Skin Factory Touchfit Lip Tattoo Pack Review

14 December 2015

Hello my little Sweethearts~ Have you ever heard of Lip Tattoo? Raise up your hand now :p I saw this everywhere in Korea and guess what? It's a product review regarding this Lip Tattoo that NattaCosme sent me few months back. From what I know about this product was it's super long lasting and doesn't leave any lipstick stain on cup too. But I have a love-hate relationship to this product. WHY?

Long story short, let's get started with the product review and straight through the point!

They sent me 3 diff colours of Skin Factory Touchfit Lip Tattoo Pack and I'm going to prove you its pros and cons for this product. 

Color #1: Sexy Pink (The darkest colour so far and it's a hot pink lip colour) 

Color #2: Jewelry Pink (Light pink color for cuter look)

Color #3:  Vita Fruits Peach (Light peach color)

Each of the lip tattoo came with a Hydro Moisture white cream (Free sample) 
It's a whitening skincare product that you can apply on your skin.


(Before) Bare Lips

So here's the photo of my bare naked lips without applying any lips product. Next let me tell you the application. This application was easy but at the same time it can be a mess for you too

(1)First, apply an even coat on the lips without going over the edges of your natural lip lines. 
(2)Then, Let the lip tattoo dry for about 5-15 minutes (be careful not to rub / touch your lips)
(3)Lastly, peel the lip tattoo from the outer edges of the lips to the inner edges. 

Sounds easy but it's quite tricky for me. Why? Below explain the reason why I have a love-hate relationship for this product based on my own experience.

  1. Super Long Lasting
  2. Best to create ombre lips
  3. Colour payoff quite great

  1. Very dry
  2. Not suitable for cracked lips
  3. Hard to remove than normal lipstick
  4. Hard application (Uneven and very hard to get a perfect edges on our natural lip lines)
  5. Need to wait for it to dry

So here's the first love-hate reason on this product. As the procedure and application can be a mess for you. This is my first time using the lip tattoo product and then I realise it's super hard to apply it evenly on our lips especially the messy edges on our natural lips lines. 

#ChanwonTips: To Solve This Problem: - Always use a lips brush as the applicator for this product.

Another thing was, after using this you might need to clean it nicely or just use a wet tissue to wipe this excess lip tattoo away. 

Process of tearing off the lip tattoo. This can be fun and mess at the same time too. You need to wait for it to dry first before you can tear it off so the waiting time was quite a problem for me. I got no extra time to wait it dry lol. Other than that, if you having a cracked lips then this product might not be the one for you because after all the application done you will feel that your lips is super dry and the lip color will tend to be more obvious on the cracked area.

#ChanwonTips: To Solve This Problem: - Apply super thick lips gloss or lip balm after you tear off.


Thi is the after color payoff. The color was quite impressed me but only look nicer and more good after applying lip balm or lip gloss for a moisture effect/look. Kinda hard for me to tell you whether I like or dislike this product. I'm in the middle lol. So dilemma because this product do well and color was SUPER DUPER LONG LASTING but on the other hand, it's messy , time consuming, dry that I'm really dislike it. lol

In conclusion, I will use this product when I need to create an ombre lips with long lasting effect because i just apply on a certain (inner lips) area and it won't be so mess after that. So I guess for those who looking for a LONG LASTING lip color this should be the one you are looking for but at the same time you might need to accept all the cons of this product. It's always pros and cons on each product and that's very normal. That's about life..and sometime we need to accept the fact that not everyone love you :p HAHAAA! For those who interested on this product or wish to know more you can click here.

I guess that's all for today. Love,xx.


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