Chanwon Travel in Japan: #18 Ekiben

07 December 2015

Hello Sweeties~ Is me again and guess what I'm falling in love with my own blog now because it's full of Japan stuff. Today, I'm going to talk about this Ekiben bento that I tried in Japan and let you guys know what's EKIBEN.


One day I'm walking to one of the subway station and Daph point out a shop in front of me. She knew that I can't live without rice and I remember the whole morning + afternoon I just eat ramen. It's time to fix my craving so she introduced me this Ekiben! So back to the topic, what's Ekiben?

Ekiben are one of the type of bento which sold on trains stations / subway stations in Japan. It's a boxed meals and it looks so yummy and the presentation of it is just....too good to be true. Ekiben usually come with disposable chopsticks / spoon. The containers / boxes are made from plastic, wood, or ceramic.

It look like a lunch box but much prettier than a normal bento because all of the food inside the box was so beautiful. I bought mine at one of the station in Japan. People usually buy this during their train journeys.

This is the shop where I purchased my Ekiben.

Look at this wall already fix my craving!!!

All price stated clearly in the shop & you can choose base on your budget.

Price range from 700 yen to 1500 yen & some can up to 2000 yen depend on it.

The reason why I'm loving Ekiben was because the beautiful presentation of it. As you can see from the photo below, although the portion was quite small but you can try diff food in just one Ekiben box. The box itself looks super cute too. There are square box , hexagon one or even circle ekiben box. So cute right?!!!

 Enjoy looking at the presentation before I eat!

So healthy and the food was super fresh

We can't get enough of Japanese food so we passed by Seibu lowest floor to grab extra dessert for ourself + drinks from 7-eleven.

Mango in Japan somehow super duper expensive. idk why! lol

Of course, got myself some Japanese snacks & chips too! MUAHAHAHAAH Craving fixed x2397204803284032802 lol

OMG!! This read bean roll taste super duper good leh! You can get it from normal 7-eleven in Japan. Not too sweet and the red bean like jumping on my tongue wtf!! So fresh leh I can't believe i actually got this from convenience store 7-eleven. OMG

Oppss! Guess it's time for dinner now and why I can't get all the food on this post in Malaysia. I'm craving for it now OMG! That's all for today & enjoy your dinner with your friends/family. My turn to enjoy my dinner too. Love, xx.

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