Korea Trip #5 Eat, Play, Love & Flight to Jeju Island ♥

01 July 2014

Hey lovely Sweeties :3 Now I only realize that my eyes look super unbalance with the eyeliner during my trip. Lolx Sorry for the super late and I swear you gonna enjoy my trip post within this week because finally I get back all my photo from my previous Dell lap top. So bad plus I don't have extra time to bring it to repair because I don't really trust on any computer repair shop due to my previous bad experience. I hate that they thought I'm the stupid one and take off my graphic card and hard disk change to those cacat one. Arghhhhh!! Any shop that you guys trust on? Just let me know because there are tons of photos in my lap top

So back to the topic that was a beautiful trip since I travelled 4 places within that 1 weeks time excluded my flight delayed. So yea, I thought this will be a good chance to share with you this beautiful island called Jeju Island. I'm not a person who love to see beautiful scene because I will rather use that time to go for shopping or resting at room but this Korea Trip break my record. The 4th days onward everyday wake up early and walk a lot. I remember the day before my flight to Jeju Island we were so tired due to our sick too. I'm sick ...Sore throat and flu while smelly get fever too -..-

Lesson learned. Please drink lots of water if you eat a lot of Korea BBQ. Almost every day we eat Korea BBQ meat and our hotel provided bacon as our breakfast too. Lol I really feel so high even I'm sick I STILL CAN JUMP & TAKE PHOTO. But if you notice from the photo you will know that my face look so pale. Nvm lah! Let's get started!

As for that day we actually planned to visit many typical tourists recommended place but end up we discussed together with David and we decided to cut off few visits to those amethyst factory and local product shop. The reason why I want to cut off those was... I don't think I will buy and waste my money on those nonsense stuff. I will rather use that money to eat because Korean Food was super expensive. So after few discussions we decided to visit Yongdusan Park > Nasional Ginseng Shop > Lotte Duty free shop and just walk around to grab everything I want.

As I mentioned we just walk around and this day was all about SHOPPING after we back from the park. Next, after all the shopping + haul we just went back from Daegu to Busan. We used quite some time to travel in diff place. The reason why we need to back Busan after whole day shopping was the next day we want to take flight to Jeju Island. So we must back to Busan at night and stay a night at there before we fly fly fly to Jeju! 

Some people ask me where's the most nice shopping place to get cheap cosmetic or skincare products..I want to say I get mostly from Lotte Duty Free shop and shoplot area nearby Jeju Island Hotel. Next blog post will be my finalist of SKINCARE / COSMETIC PRODUCTS HAUL video. Lotte Duty Free shop got tons of popular brand but their cosmetic product not really as much as Busan & Jeju shopping area but there are lots of skincare product like mask and hot selling product for specific brand only. Lotte Duty Free shop selling korean snacks too! The MARKET O brownie!!

Back to the topic since most of us were sick..We decided just walk and slowly enjoy our day before our flight to Jeju Island. Seriously thanks to David we can slightly change and cut off some of the useless place to visit. Of course even we were sick we still enjoy our delicious food! LOLLLL

 Love locks everywhere even their normal park also got. But we didn't manage to lock our love because the shop that selling those love lock haven open and I think wait I married first just lock lo. If not when smelly run away from me I still need to come here to unlock it ! HAHAHHAAjk jkjk don't take it so serious~ Lol But this was so romantic too. Everywhere you can see love locks , couples photoshoot background props and some romantic lighting on the park. OMG Not just korean drama even it's real one also so romantic. 

 Just hang around and get some mineral water from smelly. Really so sick on that day T.T But still can't stop myself to walk around together with David. Most of the time he just wait us inside our small little van while we just walk around and do some typical tourist pose with our camera. Smelly holding 3 cameras. Two were mine while another one belongs to her mom. So once we walk by any nice scene I will be calling ' Eh eh..Can help me snap this using my Zr1000 a? the black one!' Then after that I will say 'Eh scared that not clear enough leh since the sky so dark can use the TR brightening mode anot?' After that the image so blur and too pale I ask him use my Iphone to snap again.

Sorry for him! Lol he's so busy need to settle my camera and his mom one! HAHAHAHAHAAHHAHA 

Too stress before my korea trip so it' very nice to stay calm by visiting some park there. David told us that this park was super big! But just nice to see lots of cute things beside this park.

After that we continue our journey to SHOP TIL DROP. Hang out near our hotel area for few hours and shopping at Lotte Duty Free shop for 5 hours until late night. I will make everything regarding shopping on the next post because I know some of you don't really love to read here then jump there and I don't wanna make it in diff blog post. So next blog post please STAY TUNED OKAY?!

So the next day.. MOST EXITED day ever!!! I wakeup early by 10 alarms. Then 10 mins to makeup + 20 mins to bath. Lol I'm super women you know!!! Since all of us mostly recover from our sick (super thanks to korea phamacy too) AHAHAHAH Then hor..the breakfast is just AWESOME!!!!

   Mushroom Hot Pot

I'm serious this is just wayyyyyy tooooo delicious! DAMN DELICIOUS! Warm me up and the juicy juicy hot pot really suit me because I'm mushroom lover. The mushroom absorbed the soup make it taste super juicy too! ARGHH I MISS THAT!! Malaysia tak ada leh :'( Anyone of you tried this before? 

Then we finished that as soon as possible since we have to go all the way from Busan to the airport and take flight to Jeju. David estimated that we will arrive there at evening! After our lovely breakfast I really have to say that I'M FULL OF ENERGY liao! Then snap some #OOTD photo just beside the road. Wah even their road also make my OOTD look super nice!

Not forget to selfies beside a BIG BIG window too!
 Fake smile of smelly. He look so tired because I'm recover from sick but he's still sick leh!!

non-stop selfies mode ON!

 Don't act pls!! Smelly pls don't act cool! xD HAHAHA

Selfies mode still on and we were at the Busan airport waiting for check-in. See my beautiful pink luggage what I bought from my previous Bangkok Trip for RM170 only! BIG one and 360 degree turn turn one leh! So cheap so cheap!!

My outfit on that day really made my day !
Feel myself so pretty with that jacket.

Bought that for 2 years!! finally got chance to wear. If I'm wearing this in Malaysia all of you might think I'm crazy!

Should get a nice and comfortable sneaker when travelling around because this shoe make my leg so pain especially my leg muscle part. I think is time to get one New Balance or Nike sneaker already. I have never owned one before!!! So...That's all and stay tuned to my next KOREA SKINCARE/ COSMETIC/ FOOD haul post ok!?

Love you.xx 


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