Emjoi Divine Hair Remover | Tried & Tested Review #2

28 July 2014

Hey Hey my sweethearts  I know you have been waiting for this because I told you on my previous haul post about some of the product that I bought from Supermodels Secrets (http://www.supermodel2u.com) First thing I did was searching for a hair styling iron and next will be every girl's need item. It's hair remover product. I think most of you know that I have been trying out and getting my hair remover done by Strip but after that I received some of your feedback ask me to intro some cheaper way to say Bye bye with your armpit hair & your leg's hair.

At the same time I guess it's the best way to get it done when you're at home. I know right you might be shy if you going to those hair remover shop to get it done. So yea~ Another choice will be getting it done AT HOME. So what you need should be a tweezer! But for my case even tweezer also can't 100% remove all my hair (especially my armpit area) My armpit hair can continuously grow nonstop and look like a male's armpit hair. *wtf

Sometime hor~ I also very lazy to remove or I forgot to remove it and my parent or smelly will O.O when I raise up my hand. I won't feel shy for that but I just feel annoying. WHY CANT I LET IT GROW?!!! It's really tiring and painful when you need to use tweezer to remove each hair ONE BY ONE. Some small and thin hair really can't remove one :'(

So other than tweezer I also searching for something known as an automatic tweezer or epilator. Thanks god I can get it together with my previous haul from supermodels secrets. That's the reason why I have a reason to review this for all of you because IT'S THE BEST THING EVER!!!! 

End up I bought this Emjoi Divine Epilator (USA)There are few reason why I bought this home and here's some of my thought and after-use review.

#1 Nice design and easy to use - PINK! I love pink...Anything in pink will be one of the best thing ever in my life! lolx okay i'm serious now! The main reason why I picked this was all because of the application of this. What you need to do is just turn it on after placing 3AAA battery then you can simply turn on/off and can adjust the speed of it. The design of this easy to use with our human hand especially the curl side design. 

#2 Easy to clean & Hygiene - This package included a brush for you to clean the epilator. What you need to do is just open up the cap then clean it with the brush.

#3 Speed - Adjustable speed will be another reason for me to enjoy this product. For armpit hair I mostly use speed 1 if there are some thin hair or hair that can't remove by the speed you can increase the speed to a faster one. 

#4 Can be use for many diff area - Not just armpit hair you can use it to remove individual hair from the upper lip and chin area , bikini area , leg or hand & etc. But before apply it on any area make sure to hold the skin taut with one hand ya :)

#5 Small , Easy to carry - Of course the size of it should be just nice for me. Very easy to handle and carry around to any place too.

#6 Made in USA - Good quality and warranty against defects in material and workmanship lasts one year from the date of purchase. 

#7 Minimize pulling and discomfort - The design of the massaging finger function can minimise the pain and pulling discomfort during epilation.

#8 Reasonable Price & long lasting -  The price that I purchased during promotion was quite reasonable and cheaper than the original price. So please get it now because they're having a raya sales / promotion. You can't get this price outside in the market!!

Even it's super nice there are always a pros & cons of every product. Here's some of the minor cons of this product. Firstly, it's not waterproof. Means that it can't fall into water and because of that it's not prefer to use inside your toilet if not you might drop it into the water. Another thing will be it's not chargeable means you need to always replace your battery with a new one. But this two cons doesn't really effect my decision to purchase this because IT'S STILL AWESOME & nice to use.

 Thanks god it save my life. Previously every week I need to use tweezer to remove all my underarm's hair + I can use up to 30 mins- 1 hours just to get it done. wtf?!!! It's true because my armpit hair grow really really fast :'( Genetic problem how I wish I'm a male T.T I know other than that you might want to see some before & after photo. I wanna show you my hand's hair but it's not clear enough...

So hor...please stay calm and I feel sorry to show you my armpit too -.- But I sacrifice for this review since armpit hair will be the most obvious one. Let me show you my underarm.. *awkward moment*

Sorry..I feel awkward now! Lol mix feeling whether should I upload this before & after on my blog. But you know...I just can't wait to show you the feeling of having a CLEAN & NICE underarm. lolx I never let my hair grow this is my usual armpit hair once every week. It naturally grow like this every week. Means every week I need to remove it by my hand but now NO MORE WORRY BECAUSE I BOUGHT THIS!!

Today is my the 14th day after using it my hair seems grow slower than I use the tweezer because when I use tweezer I can't remove 100% of my armpit hair. I just can't finish remove everything but since I used this it removed my hair from the roots so it means that my hair will take more time to grow up lolx. *tears* I want to kiss supermodels secrets now!! It's just TOO AWESOME!!

Bear in mind, after removed all the hair your armpit are will turn a little redness but don't worry you can apply some toner that use to minimise the pores one and let your skin calm down for awhile. Then you might get your CLEAN underarm back!! HAHAHAHAAH For a long term or if you want to prevent unwanted hair growth you can purchase the EMJOI AFTER EPILATION CREAM too.

 So overall, I give this a 4.5 starts out of 5 because I JUST LOVE IT! It's another long review post but i really really want to thanks god that I found something to do with my underarm hair. lol For those who interested you can get it on the link below and remember to grab this during their promotion period now! You might save ALOT $$!

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