Eyebrows Done for the first time @ Empro, Mid Valley

02 July 2014

Hey Hey Hey! It's me again~ my little sweeties  So energetic recently and guess why am I so happy today?!! Today I feel so happy after I back from Mid Valley & a pampering session with Loreal. It's not just the pampering session for my hair but also my eyebrows! Realize something different from the photo above?? YEA...IT'S ALL ABOUT MY EYEBROWS~



My eyebrows DONE for the


I mean first time in my life I feel so satisfied with my eyebrows done. It's so random that I'm walking together with Shirley and she keep ask me to do my eyebrows because...I always complain about my unbalance eyebrows due to my 'cacat' hand...I simply learn from some video on those tutorial and end up my left's eyebrows seem nicer than my right one. KILL ME PLS

I think this is my first time I did a proper thing to my eyebrows. Previously I just went to some facial treatment and those aunty ask me ' Hello girl, do you want me to cut abit your eyebrows?' I was like..YEAH FOR SURE but end up also unbalance remain my usual eyebrows look loh. So I was wonder where can I get my eyebrows done..

Previously I thought of getting it done @ Benefits but those = waxing type one and for your information I'M REALLY AFRAID OF PAIN! So serious one leh I scared I cry at there later I might feel really really shame one. Plus, I never visit Benefits before I'm also worry the price of that and I rarely put trust on those strangers one :x

Then hor ...Today my mood come already!!! I just say YES! AND LET'S GO!! I went to empro @Mid Valley since my car parked there this morning. I heard of that quite a long time especially noticed it on some magazine's ads column but still don't dare to go if no one recommend me. Also because no one willing to accompany me la! Most of my friends do it their own but my hand really abit weird one. My eyebrows keep cover by my bangs so I always no draw any eyebrows but I also know that it really can make a BIG BIG DIFF one!

So today...I'm super duper happy one and thought of sharing this with all of you. Because some of you actually asked me before on my page & wechat about where I usually do my eyebrows. I wont share if it's not nice or what lah..Most important IT'S JUST RM15 LEH!!!

SO SO SO DAMN CHEAP! I don't know la but RM15 is quite reasonable. Plus, I really like it leh. I just went there and sit down then I say I don't wanna it to be so old / I wanna Korean eyebrows / I wanna those straight and thick thick one a...

But seriously, don't learn me la because I guess that person really wanna kill me since I keep on talking alot when they trying to concentrate on my eyebrows. Lolx I'm so nervous mah since It's my really first time.. getting my eyebrows done in there. Some more I really feel shy looking at the girl. Maybe .... LOL

I trim it for RM15 and end up they know that I'm wearing my makeup on so asked me whether wanna help me to complete my eyebrows anot. After that I bought one eyebrow pen for myself. It's RM60! So total RM75! Reasonable la because really hard to buy my heart one. I very choosy and I tried to draw it my own still not straight enough and I feel like I'm crayon xin chan 蠟筆小新! 

I'm really satisfied with the overall outcome!!! Let me show you!! They picked the darkest color for me but actually I bought a lighter tone one. So I bought blonde color one! The one used on my eyebrows just now was one tone darker. But still not bad la my eyes look DAMN PRETTY with that eyebrows.

I so in love with it. The shape of my face seems like slimmer with this kind of eyebrows! Finally I achieved what I want. Damn damn damn nice! SO PRETTY RIGHT??? Let you see my before & after
My usual eyebrows seems to be thick but the eyebrows too long since I didn't trim it. Next, the end part of my eyebrows seem so weird but after I trim it at empro...I FEEL MYSELF SO ...just so nice! You know how I feel right now..Is like money drop from the sky. Flying angels all around me! WORTH TO THE MAX!
 Selfies #1

 Selfies #2

 Selfies #3

 WAH! No matter which angle also damn nice 
Look perfect and I feel like going there every month liao !!!

So nice hor!! I know you all never see me with a complete eyebrows look. So here you go & slowly enjoy my selfie photos! AHAHAHAHAHAHA CHEAP & NICE! Strongly recommend to all of you because not like waxing type this is not pain at all and only take about 5 mins. RM75 gone but I get what I want. Worth!! I will start learning how to draw my eyebrows properly from now !!! 

The eyebrows pen = triangle shape one so you can easily use it. Don't worry because even I also know how to use!! MAHAHHAHAAHH The RM60 is the promotion price for the pen buy one free one refill too. SO HAPPY For those who wanna save money you can go there try it then after your eyebrows grow again you can trim yourself too.

That's all for my sharing post! Hope you like this kind of random post that might help some of you to get your perfect eyebrows shape lah! That's all for today. Love xx


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