Chanwon Travel in Japan: #19 Odaiba | Another Sakura Spot that I love

09 December 2015

Ohayo~ Odaiba again~ It's the same day with the Oedo-Onsen Monogatari post (click here) but just wanna share with you another good spot to capture sakura blossom. We get really really surprise with this because we have no idea how pretty of the sakura at Odaiba Beach here. At first we just plan for our onsen (hot spring) schedule at night and thought of coming here so that we can take our lunch and shopping awhile before we heading to the hot spring place. BUT YOU KNOW HOW SHOCK AM I!!!

You can see from the video that I'm super duper excited. Please watch it after you read my blog :P so that you can see my selfie with sakura too! lol joking!! You can watch it now ~ lol It's another unplanned date with Sakura lol. Never expect there are such a beautiful place that full of sakura trees here. So if you plan to take sakura photo in a nice spot with less people you can note this down too. 

Okay after all important note let's start this post again with my selfie that I'm able to smile brightly. (before I put on braces)

It was a sunny day and thanks god for this because the previous 60% of my trip in April to Japan was RAINING -.,- Seriously, only first few day can see sakura blossom and after that no more :'( wtf wtf!! But is okay because god hear me and surprised me during my visit to Odaiba Beach! MUAHAHAHAH

I miss my smile that shows my teeth :'(

Daph still look as younger as the first time I met her in Malaysia but since kicker was born she start refuse to dress up beautifully! I asked her whether want to get a tutu skirt so can twinnie style with me but she refuse me at first. But after I keep seducing her with my tutu , she bought her one at Harajuku! So during our visit to Odaiba Beach , we are couple outfit except kicker! HAHAHAHAH

Nothing much to do in here except shopping at the mall and take a tourist photo with this Replica Statue of Liberty in Odaiba, with the Rainbow Bridge behind it. I have no idea why this statue's face was so black. People talking and making fun of it when I'm taking photo. They say it's too hot then the statue got sunburn lol!!  

See closely really black face one! AHAHAHA

This is the moment when we spot a sakura blossom at the bottom of where we stand OMG! I immediately search for the road or stair to go down and take some beautiful photo with sakura. If yo notice I didn't take a proper selfie closely with sakura lol!!! So I went all the way down with Daph and run as fast as I can to reach this sakura spot! omg omg

It was so precious!

Finally!! Right behind me! OMG

Daph looks so pretty here and should dress up more like this!! Don't feel old anyway! You're a hot mama!

Why i look so stupid on this photo lol

After all photo taking time, we decided to do the last shopping before we go to onsen. Another reason that I love about Japan except from the reason here . It's all about their amazing free gift when you purchase their magazine. Either it's a makeup pouch , makeup cosmic bag , small wallet , recycle bag and sometime some limited edition collaboration item with famous brands. OMG SO GOOD RIGHT!!!

I want to collect this bag! It's a free gift from a magazine called Qpot. (If i'm not mistaken)

Even LeSportSac bag as a free gift if you purchase their magazine wtf?* 

Puppy in Japan was super expensive OMG!

This is the place that we went to shopping and just outside of this shopping complex you can spot the rainbow bridge , the statue & the spot that I took all pretty photo with sakura.

This is the spot that I saw sakura!! So pretty right!!

More photo of the statue

Why your face so black again? xD lol

Next, it's lunch time with my favourite gudetama xD HAHAHAAHAH Eggs!

So yummy and I love it! I miss you Japan's food!

Successfully hug kicker and let him fall asleep on my arm! 
Mission accomplish!

That's my little secret for my reader! HAHAHA If you prepare to visit Japan and wish to get closer with sakura you can change your plan and pay a visit to Odaiba. So you won't get photo boom by other tourist behind you! HAHAHAHAH Nice tips right :p Guess it's all for today. Love, xx.

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