Highlight in 2015 & 2016 New Year Resolution

31 December 2015

OMG?!!! Last day in 2015? Are you serious :'( 1 year older now! I can't believe I turn 24 tomorrow. Time flies and I'm always so excited about the last and first day of every year because it's the time where I will update my new year resolution and highlight in that year. This year it's slightly diff because I'm going to start with a throwback on my 2015 resolution and see whether I successfully achieve it or not.

Sorry my mistake it suppose to be throwback and 2015 resolution (not 2014 xD).

I tick whatever I achieved and the last one was half achieve and half not. The beginning of year 2015 wasn't that good for me. I'm confuse on what I want to be , where should I go , How and why should I do it. I'm having a hard time which I never mention to you because I don't think people like to read sad story on my blog. It's quite challenging and was quite bad for me. I'm sad and disappointed with the thing I care the most but I'm alright now. The first half of 2015 wasn't that good for me BUT the remaining half year was amazing. This is why I didn't tick the box because I want myself to remember this and learn from the lessons.

Firstly, I did what I promised to myself! Finally I put on my braces and received lots of your love msg and thing I should / shouldn't do when I put on braces. Secondly, this year I spend more time for myself, smelly , my cute little dog Bebe & family. I celebrate every important day with them and spend every important day of my life with them. This is what I never achieve previously but this year I start to set my first priority for them. Learn to give, did I wrote this as my 2015 resolution? hahaha i can't even remember but this year I start to donate some part of my income for poor old age people and dog shelter. Of course, more giveaway from me! I think I giving away more than 35 gift and parcels to my reader this year. Then, I work so hard to clear the money I owe for my ptptn loan & of course, try my best to save money for everything.(but i spent to much on this month wtf?!!) HAHAHA But still I need to work hard again this year. Not sure when can I pay back the full amount :'( . Another resolution I wrote for 2015 was all about travel & try my best to travel as much as I can. I ticked it because I did it! YAY!! 

[Highlights in 2015] 

(1) Saving up for something I really, truly want and then spend it! Spend most of my saving on upgrading my camera, macbook and lighting tools. Ya... I invested a lot on my camera that's why I'm able to share beautiful photo on my blog. I bought new lens, cameras, tripod stand , soft box lighting and so on. This really cost me a bomb! lol Of course, learning and trying to film more video and sharing more tips to you guys.

(2) Engaged with new brand & client. This really surprised me A LOT. I met so many new client and luxury/ branded brands this year. I think it's really a good choice to chop my hair off! HAHAHA I look slightly mature with my short hair and outfit and that's why I'm slowly on the track now. Start working and dealing with new client all by my own and at the same time, I'm here to thanks for those who collaborate,engaged and appreciated everything I did on my blog. Without all of your appreciation, I won't be here until now.

(3) 8 years of my blogging life since 2008. I can't believe you guys still reading my blog now. My blog grow up with all of you. Thanks for reading this and I love all of you!

(4) Working with brands I love. Honestly, I have no idea how they found and know me but working with brand I love... feel super good. They never negotiate anything with me but giving me full support and confident in everything. Thanks a lot...

(5) Travel to my favourite country and my dream came true on the day I saw the sakura blossom in Japan.

(6) Travel to so many new place / country this year. I went to Japan TWICE this year , Melbourne , Perth and Korea, Seoul. Explored new place and met so many new friends from diff country. Can't believe this.

(7) Blogged and share more about my personal stories , experience, DIY project , #Chanwontips & your favourite travel post. 

(8) First sponsored trip in my life! It happened on me T.T I can't believe this!!AND I met Lee Min ho during the innisfree event too.

(9) Concert! Went to Big Bang concert this year. My first concert ever!!!

(10) Blonde & Pink blonde Hair. Yea...I bleached my hair and this is how brave + crazy am I AHHAHAHA

(11) Received quite a number of invitation to make appearance on TV but I rejected because I can't talk nicely with my braces on. Plus, I'm not really confident with my braces on lol...They want me and think I'm suitable because I'm so talkative. I can talk with you on any topic. I'm serious! HAHAHAHAHA

(12) Found my new hobby, colouring!

(13) Spend more time with those who lift me up and less time with those who bring me down.

(14) 5 years with Smelly and bebe turned 2!

(15) Speak My Mind! Finally learn how to speak from my mind and saying no when I need to.We don’t have to say yes to everything. If you don’t feel like going to a party, listen to yourself and take a pass. If someone tries to dish out something that isn’t your job at work, tell them no. Just embrace the word NO but remember to say it right. 

Honestly, the best thing to end my 2015 is to thanks for all of you. No matter who you are, a big thanks from my heart here. I overcome the obstacle and I feel better since July. I remember I was crying like a baby in front of my new friends during my Korea Trip with Bobo. But is okay, because things happen after June 2015 was pretty AWESOME. Another milestones in my life, I can't believe I take this as my job now. I just can't believe blogging brought so much fun for me. I get so many opportunities this year and do the best for myself...for all of you. 

I'm just too happy because this year I have all of you with me *again and I achieved everything I want and in return, people start to appreciate my work. To all the people who help me directly or recommend me for your friends or brand, I'm here to say THANK YOU and allow me to hug you here lol....Without your help I wouldn't be here and my dream won't come true. Thanks A LOT!! Thanks to 2015, it make a better me and I'm prepare for 2016!! 


(1) Be more confident when speaking with others

(2) TRAVEL as much as possible and explore new place. My every year's resolution! HAHAHAHAHA

(3) Start sharing post on how to style xxx , how to mix & match with xxx and hope you can learn more from all the info I update on my blog. More youtube video and vlog when I'm travelling.

(4) Think before I speak.

(5) Learn how to cook! <<< MUST ACHIVE THIS

(6) Enrich my vocabulary and speak better English

(7) Start fitness and stay healthy. I want fitness to help my shoulder grow wider lol and fatter shoulder wtf*

(8) Do something to enrich my life and see things differently.

(9) Drink more water & sleep more than 7 hours a day. lol

(10) Doing one small act of kindness every week.

(11) Continue to spend more time with those who lift me up and less time with those who bring me down.

(12) Embrace who I am and my imperfections.

So it's my new year resolution and highlight of 2015. What about you?? Have you prepare yourself for the coming new 2016? Stay happy as always and I shall see you on my next post :D Love, xx.

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