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27 December 2015

Hey Hey Hey my little sweeties How your Christmas? Have you unbox all your gift? Like it? I'm having a home party + gift exchange session with all of my friends and received a christmas gift card from Smelly. This is how I spend my day every year. HAHAHA I remember that when I was 8-12 years old, my dad always bring us to shopping mall to shop for our Christmas gift and get something for all of our cousins. I miss the old times so much.

I miss the time where my dad teach me how to wrap all the present, I miss the time where I need to plan and write my shopping list down on a paper, I miss the day that I'm being so excited for the Christmas to come, I miss the night that all of us sit down together , watching for some Christmas drama and countdown for the day to come. It's my childhood memories! The little Santa gone now :''( if you know what I mean....

But is okay!!! We are an adult now & not a kids anymore. This mean that it's time to spread the love for others lol. But...I can consider myself as a big big kid..because I'm a fan of all things which is colourful , fun and ...PONY!!! Yaaaaa~ Finally I'm on the topic now! I decided to make a new home and bring out all my collection to you! HAHAHAH

Actually I just want to give my little pony a home. At first I went to toyRus just to get something for my friend's baby but end up I got another one for myself too. Really wtf* I have no idea but when I was young I have no money to buy expensive barbie doll I think I only own 3-5 barbie doll and 2 of it were from those night market one. My dad always get us a watch during the xmas and I really dislike it because I want soft toy or toys from ToyRus!! 

But is okay!! Dream come true now after so many years!! All my collection towards pony finally achieved. They got a house now and I can't stop myself to buy new pony from their new collection of my little pony OMG. I like it because it has a long curly romantic & colourful hair and there are lots of diff color and choices.

Which means there are more reason for me to collect it! HAHAHAHA I always keep it nicely because I can't find them a nice place or home to showcase it in my room lol But now ..finally!!! My little pony collection got a HOME! Wooohooooo~ I'm so happy for it! 

Bought this for RM124.90 and included one DIY pony which you can create your own unique pony and choose your favourite print and stick on it.

 Pony that I collect since years ago!

There are so many diff series. I bought the friendship magic since 2 years ago and each diff series their pony seems to have a slightly diff color and hair. For example in this new rainbow power series pony the pony have rainbow color hair and some cute print on their body while the princess twilight sparkle series the pony have sparkling and shinning hair.

My favourite one will  be the little bunny on the front , the mini pony , the pink , blue and purple one (all in the first row & middle one) and the one for the shimmer pastel hair unicorn and crown one!

 So this is what I got for myself....HAHAHAHAHA

It's exactly same and similar to the photo showed on the box except all the small little pieces of this seems to be...abit ...ugly lol

 A little disappointed on that but is okay because it look quite nice after I put all stickers and pony on it.

 Okay...this is 85% look alike.

 Oh well, new pony added into my collection! The cutie mark magic!! Transparent one 

 Taaadaaaa!! I'm done and let me show you the final outcome!!

 Oh hi :D We are the little pony! HAHAHAHA

Can you spot the yellow rainbow hair pony? It's my new love!Hehe I guess that's all about my little pony collection. I just can't..I can't stop buying it! HOW!!!!Are you a pony lover or collector too?If yes, I'm happy to know it!! HAHAHA  that's all for today. Love, xx.

Ps:真希望這個世界有會飛的馬。好讓我騎上去省車油,又可以很快到達我要的地方,不用坐飛機!哈哈哈啊哈 以前的我都是那麼想的 (童貞)

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