different poses that remote capture able to do WITHOUT the help from third party////// YAY!!! and of course I can always check it from a distant too. I no longer need anyone to help meeeee capture for my ootd photo and closed up!!

Some photo I took to highlight diff poses this remote capture can benefits on us!!

 For example like ootd post!! Without anyone helping me!!

 Photo from the bottom angle and also photo capturing your sexy back side which show your sexy dress design!!!

Oh yea!! Pose like a boss!! HAHAAH Thanks to TR15 now I'm able to snap any photo I want with that remote capture features! 

For more information click on: https://www.facebook.com/CasioExilimMalaysia

-That's all for today. Love, xx-



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