Fashion Bazaar @ Burger Bar, Kuchai Lama ♥

14 July 2014

Hey hey hey hey my sweeties How are you today? Guess it's really late now but I still have to transfer all my photos to my camera and watsapp+ing all photo to all my babe girls who came to our July Fashion Bazaar this afternoon. Millions thanks for those who came to support us today and spot something on the photo above? Yeap!! It's super glad and sweet to receive a box of handmade jelly cupcakes from one of you who came this afternoon. Thanks for the cupcake and it melted and save my life because I'm so hungry today. (Forgot to take my brunch wtf!?!!)

I'm quite busy this few days because the day before this bazaar I have to help smelly prepare for his brother's wedding night. I helped his mom to some simple makeup and some hairdo for the bride although I'm not a pro but I'm happy I'm able to help them since it's really fun to do something that I love. HAHAAHAHAH You know la girls love makeup and I really happy that when they praise me :p So after the wedding dinner I got tons of souvenir from smelly's bro & his wife because they just came back from Japan too. AHAHAHAHAA I'm having my limited edition pudding kitkat now *nom nom nom*

So as usual I'm always happy to keep myself busy! HAAHAHAH Back to the topic so today it's a small gathering time with my blogger friends and YOU! Yeap!! I'm so happy to meet each of you and how come this time many of you just so shy to talk with me!! I feel so awkward being too hyper today since I'm really happy with it! HAHAHAHAHA So sorry if I'm really busy walking around with my annoying and painful heel :( But still really happy to meet all of you!! * have to repeat this for thousand times?*

As usual I brought lot of clothes...again?!!! but this time without the help of my daddy/ smelly T.T I always pack it myself but previously when I have no car my dad will fetch me to the venue of the bazaar + help me to carry maybe one bag of the clothes then place it on the venue BUT!! This time I have to carry it my own le~ I'm superwomen actually just my heel really so so so painful. I bought it from cotton on plus it's pain like hell!!

So since I did everything myself I don't have much time to update my dayre too because I just done packing everything this morning. I woke up @7am but lying on my bed til 8am. Next without having my breakfast I dump Bebe on my bed and rush to my toilet. lolx Then start packing and plan what should I bring *so last mins* Super duper tired because the night before that I slept at 3am wtf?!!

But it's okay because once I think about bazaar, I was like 'nothing can kill me!! I'm alright and I'm happy' lolx It's such a good opportunity to get in touch with all of you too! Without further explaining all the nonsense I should start to upload our selfies photo! HAHAHAHAHAHA so you should know how fun it is!!!

OMG I haven deco my table already got people come!!! So happy *tear*
 You know why or not?!! Because we were lazy to price each item diff price so we just brought our Ikea recycle bags then put everything inside with a label of RM10 / RM15 each!! So our booth Chenelle , KittieYiyi and I really super cheap one you know!! Don't try to nego already if not I  have no money to take my dinner :p
 Such a long time never meet my baby girls so while everyone was busy selling their clothes while I'm just hang around because I asked Chenelle to take care of my booth! HAHAHAHAH So I can have some additional time to selfies with the crowd and every blogger mah! See..So smart! If not I can't blog this since I'm always scared that I will forgot to blog about it or my memories faded after some time! lol
 I wanted to deco my table to a dreamy feel so I brought my unicorn here!
Unicorns love cupcakes! HAHAAHAHAH
I want to eat!! 

Surprisingly everyone interested about the unicorn (not my clothes) HAHAAHAHAH Finally I found someone who as crazy as me!! IT'S ALL OF YOU!!! I should get more unicorn! AHAHAHAH So cute ! I love PASTEL! I CAN DIE FOR IT!!! I can die for this cupcakes too!

I know you might not interested about pastel but just let you know I'm crazy on it. Should stop this topic and let me show you some of the photo we took during our afternoon bazaar. Finally Jacklyn reached and free to take photo with us but where's Bobo?!!! 
 KittieYiyi, Chenelle , Karen , Jacklyn & ME
 Finally Bobo here! But...wait
 My all time favourite partner, Chenelle
Bobo, Karen , Kittie, Chenelle & I
 #TAKE 2
 Flower 4 xp
 Sweet sweet Annie
 Kittie -.- Can you pose normal a bit?! xD

Surprise of the day!! Met sweetie pie Vivian & her lovely mummy today!!
Thanks for coming babe!! Next week nana green tea with you ok?! ;p

 So yea! That's our crazy face!! 

Wearing my comfortable outfit and I decided change my heel because it's so painful

I'm loving my comfortable mint green knit top that I bought from a seller but I forgot the shop name!! Lol you can watsapp daph- 017-9515 598 I post it here because some of you actually ask me that whether I'm selling it on my double beauty blog shop anot but unfortunately it's not!! So for those who like it just drop her a msg because I'm loving this knit top (of course you know I love the colour) but the material really GOOD + COMFORTABLE! Just some simple top that can easily match with everything and the bottom part is 1/3 half transparent. Thanks god~This time I'm smart because I didn't wear thick sweater for bazaar like what I did previously! so smart and this top did a good job on me! HAHAAHAHAH 

Then before I end with this short post I want to say Thank YOU for those who came to support all of us this afternoon! It's my pleasure to have you together with us!!! I'm really happy that finally my item found their new owner and thanks for those who support my blogshop Double Beauty too!!! HAHAAHAHAH Yeah yeah yeah!! Really thanks for everything!!

I want to say Thanks to all those who help me to carry all my stuff and when I don't have any small notes everyone of you just get it and exchange with me T.T Thanks very much *tear* My life seems to be happier when I spent part of my life with kind people like you all!! 

So...Conclusion I'M REALLY SO TIRED now but still it's nice to meet all of you and thanks all my blogger friends who always go crazy with me. I'm really happy that I'm always allow to be myself and show the crazy 'true face' to all of them!! Thanks Bobo for the invitation this time and this time I was the one who design the insta shoutout poster too!!! So happy that they like my design because I'm super last mins and did everything last mins this time T.T Hope everything will be fine ya~

I very 'ki-siao' (crazy) but still it's time to bed now!! That's all about my crazy day! That's all for today. Love xx hope you love every item you purchased this afternoon!!! ok? Muackx~


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