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21 December 2015

First Japan Trip Haul

Hello my lovely Sweetie Is been awhile but since I just updated about my Christmas shopping haul, I guess it's the best time to continue with my Japan MUST BUY / Japan Haul post. I know it's year end soon and there are always a reason for us to spend at the end of every year. Whether a gift for your loved one, parents or you girl friends....You got no choice but continue be broke after you read this! HAHAHAHAHA

Second Japan Trip Haul

To be honest, when you travel a lot you will slowly spend lesser in your own country and shop until drop when you are oversea. This is so true because I only spend and shop like hell when I'm oversea. I went to so many country, the place that I love & shop the most will be JAPAN! This is why when people asked me about which country to explore or travel first...I would strongly recommend you to visit Japan as your first travel destination.

This part #1 haul is what I bought during my first trip to Japan. It's a little too much but you know it's my first time travel to Japan so I just bought everything I want! I bought everything with my own money and if you really wish to travel and shop til drop in your favourite country, make sure you set your monthly savings goal and your dream will come true soon. Just like me :) When I was a university student (one year back) I told myself to save whatever money that I earn into my bank account because I planned for this trip just right after I graduated from my Uni. 

Apart from that, I hope this post could help all of you (for those who thinking to go Japan or wanna know what to buy in Japan) have a basic idea on what to buy / what to get in Japan. I'm not a gadget person so everything here was related to beauty , girls , stationery lover or people who love to shop like me! HAHAHAHAH I combined both of my first and second trip haul on this blog post & categorise it as Food , Beauty , Stationery & Others !Let's get started!! 

#1 Japan MUST-BUY items [BEAUTY] :-

#1 CANMAKE cream blush
#2 Magic Concealer
#3 Lululun Mask
#4 Kose drugstore Skincare Product
#5 Kao Steam eye mask
#6 Point Mask
#7 Laduree Cosmetic
#8 Jill Stuart
#9 Eyelashes
#10 Leanani Eyebrow pencil
#11 DHC Lip balm / Sheseido Moilip
#12 Horse Oil Mask (Yellow Packaging)
#13 Contact lens eyedrops
#14 DHC Supplement

First thing which came in my mind will be the BEAUTY / COSMETIC product that I strongly recommend to all of you. If you ever visit to Japan please grab it! I had purchase everything that I stated here and all of the product = really useful and nice! Let me list this down for you and some short review on it.

  •  Kao Steam Eye Mask- This is one of the MUST BUY! There are 5 diff type of this steam mask. Lavender , rose, lemon and etc. One of my favourite will be the lemon and the no flavour one. At first I bought a lot of the lavender and rose one but ended up I giveaway for people who love it because for me the scent is a bit TOO STRONG and I feel headache every time I use it. So i prefer fresh scent , Lemon one and the no flavour steam mask.

  • Magic Concealer- If you follow my instagram and snapchat I'm sure you know this. It's my all time favourite concealer that I use more than 2 units and more than half year. There are two type (orange and pink) one for lighter skin tone like me and another one suitable for darker skin tone. Reasonable and I use the triangle shape method to apply on my under eye area and cover my dark circles.
  • Beaute Eyedrops- I bought two diff brand of eyedrops. One is known as Beaute Eyedrops and another one is Lycée. I personally loving both but the beaute one is much more pricy than the lycée one. I know why it's expensive! It's because the packaging. The beaute eyedrops has rose scent and look like a perfume rather than a normal eyedrops bottle. But this only can apply without wearing contact lens. If I'm not mistaken it's RM55-60 for one bottle of beaute eyedrops. 

  • Lycée Eyedrops- This is cheaper than the beaute eyedrops! It can be apply if you are wearing contact lens and I strongly recommend this! It's very nice to use and just few drop your eye immediately feel so fresh , moisture , not dry at all. 

  • Laduree Cosmetic-Laduree famous with their macaron but in Japan, they even came out with cosmetic product. If you are budget and would like to try their product you can actually buy their special pack. Like when I'm travel to japan in April. They came out with spring special edition pack, a lipstick with a blushes at a cheaper price.

  • Jil Stuart - If you want to buy something that is not available in Malaysia then you can head over to the nearest shopping complex or go to Tokyo Plaza , Harajuku to get your wishlist done. I personally prefer no shimmer / shinny blush and I prefer something that is really pigmented! There are two choice for you, if your budget enough you can buy the jill stuart blushes , if not get the CANMAKE CREAM CHEEK. 
  • YSL Lipstick- You can get this at our airport or in Japan. I personally very in love with color #12. A peach pink + little red color that I used on most of my daily makeup routine. Strongly recommend for people who prefer natural and a little brighter lips color. 
  • False Eyelashes- There are so many brands available. I prefer the natural and eyelashes that stick at the end of my upper eyelid one. Diamond lash that people recommend to me but you can try others if you like. I bought all of the eye lashes at Donki. The place where I blogged on my japan trip post. 

  • CANMAKE CREAM CHEEK- Much cheaper than Malaysia. No more than RM20 for one of this if I'm not mistake. (Hope our currency can appreciate so that we can grab at cheaper price when convert into RM) Super easy to use , pigmented , and lots of color that suit your taste. I prefer not shimmer one so I recommended you the CH 01 and the peach pink too. On my daily makeup routine i'm using the red one and apply on my under eye (higher than cheek bone) area. 

  •  Point Pads / Mask - This is really cute and you can just put it on your cheek area , neck , eyes , hand , leg! Anywhere! lol Just can't resist it so I bought lots of this to give my friends as their souvenir. 

  •  Lululun Mask - Different from those korea mask, japanese mask have to use everyday and it sell in a big pack form. Whether a monthly pack (35-42 sheets) or weekly pack (7 sheets). It's a long term result when you use Japanese Mask. I have no idea but this is just way too good for me. So every time I went to Japan I grab at least 4 pack for myself!

 Some time they even came out with the limited or premium edition of lululun mask pack!

  •  Lashi Horse Oil Mask - No joke I have no idea where to get the big pack one because i can only found this in the place I went to grab all these mask. I tried lots of horse oil mask and this works the best on my skin. Minimise my pore and deep moisture my skin! If your face is super duper dry...then you should try this if not you might not suitable for this because sometime it's too moisture. You can find this at most of the place in Japan. This really really nice! SUPER RECOMMEND!

 This is another horse oil mask but I prefer the yellow one! HAHAHAH but this more cheap and worth if compare with the yellow pack one. 

  • Leanani Products - You can find this everywhere in Japan too. Most of the leanani product was marked as no#1 hot selling in Japan. I never try their eyeliner pen but their eyebrows pencil was super good. After you try this those drugstore one also lose this! BEST BEST BEST! 3 color available , natural , black and darker brown!

  • Shiseido Moilip- If you are having cracked and serious dry lips then this could save your life. I helped my friends to grab this in Japan and she told me this is the only lip product that could save her lip. Shiseido product but you can't find this in Malaysia. Only in Japan!Have to show your passport to them in order to buy this product because it's the type #3 medicine product in Japan.

  •  DHC- If you are not that serious just looking for a nice lip balm then I recommend this DHC one for you. I bought 3 for myself (scared it out of stock lol) Sometime they came out with the limited edition with sanrio or any prints on the lipstick. So cute right!! This really NICE TO USE! RECOMMEND BY ME AGAIN

  •  Sailor moon cosmetic- If you are a fans of sailor moon then you probably know this! This is the best and most exp face powder that I ever had. So luxury, so pretty and REALLY don't wanna use this! OMG I think you pay for the packaging for this and the ingredients for this face powder. If you wish to grab something more affordable but die die want sailor moon you can try to get the eyeliner pen. It look so cute too!

  • Beauty supplement & Japanese medicine- You can spot tons of beauty supplement available in Japan. I personally bought lots of DHC beauty supplement because it's so famous and I couldn't say NO to it. lol There are more than 12 type of beauty supplement!I'm not sure which to buy...so I just got myself the all in one vitamin one and the vitamin c supplement too. For japanese medicine, I got the flu medicine because I'm always suffer with it. I heard that their pain killer for girl is so good too. maybe I should grab it next time! 

#2 Japan MUST-BUY items [Stationery] :-

#1 Frixion Highlighter
#2 Friction Stamp
#3 Frixion Pen
#4 Gotochi Postcard
#5 Sanrio Letter set/ note pad
#6 mt tape /masking tape/washi tape limited edition
#7 Pen cover + Pastel Pen Refill pack
#8 Midori TN
#9 Midori Double-sided tape
#10 Japanese Planner
#11 Stickers

No one can say No to stationery that available in Japan! Everything is just so pretty! Imagine yourself with a melody planner or any sanrio character that you like. Then, pastel pen that sell in various of color (collect them all lol) , the super useful erasable highlighter , pen and even stamp! OMG!! Not just that! The washi / masking tape that sell in JAPAN IS JUST SO DAMN CHEAP. Cheap until I no eyes see because the one I bought in Malaysia was super exp and I thought Japan too but when I go Japan , I was like..WHAT THE HELL? JUST BUY EVERYTHING HOME!Some stationery or masking tape were limited edition and only sell during the month / season. If you need to know where i got my stationery from and where to shop stationery you can read this post (http://www.chanwon.com/2015/11/chanwon-travel-in-japan-14-stationery.html)  I updated everything there! Except for stationery and pen you can grab their letter set or note pad too! WAY CUTER THAN THOSE BORING STATIONERY IN MALAYSIA!Sorry I have to stay calm on this....talk about stationery ..i just can't...be calm.. lol

  •  Gotochi postcard- You can get this at Post Office in Japan. Some of it was limited on the season like CNY got cny design, each specific place / post office in Japan came out with their own design of postcard every few months too. It's not like normal postcard, this is very thick and most people collect it too. I collected 20 pcs of gotochi! Hehe

  • Frixion Pen / highlighter / stamp- If you love stationery you must me knowing this since years ago. Japanese always came out with useful stationery to help people like us. Everything with this was erasable. Mean you can erase the stamp if you stamp it wrongly on your planner, the highlighter was way TOO GOOD. They even sell it in pastel color pack T.T WHY YOU JAPAN! WHY YOU SO GOOD ONE!

  • Cute notepad / sanrio letter set / cute stationery- If you love pastel or pink obsession like me. then you probably couldn't resist this! EVERYTHING WAS JUST SO ME! HOW CAN I RESIST IT!

  • Midori TN- If you read my Midori Traveler's note (TN) you will know this! The best creation ever! Very cheap in Japan also. BUY LA! DON'T THINK ALREADY!

 Refills book and double-sided tape of Midori damn cheap in Japan. If you love midori or you are a midi user then you definitely can't missed this!

 More stationery!

 Not sure which color to pick! Just grab all!

 Planner , cash book , album book, sticker (with bebe face on it lol)

 Ps: if you realised this...actually I bought each design x2 unit because I'm always a person who love to do so. I really scared I couldn't find or it run out of stock when I need it. So I always get one unit extra for myself. One to use and another one to keep! LOL

AHHHHH!! POODLE SO CUTE! Some sticker look alike with Bebe 

 So nice! I can die T.T

 Have no idea why I bought this but this is the most exp book cover that I ever had. Cost me around RM70 OR RM80 I forgot. I think it's RM80 lol. This book cover can suit any size of book! Best creation too! Hopefully I can get some nicer color one next time! lol I want pastel or pink one lol.

#3 Japan MUST-BUY items [FOOD] :-

#1 Calbee Chips & snacks
#2 Shiroi Koibito (白い恋人, lit. "white lover")
#3 Strawberry (I buy and Immediately eat in Japan lol)
#4 Japanese Conpoy / dried scallop
#5 Special Flavour Pocky
#6 Seafood Noodle
#7 Rose Candy
#8 Heart Jelly Grape
#9 KitKat
#10 Green Tea Oreo
#11 Cheese Snack *SUPER GOOD* OMG
#12 Japanese Rice seasoning
#14 Tokyo Banana

It's snacks time! I think I tried most of the Japanese snacks and candy lol. I couldn't find anything that taste bad for me except the Oreo Banana flavour was quite weird for me lol. It's a little bit taste like banana , a little bitter and it's biscuit lol. Overall, I'm loving their pocky especially the short and small pack of pocky taste like HEAVEN! The richness of the chocolate , the biscuit and of course the dried scallop too! OMG! Okay la you probably have to try this yourself but super recommend the first #1-#6 and the #11 cheese biscuit! THE BISCUIT REALLY TASTE SUPER CHEESY and....like the cheese on the hot hot pizza. OMG I WANT IT AGAIN! 

 Tokyo Banana (heart print) only available at SkyTree, Tokyo

MY GOD! DRIED SCALLOP! Super nice! You can straightly eat it or put in your soup. 

  Shiroi Koibito (白い恋人, "white lover") I always grab 3 BIGGEST BOX back in Malaysia. The best creation ever (repeat telling you this is the best) YOU MUST TRY THIS OK! REALLY DAMN NICE! I'm eating this right now x)

 Pocky (gudetama) I bought this because it has the gudetama on the box but seriously, THIS TASTE SO GOOD. As I mentioned earlier, the richness of the chocolate melted when you bite it with your teeth. Then it's so smooth and my eyes were full of love emoji now! lol MUST MUST MUST

 Seafood cup noodle My supper every night when I'm in Japan. GOOD GOOD! BUT THE KING SIZE ONE! SUPER GOOD OMG

 Buy so many tokyo banana end up I only have one box left for myself -.- Souvenir for my parents and friends. So heavy T.T

 Rose candy! Girl love this a lot! I'm loving it too and the grape heart shape jelly!

Green Tea Oreo thumbs up! But the banana one taste bit weird lol so don't buy lol 

*big alphabet because need to emphasise how yummy it is*

 Here's the thing that you can found in Malaysia too. The Japanese rice seasoning IS A MUST! 
Mayonnaise taste so good T.T Can die with it and the kit kat! OMG this kit kat need to put in and bake one! After bake it taste like heaven! You should try this out! My favourite pocky and JAPANESE BBQ CHIPS! 

#4 Japan MUST-BUY items [Others] :-

#1 Peach John Bra
#2 Peach John Tube Bra * SUPER NICE (click here)
#3 Phone Case
#4 Gudetama
#5 Wood Kitchen items
#6 Panty liner
#7 Lion toothbrush
#8 Hydrating Mask
#9 Roihi Tsuboko
#10 Recycle Bag 
#11 Choker

Here's the last part of this post! Other random items that I bought in Japan. I remember I hate the weather (haze) in Malaysia and that's why I bough lots of hydrating mask when I'm in Japan. The mask was super good for people (like me) who hate to wear mask. Normal mask tend to be too hard for me to breath nicely and I just feel so suffer but this Japan mask totally save my life when I'm back in my country. It keep my breath nicely and not suffer at all when I'm wearing this mask. Apart from that Peach John will be one of the MUST visit shop and MUST BUY BRAND that I always mentioned on my blog. Thumbs up for their tube bra! Except that, if you love kitchen items that made with wood then definitely check it out when you are in Japan. Not just like that, japan even came out with melody character panty liner T.T OMG SO KAWAII and nice to use too. BUY! I also got myself a vibrating toothbrush and the popular Roihi Tsuboko too! Other than that, it's just gudetama for my own collection! HAHAHAHAHA

 Melody phone case!

click here to read more about Peach John bra and WHY I'M LOVING IT

 WEGO Clothes 

Choker Obsession (all from WEGO)

 Gudetama Casing

Everything Gudetama!

 Super nice mask!

 Vibration Toothbrush! Reasonable and affordable price! I LOVE THIS! SO GOOD

 Very famous in Japan and everyone recommend this to me.

 Shoulder pain? body muscle pain? Feel tired? Try this out!

Melody Panty Liner xD

So cheap..so I just grab everything home! It's very cute too!

Bought this from Choco Choco in Harajuku. Super good quality and can put bento , as a lunch box too!

Super nice quality and design bra from donki. 

Japan bra really so cute one T.T I wanna grab everything but this doesn't fit me perfectly except the Peach John one. But if you have normal breast like B cup above then this kind of reasonable one should fit you very well :) Small busts like me not really fit in this. So if you have small busts then stick with peach john :) 

So I guess it's all about my JAPAN HAUL and some MUST BUY items that you might love it. I received lots of question about this topic and hopefully you could write this or print screen it down so that you can grab this as one of your japan shopping list ya. Hope this is useful for you too! That's all for today. Love, xx. 

In conclusion, Japan is the best shopping heaven for girls! HAHAHAHAHAH BYE! See you on my next post~

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  1. Thank you so much!!! I am going this year in October..this is the best read ever!!!

    1. Yea!!! happy that you found my blog too xx

  2. Hi I'm in japan right now but I could not find the sailormoon face powder :( where did you get it? Thank you!

    1. because it's pre-order on a japanese website I asked my japanese friend to help me order instead and post to my homestay :)

  3. Lucky that I've come across your blog! It's very useful for my first trip to Tokyo soon! Thank you so much! ;)

  4. Very nice and useful article ever! I will go to Japan next month and it really help me to consider what i want to buy there, thank you so much!

    1. Thanks sweetie! Enjoy your trip and you gonna love Japan as much as I do soon!!

  5. hi pretty ! may I know how much is the concealer?

    1. Hi Kate,

      I forgot the price should be around 1600-1800 YEN. You can bought it on most of the beauty store in Japan.

  6. Ohayou!

    I will go to Japan next month and would like to buy Midori TN and refills. May I know how much you bought yours?


    1. I forgot the price but most of the store in Japan selling the same price. You can get yours in Narita airport too.

  7. Hello,

    Can i know where to get the sailor moon cosmetic and how much is it?

  8. Hi Chanwon ! I want to ask about the Shiseido Moilip right is it can find in any of the drugstore there ? Am going in December would love to try the product cos I have super dry flaky lips OTL..... And makes ppl think I don't drink enough water like that.

    1. yea can find in any drugstore. It's very very good and strongly recommended ya!!

  9. Hi Chanwon. I just want to ask where can I find/buy stationery supplies in Japan specifically Osaka? Thank you.

    1. The loft and shopping complex mainly can find it.

  10. Hi ChanWon, which part of Japan that you buy the cosmetics? Shinjuku, Shibuya or others. Please advise, thanks.

    1. Ikebukuro usually is the place I shop you can refer to this post http://www.chanwon.com/2016/01/chanwon-travel-in-japan-23-ikebukuro.html

  11. This is the best blog for Japan must buy products! I'm visiting Japan very soon and I've been searching the internet for a long time trying to figure out what I should have on my list of products to buy. Your blog post is perfect! Thank you so much for putting this together, I'm sure it was a lot of work :]

    1. Thanks a lot!! But I have an updated version of Japan Haul..Wish to share it with all of you soon. Stay tuned! Thanks a lot for your comment <3

  12. I just read this blog and I'm very impressed. I'm crazy about all your japanese stuffs, especially stationary. Love love love. they are very cute. OMG, i swear i will buy all of them if i will go to japan. Thank u for your post. It is really useful. I'm sure that u were broke after this vacation :))

  13. Wow nice blog Chanwon! Hope that you always update your blog :D

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  15. Hi Chanwon~ the gudetama figurine all so cute!! Where to get them?

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