Chanwon Travel in Japan: #17 OEDO-ONSEN MONOGATARI , Odaiba Tokyo 大江戸温泉物語

06 December 2015 Odaiba, Japan

Omg I'm so chubby that time...

Opps! Ohayoooooo Sweethearts~ Sorry I just feel so weird when read through and throwback to this onsen (hot spring) post at Odaiba few months back. To be honest, onsen was one of the reason that I love Japan because it's one of the MUST-DO thing during my visit to Japan. Someone told me that some of the old grandparent in Japan go once every 2-3 days or everyday. You got plenty of choice to choose on which hot spring onsen you want to visit.

Some normal one will be RM40-50 per person, some RM100-RM130 and the one I recently went with a big villa and tatami room was around RM500-600 per person with a night of stay. I tried 3 of these from the cheapest & affordable one to the pricy one. All the onsen seems to be the same except the level of privacy and some even included a meal or a night of stay for you / some (like this odaiba one can wear yukata!) . So it's depending on what you want.

For me, even the cheapest one did a pretty good job and I will be back soon next year. So today I'm sharing one of my onsen experience at this place that I wish to recommend for all of you. It's the hot spring at Odaiba. A very big space for you to enjoy and it will bring you back to the old time like you were back in the old japanese village with yukata. YEA!!!


This is why I'm here to recommend this for you. If you are planning a trip with all your buddy or friends. Feel free to note this down because if you never try onsen in means you never been to Japan actually.... lol So, let's follow me to the onsen at Odaiba!

OEDO-ONSEN MONOGATARI , Odaiba Tokyo 大江戸温泉物語

So this is the main entrance once you enter and follow the board. First of all you need to take off your shoe and place it inside the locker with a key and number. Keep the key with you and you can get it back after you finish enjoy your hot spring!

HAHAHAH Anime Characters 

Almost my turn!!

So first of all you need to wait at this main counter to get a pass and basically you just tie it on your hand and if you purchase anything or buy any meal they will scan or add the code inside the pass. You only need to pay at the end of your onsen after you walk out from the hot spring area.

The fee included bath/hot spring fee, Yukata robe fee, Towel fee & Facility usage fee. You no need to pay extra to rent the yukata! So good hor~


There are a size table for you to take it as a reference. While waiting for the line I'm already choosing my own yukata and end up I prefer something more bright so I picked myself a red colour Yukata.

After you grab the yukata you need to walk away from the counter until you saw a female changing room! Then you will see lots of locker here again!

My Yukata

So here's the HOW-TO for you to take it as reference:-
There are a how-to wear yukata card attached on the door of your locker.

After done wearing my lovely yukata it's time to ENJOY!

After you passed through the female changing room you can gather and meet your friend in this Edo Town which has lots of lantern decoration and everyone dress up in yukata!

OMG! Idk why but I found this was so funny!

After you entered this area anything you purchase will be scan with this pass and at the end you only need to pay at the admission counter. Remember don't get too excited and over budget xD 


Group photo!

Wah not I syiok sendiri I really think that I look so good in Yukata! 
OMG I really think like this...

More selfie since it's my first time here!

More selfies!

Watashiwa Chanwon desu~

Since all my friends were busy talking and it's my first time here...It's photo time! I just walk around and take some photo of the whole interior which I showed you just now and I saw this machine which can print your name on the sticker. Let's exploring this little town! There are lots of traditional games and snacks here.

Hello Kitty? OH MY MELODY!

Play Time!

 Ooiri-En Candy Shop 
From Ramune Candy to Ume-Jamu (Plum Jam), this store was full of old-fashioned Japanese treats.

Crepes! OMG

到此一遊pose xD

Even gudetama here! OMG OMG OMG

Babe Daph & Me

Sukuu-Bei (Carnival Games)
Scoop up tiny dolls or balls, try “Katanuki”, the traditional Japanese carnival game! 

Okay after exploring this traditional town we decided to go enjoy our onsen time. Remember that if you are having a tattoo then I'm so sorry because most of the public onsen in Japan have similar rules which you can't enter their hot spring. Please take note on this ya.

There are no camera allow when enter the hot spring but basically the public onsen separate into few sections. From Big Bath with natural hot spring to Open-air Bath, they have variety of it. You can even enjoy the sauna time with your friends too and remember don't be shy because everyone also naked ma!! Don't worry because I also dare to go I'm sure you can!

Before onsen: Basically before you enter the hot spring you need to take off all your clothes and place all your clothes inside the locker available again! NAKED!! Then, there are a section for you to sit down and bath with all shampoo and body shampoo put on the side of the mirror. Then you will see all aunty aunty or old grandparent will be there washing their body. They wash until so clean and took about 20-30 mins on bathing their body before enter the onsen.

During onsen: Next, enter and pick the onsen you like. Slowly get into the hot spring from your leg first and slowly slowly enjoy it. Once every 15 minutes you have to sit up if you stay too long you might feel dizzy and faint! lol Read all the onsen instructions on the wall!

After onsen: After you tried all the onsen area you can either go to sauna or just wash your body again before you go out. Go out to the area that you take off your clothes wear it back and there are a section where you can use their hair dryer and hair oil to take care your hair. After drying your hair you can go out from the onsen area.

It was a great experience because after having the onsen you will feel super cozy and tired at the same time +  it helps soothing  tired muscles too. Just wish to stay a night at here and enjoy the meal after the hot spring too. But normally here was fully booked by the tourist so....we just enjoy our dinner right after the onsen.

My Dinner!

Non-alcohol cocktail that taste like an alcohol.
Only in Japan! HAHAHAHAHA

selfie selfie!

Eyeliner also won't drop leh! MAGIC!!!

I have no idea why the guy behind die die want to look at my camera -.-

you see! he die die also want to photo boom my photo 

Changed angle so he won't has the chance to look at my camera

Then his gf come so he no longer allow to do so xD

For those who love to drink fresh milk you should go to the drink machine and get one of this. Daph told me that everyone enjoy the milk right after their onsen experience. Although I don't normally drink milk because i dislike the taste of milk and for me....i just dislike but still....

I DRINK THIS!! The milk scent damn strong but taste super fresh! So I'm loving this for about 1 minute then I dislike it again because my whole mouth full of the taste of fresh milk. OMG but it's really fresh! 

This is the time where I'm still thinking want to open it and drink or not...

Last but not least after our dinner we just proceed to the next floor and enjoy our massage time. Actually you can enjoy the full body massage, fish therapy and beauty massage service (you can check from here) but it will be an extra charge. But this massage chair also can let you feel relax and rejuvenate if you so 'kiam-siap' (frugal) like me. lol

So relax leh!!!!

No coins? No worried! You got this machine!!

This is the place where you need to pay for extra to enjoy their massage service.

After all the relax time, it's time to face the reality! HAHAHA Pay for your fees. That's all my experience at this beautiful place at Odaiba. Remember to visit here one day or else you will be regret that you can't wear or experience yukata + onsen in Japan. lol The link and detail below can guide you to this place with public transport or taxi. Remember to check that out :)

Opens:- 11:00 a.m. ~ 9:00 a.m (next day) | 7 days a week
 Last entry: 7 a.m.
●Adult(Over age 12)¥2,480  (Sat. & Sun. ¥2,680・Special Day ¥2,880)  
●Children(Age 4 〜 12)¥1,000  
●No fee for a child under age 4 

I guess that's all for today.Hope you enjoy reading this post and find this helpful during your trip.


  1. Hi, when you mentioned naked, does it mean others can see you or is it private?