[Review] BottomSlim for Tummy, Hip & Thigh

24 July 2014

Hello my lovely Sweeties :3 Aloha~ I'm here again and basically this post should be interesting for all of you. No matter who you are and how old are you , as a female or a women we need to concern about our skin, face, weight and so on BUT...We always forget to concern about our body's shape or our body line. Like me ... everyone said and told me that I'm skinny. Of course I'm skinny but it doesn't means that skinny make you look prettier..In fact , everyone start ask me to eat MORE! I have a chopstick leg, which make me proud of because .. that's the only thing people praise on me. So I never thought that I'm interested to know any slimming center or in other word, I don't need it. It's my previous thought until I met BottomSlim,the pioneer in lower body in Singapore.

Yeap! I know..Most of you have heard about others complain about their body weight , body line , body shape or even their face. People like me which is skinny and flat like a chopstick has our own problems. For your information, I eat a lot but at the same time all my fats go to my face + butt + thighs but not my hand or leg. Should be a good thing right? But women like us (getting older & older) should always concern about how to maintain it not just think about how to make yourself look slimmer / skinnier / prettier. Not forgetting the unsightly cellulite and stretch marks that even skinniest girl will have!

I wonder since when I start to realise that I have a big butt! Not just big but because of my sitting pose and position not correct I can feel my butt getting flatter and run away from its shape. Means getting looser and all the fats just store at that part. Plus, don't be shock when I show you my waist. My waist seems to look different because of my standing position too. One side got shape one side is just FLAT! OMG I want a NICE LOWER BODY SHAPE!

Moreover , I'm really happy with my leg but when some of you asked me ' Chanwon , you look slim and thin too. How can you maintain your body shape?'

Seriously, I never maintain because I don't have a nice body shape due to my standing and sitting pose or position (photo angle make a huge different in real life actually). I did everything wrongly and I never realise how important for everyone to concern and notice about it. And that's the reason why I start to get in touch with BottomSlim, the pioneer in lower body in Singapore. I care so much on my bottom part of my body because having a slender and slimmer lower body can alters one’s silhouette to look more feminine as well as appear taller. Of course , Malaysia super duper hot we always wear shorts so it's important to take a good care on our bottom part especially our thighs and butt there, where cellulite is most common too.

And that's the reason why 4 of us appear at Melacca just to try and meet BottomSlim, the pioneer in lower body in Singapore.!

BottomSlim located at Melacca , Dataran Pahlawan. They are the Pioneer in Lower Body Slimming in Singapore and has landed in Malaysia – Melaka!! They are slimming specialist for all lower body problems such as tummy, hip and thighs & not just like that...They are sponsor of Star Awards 2013 and 2014 in Singapore too! OMG! Hip & thighs!!! I'm really interested on how they can help us to slim down our bottom part!


Alright, I'm shocked with this! HAHAHAH So big leh their shop! First in Malaysia!

 So once I reached there I immediately keep calm and get in touch with them. Each of us have our own specific problem on our body so we have our own consultation time with Bottom Slim. Thanks for their detail explanation and they told me that their treatments are non-invasive – no pills, no injections, no surgeries. 100% safe! OMG! Without any pills and injection I can maintain my bottom's shape? WTF?! Are you serious!!!?

Then they start to explain each treatment for me but most of the time I had a nice chatting time with them. They ask me to fill in the detail form and want to know more about our lifestyles. What we usually eat / exercise .. It's very interesting for me because as I told you it's my first time. Right?  Fyi, this personalized body analysis is just to understand more of individual’s body concerns and lifestyle habits. Then they will recommend each customized treatments to effectively tackle your lower body problem. Do what you suppose to do. For my case I go for a treatment on my thighs and also my butt ;p 

At BottomSlim, careful analysis is performed before personalizing a series of treatments to meet the customer’s unique needs. Was then led to individual cozy rooms to kickstart my treatments!

Next, I did some simple measurement for my body.

 Not forgetting to take a picha with Chency and friends! HAHAHAAHA
So happy and I can't wait to see the results

So, for my case I focus treatments on my thighs and hip too. Then, I did BottomTrim for back thighs, Slender Lite Therapy + Collagen Mask Treatment for back thighs and my hip. Last but not least 3D Lipo Fat Loss Treatment on my thighs too.

#1 First treatment was the BottomTrim.

Seems so happy because I haven start the treatment

Once the treatment start, I feel like crying because...I can feel that they are manually rolling this torturing device on the back of my thighs. PAIN! Now I know that being a women really so hard :( This treatment was a 20 mins session and aim to break down the stubborn fat cells in my thighs and to improve overall circulation and detox purposes.You can notice my expression seems like so awkward because the rolling motion particularly killed me on the outer edge of my thighs where the lympathic nodes are. I really feel like to BANG WALL. Damn pain T.T that 20 mins seems so long for me!!! 

 #2 Next, move to the second treatment-Slender Lite Therapy. They put on some cool Collagen Mask on my thighs and feels so good after the first treatment! Thanks god and thanks mama!! HAAHAHA I fall asleep during the second treatment. This treatment must did together with the first one because this will burn the excess fats!! Fat Fat go away and FAT LOSS on my thighs! so comfortable with the cooling mask too!

 See my sleepy face!!


I'm shocked when I look back my photo now especially the side part of my hip. You can immediately see the result after each treatment and I really think that all the hard time should worth for it right now. I feel my whole bottom part so firm and the size from my hip to my butt getting smaller. I draw the arrow on the photo above and you can realize how big diff it is. Now I'm totally confident to walk out even with my swimsuit! Love the result of it and most important you can feel and see the result immediately.

#3 Last treatment for my thighs and waist! It's the 3D Lipo Fat Loss Treatment .

So I should turn over my body now

Don't get shocked with the result and I can feel the tightness on my waist and thighs!
Even before I capture this photo I can realise the shape of my waist getting nicer!
No more unbalance but still one treatment wasn't enough but this first tried already

Feel so good after all just the first treatment really killing me. They advise us to drink plenty of water after all the treatments so that the body can flush out the toxins. So overall I'm very satisfied and happy with all the treatment. Worth for the pain!!! No need my further explanation everything can be prove once you see the result and I feel really comfortable throughout the end except a slightly pain during the first treatment. After that it's some pampering session with myself & BottomSlim.

I seriously can feel a huge different on my hip and thighs even I'm a skinny girl. This was the one which shocked me to the max because I always thought that I got no diff but in fact it's a BIG DIFFERENT! From the size to the exactly feeling on my body I really feel that my bottom part tighten and more firm into the shape that everyone desired or hope for.

 After care product given by them. I received one Nano Firm Gel & Nano X Plus Gel. One for the morning application & another one have to apply it at night. Feel so happy after that because they care so much than what I thought. I'm a happy girl and I can't wait to visit them again in the future & looking forward BottomSlim to open another branch at KL so I can always go there & enjoy my treatment!! ;p

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