[Chanwon Travel in Japan #22] Number76 in Tokyo, Omotesando | NALU Style & 76 Cafe

31 December 2015

Konnichiwa~ Sweeties! What a great morning today! Spending some time with my lap top and wearing my cute little pyjamas that I bought from Japan 2 months ago. Alright, this remind me to continue blog about my second trip to Japan. Probably left 3 more post to end with this but this 3 post gonna be a super long one because I ended up decided not to split it but combine all must / to-do place in one post. If you are pokemon lover then don't miss my next post ya!

So back to the topic, since my first time travel to Japan I always wish to try something new and this time guess where am I going?? I'm going to have my haircut done by NALU Hair Salon. It's Number76 again but in TOKYO, Omotesando. Yeah, you are right and surprisingly there are a 76 CAFE too. My plan was either have my lunch at the cafe first or doing my haircut first. hmmmmm!

Why NALU? Because in Japanese, 7= NANA and 6=ROKU. So NALU is the combination word of all 76 in Japanese. HAHAHAHAH Smart leh!

Where should I go first? Fyi, NALU Hair Salo located on the second floor of the same building with 76 Cafe. After my consideration, I decided to go for haircut first before my lunch. WHY? So that I can take photo with my new hair! HAHAHAHAHA 

Okay! I must give this drink a big hug. My first time ever trying this Strawberry Banana Latte! I don't really like banana but this taste super good. I can't believe strawberry was one of the best buddy for banana and surprisingly it turns into pastel sweet pink color. Okay! I'm loving this!

 Trying my new fisheye lens but have no idea why so blur! LOL 
better to change back to the normal lens

I actually made an appointment with Deji San before my trip. If you interested to pay a visit and try here you can drop them an email for the online booking. Just click on www.number76.com website and you can have the full price list , service they offer, even 76 cafe menu available on the official website.

It's bit awkward at first but Deji San worked before in Malaysia that's why he can speak and communicate with me in English. So, communication wasn't a problem here but it's better to have your desired or hair inspiration photo just to show them what you want or what you are looking for. I never show them any photo I just tell Deji San that I hope to get darker hair color and he design the rest for me.

AND ONE THING, I wanna look more Japanese! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA But I'm wrong because it's too cute for me but luckily I'm able to carry my new hair style and what make me give them some credit and compliment was....YOU KNOW THIS HAIR COLOR LAST ME FOR 1 MONTH!! If you followed me quite long you know that I always change my hair color because I'm having a blonde hair previously. Then I change to light grey , next is purple , then light sweet pink and go back to dark grey again. Within few months only I decided to make it looks slightly darker and ash! HAHAHAHA

But thanks god because I go for their signature treatment once a month, that's why my hair still look so nice :p No joke...just I never realise the dark ash color I did in Tokyo last me for 1 month and it faded after that and become my hair color now. I didn't dye my hair for 2 months. I should be going to number76 again next month and enjoy their treatment again. Teehee!

Oh yea, I always out of topic -.- So yea, I told Deji San I don't mind to have shorter hair just I want it to be more chio and darker hair color.

 After my haircut & it's time for new hair colour.

I ran outside from the Salon and immediately took this photo for you guys! AHAHAHAHAH It's my darkest hair color within the 4 years. I never go for something like this because I thought dark colour make me look too adorable but...this seems not bad! Added some Japanese girl feel now! HAHAHA jkjk (其實在我跑的同時,髮型師要送我去樓下的cafe他也跟著我跑!哈哈哈 因為日本人對客人非常有禮貌 要招著手對你鞠躬到你安全走到你要到的目的地。但是,我還是很好羞在那邊拍照只好打招呼然後快快拍照了又跑進去!真想嫁/移民來這裡T.T )

Another thing I love to have my haircut with Japanese Salon because when your hair grow slightly longer or after 1 month like that, your hair still look good enough and still easily style + take care even you are at home!

P.s- I remember I also took my Canmake cream cheek with me so I can apply the blush under my eye area after I done my hair. lol #FOREVERCANMAKECREAMCHEEK

After my wonderful time at NALU Salon, i decided to settle my meal at the 76CAFE. Wooohoooo I just realise, they even have an underground floor too. But I'm alone and was too shy to walk there and take photo. lol

 The girl in the middle looks so pretty. Seriously, like those model I saw in Vivi & Popteen magazine. 


I really can't believe the super big portion of my order OMG. I try my best to finish it and I left the 10% was the vegetable. I wish to try more but this is...too full and huge for me. No joke man, you are kidding me because the amount of cheese was....I never see any cafe put the cheese as much as this. Crazy!!! Like free one like that! HAHAHAHA But because I'm really into the 'cheesy-mode' that day so it's bit too cheesy la..but still I love it and the egg york was just.... I WANNA CRY! So delicious eh!!!

Let me show you the photo I took on their cafe. I TELL YOU, NO FILTER AND EDIT NEEDED FOR THIS!



Selfie with this and it bigger than my whole face. wtf* 

Haven done yet...because i haven try their signature dessert!!

 Can 76Cafe come in Malaysia?? I hope Number76 team hear me here! HAHAHAHAHA

 See the details! Just a dessert but they put so much effort and heart on it.


A nice and wonderful haircut experience with Number76, Nalu Salon in Tokyo. I was blessed with the friendly stylist and staff from this place. Love every little heart and effort they put on the foods and services. This is the reason why I get really disappointed when I'm back in Malaysia because we rarely get this kind of things happen in most of our cafe in Malaysia.

This is why I always prefer japan so much and when people ask me to recommend anything..i will always link and related it with Japan. When I got no topic to talk with people I told them my travel experience in Japan. When I got no motivation and become so lazy, I will always think about Japan and this motivate me to work harder and travel to this place again & again. I swear I will be going to Japan at least...once or twice a year.  I think it's better to be twice a year! HAHAHAHAHAH

Okay! That expressed my love towards my favourite country and why I choose to have my haircut in Japan everytime! HAHAHAHA Even back in Malaysia I still stick with Number76! Hope that you have a chance to visit their 76CAFE, enjoying your little time with love at there and do drop by their salon like me and pretending ourself to be as pretty as most of the Japanese girl :p That's all for today and hope to see NALU & 76 Cafe in Japan again...next year!!!


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