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18 December 2015

Hey my little Sweeties! Say hi & love from Perth! Have no idea why I miss her so much recently. She is enjoying her stay at Korea right now and I'm now 7,838km away from her. Wuwuwuwu~ That's really sad for us because we promised to celebrate our couples christmas together this year. But is okay because I guess this is where I could spread more love and friendship to her even I'm so far away. Am I right? Guess both of us will be exchange our gift when we meet next year. :D I can't wait to see her!

Since X'mas is around the corner & the year comes to an end, I realise that it has been a fruitful year filled with ups and downs. Who has been through thick and thin with you all these while? My BFF and Bestie, of course! Since I'm missing Bobo right now, i think it's best to surprise her with this post and at the same time give you an interesting ideas of what to get for your BFF! This post is specially make for you, GIRLS!

They deserve to be rewarded with the best this Christmas. WHY?! Because Hermo know each friend is special to you AND your gift should be just as unique.Her Best Giftis an initiative by Hermo to help you get the perfect gift for your BFF! It’s an interactive personalised gift guide to choose the most suitable gift according to your Best Friend’s personality.

Hermo has listed 6 types of BFF, each unique and memorable in their own way. A list of specially-curated items have been carefully chosen to suit each BFF’s personality – ranging from skincare to cosmetics to hair & body care. The 6 types of BFF are:

-The Foodie-

-The Gossip Girl- 

 -The Motherly Figure- 

 -The Nerd-

-The Princess-

-The Wild One-

Let guess which BFF personality are we!
Can you tell?

Still guessing? 

Definitely, the foodie! 

Why? Simply because we both eat A LOT! This is our secret mission and purpose that make us appear in Korea. We ordered a huge pizza for both of us. At night she was hungry and wake me up in the middle of night just to go down convenience store to get some Korean Spicy Noodle. This was so crazy because imagine I can only stare and look at the spicy noodle (because i don't eat spicy) and ended up I got myself a tomato cup ramen too. OMG 

Ended up we both take supper from the first night until the end of our trip. wtf* We eat almost 4-5 meals a day and this is why I click THE FOODIE! HAHAHAHA Are your BFF and you were one of the foodie too? Join us join us x)

 ‘Her Best Gift’ – click here

This 'her best gift' interface was super duper cute! OMG It look exactly like BOBO (& me) !HAHAHAAH Sorry lah because I miss her a lot that's why I keep thinking of her~ Lol It's easy, you just need to choose the one who represent your BFF's personality and then...


WHAT?!!! Haven buy already got discount?!! OMG Are you serious? Hermo giving away RM5 vouchers for all who plays too!!! Just enter your email to get the voucher and continue pick and customise your BFF's gift to show her your love!

Guess what! Will definitely get the macaron facial mask and the Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack that I mentioned on my blog before. OMG So nice and some more there are lots of discount. 不買真的是對不起自己 (You will definitely regret if you don't get it now!) Look at this page make me wanna shopping for myself also

OMG!!! CAN'T RESIST THIS LEH! Okay okay I should look for Bobo's gift...NOT MINE!! HAHAHAHAHA. So if you're still thinking what to get for your BFF or bestie~ Then this should be a nice and fun game for you too :) Just like me :p Nice hor~ I really like this kind of interesting and fun idea~Remember that, Hermo Christmas Sale 2015 will be ongoing till 29th December 2015. There are lots of free gift  and you can join the Spin & Win to win a trip to Korea & other amazing prizes up for grabs as well.

Pick your BFF a gift now! Visit ‘Her Best Gift’  click here now and watch this cute video by Hermo too~

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