12 July 2014

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Hello My little Sweethearts♥ ~ Today I'm going to talk about MAKE UP!!Do you know that Make up is the basic beauty kit every girl needs in order to cover up an outburst of pimple of those terrible eye bags? It could make us girls feel confident about ourselves everywhere we go. The simplest way to get yourself ready for a day out is by wearing a slight hint of lipstick on your lips. However, women tend to apply the wrong lipstick shade and it will completely ruin their look. This is because the women will feel befuddled with the wide range of lipstick shades at makeup department store counters. At the same time, the guys will never understand our troubles looking for the right choice of lipstick. *sign

Ladies can solve their concerns by applying the simple trick of lipstick shade hunting. Women have to always know that the perfect lipstick colour should be one or two shades darker than their natural lip colour.  You could try it by applying the ‘tester’ lipstick on or simply believe the lipstick colour palette on display. Besides that, the ladies with thinner lip should definitely avoid dark coloured lipstick tones. Women with thin lips should stick to medium colour tones to show off the plumpness of their lips. Dark coloured tone lipstick will definitely hide the true beauty of your natural lips.

Other than that, eyes play an important role in attracting attention as we always hear the saying ‘Eyes are the windows to one’s soul’. The fastest way a girl could do their eye makeup is by applying some black or brown eyeliner. Eyeliner is the basic eye makeup as it shapes and defines your eyes more for a dramatic effect. There are various types of eyeliners available in the market for women to choose from such as liquid, pencil and powder. The trick to not make yourself look like panda is to avoid lining fully across your lower lashes. Leave a little space inside the corners of your eyes for a softer natural look. If you opt for a more sophisticated look, you could enhance your face with blushers, eye shadows and bronzers.

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That's all for today. Love,xx.


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