Chanwon Travel in Japan: #21 Only in Japan [Baby Rest Area, Toilets & Hello Kitty Donut]

14 December 2015

Remember that day I mentioned about Japan have the best reason for us to shop until drop and not just their beauty stuff but their food or dessert too. Girls...we always have the second stomach to put in more dessert & this is what I saw during the first day in Tokyo. While walking around the shopping mall at Ikebukuro Subway Station, there are a way where you can walk and shop between Seibu and Lumine. Then on our way back to the homestay we saw a booth that selling all Sanrio characters donut and cute mochi that you can eat.

I tell you not just looking great but taste so good too. Its chocolate donuts taste like those we have in expensive themed cafe or shop. If not mistaken the donut only cost around RM5.00-6.80 only. I forgot because our currency dropped a lot -.- it's just few hundred yen so it's consider quite cheap when I saw it.

The box itself look super cute too

Why hello kitty not melody?

We grabbed all the flavour of this and two mochi too.

Melody Mochi

Hello Kitty Mochi

The donut taste so good I'm so surprised because I never expect that to be that good actually. I tot it's just some normal donut and with the chocolate as its topping but NO LEH! The inside and outside taste so good like those expensive donut that I tried previously. Can compare with those cafe one. OMG most important it look cute! With the ribbon and the chocolate it taste even good! The chocolate topping is not like those passer malam chocolate topping donut lol. It taste so 'chocolate' if you know what I mean.

Other than that the mochi just taste so so. Not surprising because it's a normal mochi but just look at it just made my day. AHAHAHAH Girls!!


So the next morning I plan to visit my favourite shop, Peach John that I blogged about it here @Isetan Shinjuku. While waiting for my friend to meet me there, I accidentally pass by this baby resting room. You will be shock when you see this. Let me show you how amazing baby rest area in Japan. 

wtf even better and nicer than  my room! It's the first time of my entire life knowing that. You will never see this in Malaysia...NEVER!!! It's an area that you can change your baby diaper , breast feeding , and some shopping mall like this I saw at Isetan, Shinjuku was just amazing! Even an are to play and table or baby chair to feed your kids! OMG! I'm amazed with this.

The whole baby rest area was in pastel themed. wtf

No joke! You can enjoy a little drink here. PINK COLOUR AGAIN!
+ my favourite yakult!

Place where you can change baby diaper

Place where you feed your baby or kids some baby food or play with your kids.

Breast feeding room

This is like wtf?!! Even you can adjust the volume of the music in the breast feeding room?

The lighting was quite good and pastel pink as my background, that mean I can take a mirror OOTD shot

Totally changed my mind! WHY THIS IS SO GOOD IN JAPAN? No entrance fees one leh! But you can go to pay a visit and I'm totally fall in love with this. idk why! HAHAHAHA This is why japan was one of the country that I recommended you die die must come once in your lifetime lol. Even after you giving birth or still as young as me. It's super convenience and people here was so helpful. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD X23074308408308 

I LOVE JAPAN! Smelly why are you not from Japan xD HAHAHAHA lol it's better he forgot to read this post :p 

Next, I passed by their toilet. WAH! MORE SCARY! Also in pink colour and it look like a cute cat walk T-stage! WTF?!!!

Okay la. I look like coming out from a cage. Everything was so great for me. If you pass by Shinjuku or plan to visit this toilet or baby area. YOU ARE WELCOME because it's worth to pay a visit and so luxury + no need pay for entrance fee one. Unlike the shopping mall in KL some VIP toilet still need to pay RM2 or RM5 before you enter. Or even some carat toilet in our country need 20 cent to enter 

Okay la I should really think & consider moving to JAPAN now! wtf!!!! I love Japan so much and....not sure how many time I need to emphasise this but I guess I'm crazy of Japan now. That's all for today and to show you guys how much I love and hope to living in Japan! lol Love, xx.

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