18 July 2014

Hello Sweetie T.T I don't know whether I should feel happy or sad now. But I just feel I'm so blur & stupid recently. Suppose I have 1 event need to attend at this afternoon then before that this morning I brought my friends to ME Clinic for some consultation and I wanna make appointment on my next facial + my mom double eyelid procedure. So I went out at 11am but I never check whether I bring my wallet together with me anot -.-

So 2 hours later (when I'm still enjoy chatting with Celeste) I realize that my wallet NOT WITH ME!!! Means that it's either GONE / Been Steal by someone / OR I forgot to bring it out. Without IC , licence , money & all my important card I decided to back home to double check it. At the same time i realise that I can't go to the event @ The Curve without my wallet.

#1 I have no  money to pay my parking ticket
#2 My touch and go card left few sen
#3 I'm not sure whether it's gone or forgot to bring it out
#4 I'm so calm because I don't even know what to do
#5 Hot season with lots of police around KL area and I need to go damansara too
#7 ......

That's how I spent my whole afternoon worrying my stupid wallet T.T I should say THANKS GOD!! Because Celeste from Me Clinic know my situation and telling me that I can't go out without a single sen in my bag. I was like ' YEA HOR. I NEED TO PAY MY PARKING TICKET LEH'

Then I'm still calm because I thought my wallet should drop inside my car or floor. So I walk back nicely and stay calm UNTIL I can't find anything inside my car. I wanna kill myself because I don't have any idea on it. HOW?!!! WTF

Firstly I tell myself to stay calm =.= Keep telling myself to be steady and nice. Just think positively maybe I didn't bring out. Next, I drive all the way from time square to my house. Normally it takes around 40 mins but within 27 mins I reached my house. I just try my best to 'fly' back home because police everywhere T.T Maybe I need to get into jail without any IC & Licence !! I'm a good girl I don't wanna let police tangkap :(

Once I reached home Bebe very happy & welcome me home but still I ignored him and continue searching for my wallet. From living room , sofa , kitchen until my room and bed I CAN'T FIND ANYTHING. Then I start to feel nervous about it. I think about my student ID because I need that for my graduation ceremony on this coming August.

Then I start to flashback and try to imagine what I did this morning. But I just can't think of it. My whole brain full of rubbish and I'm so blur. 3 hours later , I decided go to report the loss of my wallet , debit card & etc..

My mom scold me then suddenly she remind me that on Tuesday night when I went out to meet my friend I never brought back my wallet. Plus, I didn't lock my car's door. WTF!!!! Then I was like...YEAAAA AFTER TUESDAY I NEVER SEE MY WALLET AGAIN

So confirm no thief it's me so stupid! But still i CAN'T FIND IT. I called my bro to double check whether it's inside my mom's car anot. Until 4pm my bro back from his uni and I SHOUT so loud asking him whether is there any wallet inside the car..

He shake his head then suddenly my WALLET APPEAR. My brother holding it. I was like WTF?! WTF ?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME !! Then I hug Bebe keep run here & there at my living room. My mom laugh me -.-

I almost go hug and kiss my bro T.T Luckily!! So lucky and thanks god I'm gonna be nice to my mom & bro!! Without them I won't go and check my mom's car. wtf wtf wtf!! Lucky aaaa thanks god I'm really happy. Feel like money drop from the sky like that!!

Wahlao lesson learned! Always double check everything before going out. No more next time especially this special month many police around checking! I can't imagine that I can go out without my wallet and money PLUS without realise it until I ask to get my IC for some documentation. Imagine no one ask me to take out my IC then when I go to pay for my parking ticket I was like WOWWWWW WHERE'S MY WALLET WHERE I DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY WITH ME RIGHT NOW!!

I can't take it!! Confirm I will tear and my debit card all inside my wallet T.T SO SO SO SO SCARY!!! So be careful and pls double check everything don't wanna be like me! It's so scary and I really afraid that I can't back home T.T

Thanks god and thanks Celeste for the help! Your money save my life I owe you a meal next week T.T Thanks god and I'm really lucky! So I should be happy right? T.T

After I found my wallet it's time to feed those cute abandoned dog around my house area. Not sure when I start to fall in love with dog and i just feel so pity for them. They're homeless and Imagine Bebe homeless / lonely / alone crossing the road. SO DANGEROUS T.T So I ask my bro fetch me to the place we decided to feed them some leftover birthday cake (Bebe's Birthday Cake) since Bebe can't finish it alone. 
I saw them hang around and they grow so big now. The first time was a little puppy and now turns super HUGE! Not sure where's their mummy but from the first time until now i never see their mummy again. It's been awhile I always feel so sad on it because I can't adopt them but just try my best to feed them food as many time as I can.

Where's the mummy and one more dog hide under the car. Seems so hungry but afraid of human so she keep hide under other's car. hmmm What can I do to save them? If let say..one day they might face difficulties and....you know at night all of them sleep beside the road. How if someone BANG them T.T 
It's my brother first time and you see...The dog lick my brother's leg. Last time I remember my house area don't have any abandon dog until this few months I realise that there are more than 6 abandoned dogs around here.
 How come those owner so bad one! I can't take it when I see their innocent face. They kissed my hand when I feed them food. Now I know Bebe super lucky because he got home but those abandoned dog don't have any home. They might die beside the road by accidents or anything happen. I feel so sad I just can feed them but I can't help them or to save them. 
You see those abandoned puppy so thin T.T Arghh!! I can't sleep tonight because I heard dog bark now T.T Not sure whether those abandoned dogs are safe or.... Why so many irresponsible owner..Why they can throw their dog away just like that. Soon later the dog mummy might born new puppies then more & more dogs around my house without any food too... WHY  ARRRR!!

The dog super dirty and their leg injured too. See I tear again every time I can only feed them food but can't help them.....sorry... :( 只是覺得一個人力量真的很小 但能幫道小小的忙卻讓自己感到小小的幸福 真的覺得有時候生活中找幸福 就是那麼簡單


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