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03 December 2013

Hello My little Sweethearts :3  I need some extra time to pamper myself. I guess for those who followed me on #dayre should know that recently I'm quite stress due to my assignments , research papers & prepare for mid term. I seriously damn tired of this but still I manage to have few hours time ...Just to play with Bebe and some extra time to pamper myself. You know I feel that girl's always being so weird. When we are under stress we tend to shop a lot. No matter it's online shopping or what but WHEN I'M STRESS I shop a lot too. This month over spent for Bebe and of course myself. My bebe start to have his own pretty clothes and I spent almost few hundred just for a bag !! It worth because I feel better after that...Loll ((slap slap

Apart from that I'm quite happy everytime I'm stress I will always go my room , sit down and search for something. No  matter what it is. Maybe looking at my room dreaming for few mins , reading my comic book , magazine , see my old album , write my diary or arrange my room. I don't know why I need to arrange all boxes inside my room. Then see what I found!!! YEAAAA I'm veru surprise that it made my day. Make me feel better because I think boy really can't understand but as a pastel , macaron lover!! YOU WILL DEFINITELY CAN'T RESIST THIS  !! YOU CANT!!

If you notice my blog top banner..Have a bunny.. It designed in this way because my babe Kim (My website designer) know that I have a cute rabbit teeth in fact I always think it's very ugly and look for braces. But still I know my mom love it , my dear love it , Mr.Kitty love it and of course you (although I half love half hate it) Lolll  Anyway, I still think bunny look super cute especially their moving nose and mouth + their super adorable teeth !!!! So this time you can get something similar with this product I'm going to share with you!!

IT'S A SUPER CUTE MASK WHICH HAVE BUNNY ON THEIR PACKAGING , PASTEL , MACARONS! wtf?!!! I don't think I can resist this because it's just TOOOOO CUTE and too crude to say no!!! It really really really make me happy when I look on that little bunny. I really can't explain because I really need this kind of thing to cheer me up when I'm emo. ((Bad Mr.Kitty not free to choi me niaoooo due to his examination too)) But it's okay! I still have my little BUNNY & BUNNY mask I get from RosyRain !! Guess you're not the first time seeing this brand appear on my blog~ Remember the previous post about my 21st make up look click here♥ I reviewed about their Bunny& Bunny eyelashes & blush too. Bunny & Bunny is a brand targeted teenagers like us or all of us who love colorful , bunny , cute cute adorable beauty product. They have make up and skincare product range!! If you know about her Bren Lui / 大佬B then I'm sure you should know about this brand!! I'm happy that it now available at Malaysia and later on will attached some promotion too. I know not all of you always on facebook check for page feed and I hope my blog will always bring some latest news and just to update you guys with latest promotion and review. This is what I love to do!! So keep reading~                                                 


Firstly ( what we always do) we always refer to the packaging! Lollll I mean this really got reason one a..because it's another way to pamper yourself when you're super stress on something or want to cheer yourself up. Lol ((I know it's just excuse for myself because I love everything if it's cute)) HAHAHAHA So I think I shouldn't keep talking here because you guys wanna to see the packaging and tend to ignore what I wrote here. ((Zipped my mouth)) 

 I told you it's super cute!! See even the macarons was my favorite color. It wrote there you can have a smooth , tasty and yummy skin like macaron. OMG SO SWEET LEH THIS QUOTE. If Mr.Kitty praise my face with this quote I guess I can't sleep because it's what we want to achieve for our life!!! So true right??
 No.1 Whitening and Moisturizing Mask
 OMG CAN YOU SEE THIS? Even their instruction and picture behind include this cute little bunny too! OMG it's just tooooooooo cute.
 One box contain 3 mask sheets
 I'm gonna cute this bunny down and DIY another bookmark for myself! JUST TOO CUTE OMG OMG OMG
 It's more recommend that if you use with their best seller Snail Serum (which I will review on my next post)
My super bunny face! HAHAHAHA purposely make myself look like the bunny on the packaging with pink pink blush on it cheek. Lol

 HAHAHAH I know I'm abit crazy or too stress but I feel that I look like ultra-man with a white mask on! Lolll I'm single eyelid girl I wanna try their transparent eyelid tape toooo~ Wait I get then I review it ya :) As usual the mask sheet contains 2 layer. One is the one suppose to put on your face and another one need to tear off one. The texture of this mask sheet not as soft as those silk type of mask but just nice because (I personally think it's nice) because it can hold lot of essence in a single mask sheet. I take it out from the packaging and when i squeeze the mask sheet I can feel that it's really good in term of that. Some other mask once you open whole liquid inside the packaging will pour out very easily and therefore the mask couldn't absorb all the great things of their ingredients but this.. I can tell you it wont.

I take off the mask sheet after 30 mins because I think it's the best time for me since the mask really contain lots of essence. The essence is quite concentrated not like those very 'liquid' one. That's why I love it. After 30 mins take off the mask I placed it again on my neck ((this is what usually I did )) Save money and fully utilize whole piece of mask. Next if still remain some essence on it you can put it again on your arm and your knee

AND AND one thing I love about this is once I tear off the mask sheet I can see my skin tone instantly become brighter than my actually skin tone. I feel good and look at my expression. I really think this help me so much in term of their moisturizing level too. I need to massage my face because there are still some concentrated essence remain on my skin!!!
Can't explain how much I love this but I hope they will bring in more stock for this sister brand under rosy rain because some of you might need to wait if it's out of stock!! SO yea grab it as soon as possible to enjoy this lovely mask and use to pamper yourself when you feel stress :)


For those who interested to purchase you can get it from: 


Since it's almost X'mas & NEW YEAR!! Rosy Rain Malaysia came out with a super nice deal promotion for ALL OF YOU!! YEAAA!! Like their page for another promotion ( Will be publish soon on my next post about their serum) So here's the latest promotion !

As I mentioned just now X'mas is coming!! Everyone of us worrying what to give as a gift for your lovely mummy , babe or friends?? No worried because ROSY RAIN CAME OUT WITH A NICE DEAL to help you guys save some cost for your present :P Hiak hiak~ Rosy rain Malaysia was so clever because they  just launch their Christmas holiday PROMOTION for all of you!!ONLY RM388 for whole set worth RM479 product (on the promotion photo above) 

Within this set you can get 3 products which included Original Japanese Tibetans Beauty magic water 日本藏人美肌魔法水, Toji Q10 Gel and Bunny Bunny snail extract serum 蝸牛萃取精華. I tell you just the japanese toner it's already around RM200+ and it's office lady's favorite item in Hong Kong. SUPER HOT SELLING You can just simply google or youtube it..All people reviewed on that! Teheee*

Okay ! That's all for today :) Love, xx♥♥