Chanwon Travel in Japan: #16 Harajuku | My favourite place ever!

04 December 2015

Say HELLO to my favourite place and post ever! I re-edit this blog post and added some new information during both of my April + October trip to Japan. So here's the MUST-DO list every time I went to Harajuku. It's a place that full of teenagers or younger people. If you thought that Japan stuff and fashion items were super pricy then you should come here ONCE. I mean for people like my age or people who love Japan Harajuku fashion.

There are so many to-do list here. Some I found it from online's recommendation, some from magazine/ travel guide book and last but not least, some place and to-do thing that I would recommend for you. Basically, it's just a record for myself and i think this should be useful for you too.

Things I did in Harajuku, Japan:-
(1) Shop cheap accessories , fashion items and clothes at WEGO & shop around the street
(2) Visit Kiddy Land (lots of sanrio items from head to toes e.g. Gudetama , Hello Kitty , Rilakkuma)
(3) Eat Crepes
(4) Tokyu Plaza (visit Hands Cafe, read more here & shop cosmetic products that only available in Japan)
(5) Try Calbee Plus 
(6) Visit themed cafe (Little Pony Cafe , Alice in wonderland & more)
(7) Spot limited edition items that only sell in Harajuku e.g. iPhone casing and Sanrio soft toys
(8) Try 一蘭 ramen | ICHIRAN
(9) Visit Line friends Shop
(10) Buy something from Choco Choco
(11) Tutu Anna Shop that sell lots of fashionable socks with reasonable price
(12) Visit 76 Cafe (Number76 Hair Salon Malaysia's Cafe in Japan)

It's a summary of both of my trip and I'm going to tell and show you one by one NOW! Yea yea~ RIGHT NOW! Thanks for your patient for waiting this post. I don't wanna separate or break it into so many post and it's why I keep edit it again and again so that the information was up to date until my second visit too. So, I hope you enjoy reading this post and let's fall in love with this place with me!

Yea! This is my favourite place in Japan. You can see fashionable girls around , pretty faces , cheaper items compare to other place, favourite foods and of course my favourite thing to do when I'm here...


No joke, most of the time I can't find anything cheaper than here. Maybe 78% of this! Most of the items I bought from here was much cheaper and good quality of course. I remember that I bought 10 pretty socks from here, all choker that I saw at WEGO , eat until wanna vomit and repeating walking around all the street. OMG!

Was busy applying lipstick before taking a selfie with this beautiful background

Not just cheap clothes, you can find super duper cheap and special accessories here. All in cheaper price and remember that sometime they will came out some 'LUCKY BAG' that you can buy it as a souvenir for your friends. I bought once before it's just 300 yen~500 yen and inside the bag you get 8-10 accessories.

Bought this less than RM10

Can try your luck visit some shop that selling cheap and nice shoe that you can't get in Malaysia

Try Purikura , Japanese Photo Booth that did a magic on your eyes within 1 mins. lol

Of course, spot some photo worthy spot for me to take OOTD photo.

- Buy Socks -

This is socks heaven OMG! All Vivi magazine featured this kind of fashionable sock that you can mix & match with your heels and wedges. Now you can match it with sport shoe too. I bought 10 of these and not just this brand there are tons of diff brands here but I recommended Tutu Anna because it's more girly and beautiful!

 I love tutu anna and below photo was taken at the opposite shop of tutu anna. 

- Visit Choco Choco -

If you love cute and sweet stuff , cute snack or bag like me, this is a place for you. I bought one hand carry bag from here and have been using it until now. From cute lens case to storage box or sweet hand bags....I'm sure you can find something you like here.

Look at this OMG!

Cute notebooks

Small wallet and make up bag

More cute stuffs here

Ya! I bought this from Choco Choco

- Eat Crepes -

Okay! This is A MUST-DO for you. Although I tried in Malaysia but this one seems to be more yummy and tasty than our country one. You might need to queue for 10 mins on this but totally worth it. More choices and type for you to choose for but they are more than 3 diff crepes shop in the same spot. I personally prefer the pink deco crepe shop so choose 'Angels Heart'.

It's pink so I choose you!

WAH! So many how to choose?

Okay okay! My turn now!!

Accidentally took this photo on my camera. This crepe looks like an angel LOL

This is the normal shot HAHAHAHA

Daph's Crepe vs Mine

Since it was a good spot to take photo...why not..SELFIE!!

nom nom nom... I miss this T.T

- Visit Calbee Plus -

The best chips ever. You can choose the thickness of your chips and the sauce. I pick the thinner chips + cheese sauce! Say cheese!!

Can I? nom nom nom...

During my first visit during Sakura season, there are a limited chips available. During my second visit  (October) they came out with halloween decoration and chips too.

You can also buy some chips back and the packaging is just toooooo cute!

No.4 Chips is my favourite one


- Tokyu Plaza & Hands Cafe -

For those who love Jill Stuart and some other cosmetic brand / product that are not available in Malaysia you can just grab them all at Tokyu Plaza. Of course, if you are looking for a nice and cozy cafe you might need to visit Hands Cafe (read more here) at the 5th floor of Tokyu Plaza. While having your meal you can have a look with all those stationeries too.

During my second trip to Japan I did something fun. I saw a booth beside the escalator and lots of people looking at their drawings. So I was like, maybe I should try this!

Cost me around RM70 for this

To be honest, it look damn alike especially my hair but why he draw until my nose so big :'(

My nose so tall and small one leh!! But you he draw until so big lol

 Another comic version of me! Wah...this one too lovely! AHAHAAH

Okay la.. Still look pretty if I cover the big nose! 

- Shop Pre-Owned / Vintage items -
If you love those very limited style or vintage items you can just walk around here and you can find some vintage some or corner like this selling pre-owned or pre-loved items. Of course, it's in a good condition.

idk why but the light bulb seems creepy for me. Don't look at me with the eyes pls..

Liz Lisa!

- Spot Limited items ONLY IN HARAJUKU -

Just walk around and spot those item that 'Only available in Harajuku'. From soft toys to iPhone case and so on.

All phone case cost around RM88-RM120 because it's authentic one from Sanrio. You can't find any phone case that less than RM50 lol

Some random stuff that I wish to bring back to Malaysia lol

Exploring Harajuku..

Unagi pie??! I only realise it when I saw this photo wtf?!! I wanna try leh! seems yummy lol


Sanrio? Hello Kitty? Rilakkuma? Gudetama? Melody? others? All available in KIDDY LAND. No joke seriously this can cost you a BOOM! I just look around but ended up shop like crazy because it was too hard not to buy. Total of four floors + one lower floor for you to get your favourite character from Sanrio. OMG. THIS IS JUST TOO CRAZY

Okay..please stay calm because I just couldn't control myself! Look at the super yellow Gudetama! OMG PLEASE! Luckily my brother was there and stop me from buying any soft toy! I just...couldn't...Self control wehhhh~



So cute can die!

Eating Sushi version of Gudetama

Hug me and bring me home! pls...

Melody T.T Sorry I can't bring you home!


Girl vs Boy @ Kiddy Land

Long ear rabbit...I couldn't...resist this...

-like a boss banana-

To reduce your stress..just keep tear off and stick it back LOL 
look so stupid but quite fun! I get addicted! HAHAHAHA

Another toys to reduce our stress. Just keep press and punch it! lol Then it will remain the same shape & look so cute. 

Box set of gudetama T.T

Popin' Cookin' that you can enjoy the play time and eat it after that.

Rilakkuma store & Twin little star!


After looking at all the crazy and cute stuff at Kiddy Land...Look what I saw?!!!

OMG! I forgot the name of this but I saw their toys at Toys"R"Us.

Since my second time to Japan was nearly Halloween soon, I saw lots of people cosplay around and it's so funny! Maybe that time I should cosplay some of the anime character too. lol

- Shop WEGO -
I bought all my choker at this shop. If you noticed it on my instagram's OOTD photo you can realise that I'm totally addicted to choker. The necklace on my neck and the price was quite reasonable. Most japanese magazine featured their items and quite reasonable for me. They got lots of pretty design bag and you can follow their instagram to take a look of it.

My favourite place to go!

- Themed Cafe -

There are some interesting themed cafe each time I visit. Some change over time and some remain the same. This time I saw My Little Pony cafe and if you are there you can search for cat cafe too. 

Alice on Wednesday (Alice in Wonderland) Cafe too

-Line Friends, Harajuku -

Are you a LINE fans? If yes, then you should pay a visit here at Harajuku or just come and take a photo. Selling some merchandise from Line and the brown bear was so popular too.

所謂的 到此一遊照 xD Only in Harajuku

- Try Ichiran ramen -

If you feel hungry after a long day spend in Harajuku...Remember try this! Try 一蘭 ramen | ICHIRAN! A customise ramen that you can choose and pick for yourself. You can choose the hardness of the ramen , the eggs and everything. All my friend told me IT IS A MUST but I think most ramen shop in Japan taste so good too but this queue too long...So I just smell it never try it during my first visit to Japan. lol

- 76 Cafe & NALU Hair Salon -

Need a hair cut or new hair colour? Visit Number76 hair salon branch in Japan (NALU SALON) and if you are around you can just go to their 76 Cafe below the hair salon. No joke, the food was super duper delicious and remember to try their signature cake. Will blog more about it on the next post!


I tried their haircut + colour and their food too! Gonna post about it soon! Stay tuned until the next post ya!

Before we walk back to the subway station I saw this pretty shop that selling lots of the bathroom essentials. Smell soooooo good! OMG

Spot the mirror so cute! All in white colour! And this is the name of the shop

Then I'm hungry again...So I went to Mc Donald and craving for their fried. Here's the cheese and barbecue sauce ! Best invention ever! Just split it half and squeeze~

After all this post I'm hungry and craving for Sukiya cheese gyu don again wtf?!! Sorry I'm really craving for it now. I'm so sorry to myself because I couldn't get the same taste of guy don in Malaysia if compare to Japan and hor..I just adjusted and tighten my braces yesterday :'( Can only eat porridge wtf!!!

Okay! Guess that's all for today~ Stay tuned for the next post and #FollowChanwonTo Japan again!!

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