♥ It's Bazaar again !!

23 November 2013

Hello Baby♥ :3 I think you know what's going on. Yeah, I'm having my next bazaar again!!! Guess some of you already know this from my instagram / facebook but for those who follow my #dayre probably you are the first few who know this. Have been quite busy on my studies and still need help this bazaar to design their poster. Hopefully it's nice and really appreciate if you can drop by here & say HIIIII to me! Or if you thinking where to hang out tomorrow~ Come join us at Setia Walk , Puchong!! We are having another Bazaar inside a lovely cafe! Thanks The Journey for all the collaboration & of course Setia Walk too

Previously sweeties always told me that our bazaar seems like too far from your house so now we are trying to meet all of you in diff venue!! I guess all of you should familiar with PUCHONG SETIA WALK RIGHT??? Please say yessss so this and I put lotss of effort on the poster :P So yea, please tell me it's nice! HAHAHAHA I'm just joking!!
For those who walk in have 20% off when dining at The Journey~ I know you guys miss me since the previous bazaar and this time I will hag all my lovely new clothes and another pack RM8-19 one I will put on a BIG BIG BIG BAG so you all can just check it on the bag. Anything you want just grab! As usual the more you grab the cheaper you get! Of course you wont be disappointed because have lotss of AWESOME BLOGGER there too!!

Just come here and have your lovely lunch!! I really can't wait to see all of you!! COME AND SNAP PHOTO , CHATTING , KISSSSSS ME! Joking Joking! So I think I shouldn't talk too much because you all will be surprise tomorrow :) This year is an awesome years. Joined more than 5 bazaar within this 6 months and I'm really happy to meet all of you~ So yea, stay tuned tomorrow!!! For those who dunno where's the exactly location I have put it here :) It's behind caring pharmacy only!!
Oh yeaa!! Shouldn't talk too much here because I'm going to continue my work and packing all clothes for you guys tomorrow~ SEE YAAA!!
Remember to bring your shopping bag oh!! ;)

That's all for today. 
Love, xx