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04 July 2014

Aloha My lovely sweethearts~ So excited now because I just back from a pampering session! Feel so happy because I just did my hair spa too. Will blog about it tonight! Seriously damn enjoy recently and you can notice this from my blog since I keep update it ;p Oh yea Oh yea!! I also wanna share with you guys where I did my eyebrows. It's just RM15 leh!! I wanna upload the photo to show all of you later! wink*

So yea! Back to the topic today I'm talking about something we called it as '24K Gold Bar' aka Facial Vibration Massager. And pls pls pls bear in mind there are some seller selling fake one which means they told you or wrote there that it's originally from Japan but in fact...It's made in China! OH MY GOD! I didn't mean the issues about the made in china things but lying about that to your buyer is so WRONG! You should tell them it's not from Japan. Some of them even use marker pen to cover the words. wth with that! I know it because I experienced it before.

Therefore, (bear in mind)..pls pls pls double check everything since both of the MADE IN JAPAN & CHINA one are almost the same price! So I'm super happy that I finally found something REAL! Lolx You know that I always take care of my skin. From normal hand wash to facial cleanser machine and now I even invested my money on this Facial Vibration Massager!


Because it can enhance the skincare absorption of your skin and of course since my eye turns double eyelid I realize that it's important to keep your eye less puffiness and my dark circle seems to appear due to my recent bad habit! Aiyaaaaa!! It's all because I wanna say bye bye to 水腫 too! I always drink lots of water at night so once I drink more than the normal amount of water ...the next day my eyes seem to be SUPER Puffy! 

To reduce all bad things and enhance all the good things ...I invested in this JAPAN 24K Vibration Massager liao!!!!! Let you see how's the packaging and don't get the wrong one ya! I get this from the previous seller that I get my Meo Mask! Contacts and detail I will link down on the bottom / end of this post ya.
I can't believe it's so small and even super convenient to bring it around

Muhahahaha! Now I can watch TV and at the same time pamper myself with this GOLD BAR! Don't say that I didn't tell you arrr! It's really nice feel so relax while using this on my face. Not just face I can even use this on my eye, nose area , chin , neck area & ...ANYWHERE LAH!!!

Use this for long term can reduce the amount of money you need to spend on your facial treatment. Now facial treatment wasn't a cheap thing at all!! I went last time it cost me RM200 T.T So I rather use that to buy this and benefits my skin 99 leh! It can increase the absorb effect of maquillage wipe out the secretion of keratin and usually this kind of vibration gold bar can prevent the aging, enhancing immunity. Start to pamper yourself liao! Oh yea this also increase the blood circulation and metabolism too

I will use this on my eye area and my face of course!! Since my face super chubby once I found that it's for V SHAPE FACE...I immediately get one for myself. You see I so broke already still willing to get one means that it's really useful one. But if you under age of 18 then no need think of this. You are too early to use this..Maybe buy one for your lovely mummy! Hehe 
 The size of this isn't that big. It's very easy to carry around and also...easy to USE! This is the most important one for a person as lazy as me! hAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Basically, you as much as you like! On the area or part you love! Just to remember that for your face and neck, roll all over the face and neck in an upward and downward motion

For your eyes, start from under the eye and follow the structure. Then move to your nose too.

Oh yea!! When you done with your eye , nose , neck you can continue with forehead. Just roll in an upward and downward motion. 

Your hand also can yooo!!

 I wanna V shape face! GOGOGOGOGO

 Still using it....til I get tired with it ;p

For eliminate puffiness, roll in an upward and downward motion all over the face. It's recommended to use it three times a day for three minutes each but I just use this once everyday especially at night! Because I'm stress mah..This can reduce stress also! HAHAHAHA NOT JUST THAT!!!~ It's also about some health benefits too leh

Okay lah! I don't want to drag you. I know you just can't wait me to share this with you. Usually all important point will highlight with bold font and end of the post will give you all the detail and contact lah! Please be patient noh because while I'm shooting for this photo I actually massaging my face with this gold bar too. Feels soooooo GOOD! HAHAHAAH

For those who are interested you are always welcome to check it out / get one with!

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I always so nervous one. So normally once I get it hor..I will immediately contact with wastapp or wechat. It's more fast mah! ok ok la!! That's all for today I should continue to blog about my pampering session with Loreal & my Korea Shopping Post too! That's allllll liao~~ Good Night & Ciaozzzzz~ Love xx


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