MY PINK 2 in 1 hair iron & Blender sponge

09 July 2014

Heeelloooo Sweeties :3 So sorry! Don't be afraid because I didn't mean to scare you. Just recently I feel so tired when I need to style my hair with different curler and straight iron at the same time. I have been looking for something easy to carry & use. Of course I bought a 8 in 1 type of hair iron last time but actually that 8 in 1 I don't even use the additional 6 hair tool. I just wanna a straighten iron and a curler for my hair only. It's something  like this...

I saw this 8 in 1 and you know lah...Girls always prefer item that can have more than 1 function. So I bought it around RM200 last time (8 years ago) but what I wanna tell you is...I don't even touch it -.- I just use the curler only. WHY??

Because this can't control the temperature , can't on/off it , waiting period = SUPER LONG. I need to wait for 20 mins before I can use. Plus, if you wanna change to another hair iron type you need to wait awhile to let it cold then only you can change the iron. Next, you need to wait for another 20 mins -.- I used this for 1 years because I feel so waste if I just leave it there but until someone told be this kind of hair iron that without temperature can easily spoil and damage our hair.

OMG! Throw it away!!!! No more patient and I really need both curler to curl the bottom part of my hair while the straightener I wanna to curl my bangs and also the middle part of my hair.


Since Hari Raya is just around the corner & I realize there are SO MANY promotion too (reason for me to shop more!!!) So....I end up decided to pick few items from You know right, they are having a SUPER GOOD DEAL from now on and of course since it's a haul post I wanna review it one by one. So yea, the first item I grabbed was this 2 in 1 Hair Iron.

No matter who you are!! Especially for those who have the same hair length like me.You always need both straightener & curler for styling because like me I REALLY NEED THIS BOTH! Since I was checking on their website so I was like..WHY NOT I JUST GRAB IT !!

One thing that make me fall in love with it is the design of this hair iron. Plus, it's my favorite pink color! HHAHAAHAHAH  

 It's a combination of a curler and straightener. Not like the previous 8 in 1 I bought this one has a ON/OFF button + temperature control feature too.

Not just like that!! Besides the temperature reading you can notice two side button on each side. That's the button for straightener or a curler. So nice hor!!!

 You just need to press it and it will change to either a straightener / curler.

 The straightener

 The curler

I should kiss the one who came out with this idea because this can totally save my life. From now on I no need to use both curler and straightener separately! This can SAVE MY TIME & MONEY. This 2 in 1 hair iron was much cheaper compare to just a single function of either a curler or a straightener. selling this @ RM68!!!

What the hell?! Are you serious ?? So damn cheap and this is the reason why I get so many item after few mins! Original price = RM209.00 and this is so so so cheap! Really no need to think of it la! Just grab and run away from anyone because it's just RM68 eh!!! Outside one curler selling price already need RM100-190!! 

Kill me pls!! Why this is so cheap!! It's super convenient and affordable for everyone leh

 Curl my bangs then I can straight press the straight button and turn this into a straightener within just a second!
 Curl my pony tail

 Just so in love with this pink hair iron! HAHAHA SO PINK SO PINK

 No need to teach you how to use it because everyone know this. I just really love the concept of this hair iron. Super easy for application too. For those who want to have a look on the youtube tutorial video you can play this video

One thing I love shopping in their website is they always provide special tutorial video to show us how to use on the product and of course the owner of this shop is super pretty & cute! Love her too. 

For those who interested with this 2 in 1 hair iron you can click on to have a look and pls... IT'S SO WORTH!!! No need make further consideration just grab this if you have the same problem like me. 

Oh yea you can buy anything in their website & quote my name
to enjoy special 10% off

Thanks supermodels secrets for the special discount to my readers! You all just so lucky leh!! Fast fast shop til drop because I'm already prepared to be broke after few more purchase on their website. Hahahaha I saw their bra stripe too. Damn nice eh! It's for those who love to wear a low or V back top / dress one. I wanna get the bra stripe too. 

And and and... I also get this cute beauty tool for myself!! 
 It's their best selling item too
3D Beauty Teardrop Blender Sponge

For those who love to watch youtube makeup tutorial video I'm sure you saw this everywhere! Must have item in your makeup bag!! It helps in spreading my foundation very nicely, giving me a flawless and good complexion look
This sponge is dense, firm yet bouncy, and its shape helps a lot in perfectly reaching every nooks on my face. Especially the area beside our nose and under eye area. Easy to apply too!!

You can use this to apply your foundation , makeup base and concealers on your face. Easy to carry and wash it too. For your infomationthe bottom of the teardrop can be used on the cheeks or forehead while the top of the tip on the teardrop is suitable for the wing of nose and eyelids

I think everyone should have it! I should get another set for my BFF too. She always don't know how to blend foundation evenly on her face. BUY BUY BUY

That's my part one. I will share the Emjoi divine hair remover and Olay Microdermabrasion again on the next post. Okay??? I think I need to let my armpit hair grow longer to experience whether the hair remover works on my armpit hair anot!! HHAHAAHAHAHA

So.... STAY TUNED! That's all for today. Love xx. Remember to enjoy the special 10% discount ya :)


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