Korea Trip #6 : Korea Must Buy (Skincare/Makeup/Beauty/Snack)

05 July 2014

Hey all my sweeties I know right ~ I know right~ You guys have been waiting for this post since n months ago and so so so sorry for the late but late better than never right? :p Please be prepare because this might make you feel so excited and you might need to book a ticket to Korea too. HAHHAHAAH After my BKK trip shopping heaven post I guess some of you really love to read those post about haul whether it's skincare , clothes or anything. So yea, next week you gonna see lots of haul post because...


Oh yea, please be prepare that this post might be shock for you ..especially at the end of the post because I'm gonna talk mandarin in my Korea Skincare & Makup Haul video. Hmmm I wanna speak English but you know right English isn't my first language and my English is quite scary because I can mix 3 language to become our Malaysia-glish! Lol Malaysia English means to be added with lots of LAH , LEH , LI , LO & etc.. I scared later you all wanna kill me so...I also shy shy talking with my cacat lap top too. 

Just forget about my voice and watch the video later. BUT before that I will write more detail on where I bought all my items because I know most of you doesn't read through all the previous Korea Trip's post so I just make something like summary on this post. Enjoy Reading!

For your easy reference, I will categorize all of my haul items into few categories. It's all about some skin care, beauty makeup brands and some DELICIOUS snack that we can't get it in our country :( I should start with my post and stop crapping here.

   Beauty Product

So first will be talking all about beauty product that I bought during my Korea Trip. For your information, I didn't bring much money during that trip because I never thought of Korea really selling lots of CHEAP skincare product. At first I was like ' Okay la. Cheap also cheaper than Malaysia around RM5 only' BUT when I reached there I was like 'Oh well, I'm wrong!' Totally WRONG!!

Everything cheaper than Malaysia RM10-22 like that. Makeup product like 3CE not really cheap, so I didn't buy because I just keep shopping for skincare beauty product like mask , toner & etc. Then except all beauty product or cosmetic brand others like clothes , shoes and food were SUPER EXPENSIVE. But that's their standard living cost (David told us it's consider cheap) One clothes selling price was like RM31-RM32 Cheapest and I was like..Okay?! Because I thought I can have the price like my previous Bangkok Trip AHHAHAHA I'm dreaming.

Another reason was I just back from Bangkok before I went to Korea. That's why I didn't buy any clothes but MADE IN KOREA's item of course = SUPER GOOD QUALITY if compare with others. Food per person need to pay for RM45-50 for just a meal. It's cheapest I can get on my hotel area. 



First I really should feel happy to be broke during this trip because you know what?!!!! You definitely can't imagine that each street area can have 3x etude house / Skinfood / Holika Holika & so on. When you walking on the first row you can see the exactly same shop (but diff size) in another 2-3 row of shop. JUST KILL ME PLS!

The night still young. I remember the second day I reach Jeju I just shop til drop because the street was just FULL OF BEAUTY SHOP! ALLLL! I MEAN ALLL!! Then smelly very pity because I can't sleep if I don't shopping then I called him and wake him up to accompany me....Help me carry my shopping bag! Lol His cousin and mummy all shocked with the number of plastic bag I brought back. AHHAHAHA

Some extra tips for you. If you saw some product you want and it's still on promotion price (especially promotion pack) If you really want it JUST BUY! Because each shop might haven diff promo item. For my experience, I went to the Holika Holika and It's Skin shop. Then I decided to buy that item and the girl told me it's RM30 then free 5 more mask sheet. (I tend to be greedy that time) I don't buy it and thought I can find a cheaper promo pack at the same shop at another road. So I walk and....that shop don't have those promotion pack -.- 

So means I need to travel back another row to get the promo pack. End up I just give up because smelly remind me that I BOUGHT TOO MUCH! Never say too much when you shopping there because end up when you back from the trip you will give your friends / family / relative and just end with 40% = YOUR ITEM! fml

I asked on my insta and some of you told me that this shop selling cheaper price for some brand such as Laneige but i tell you the cheapest one I can get is from LOTTE DUTY FREE SHOP! The sleeping mask just RM50-60 around that price ONLY! WTF right?! damn damn cheap x8237490480923840327403294

Shopping at Korea = all about CHEAP , FREE MANY SAMPLE , Let you experience how to use your body language to communicate with them , Broke & FEEL HAPPY

#1 Laneige
I get most of my 65% products from Lotte Duty Free Shop. It's cheap because duty free mah but you need to bring along with your passport in order to buy anything. Then shopping at Lotte Duty Free shop can get an additional voucher with your lovely korean drama idol on it! lol

Free RM30 shopping. Each of us very happy! lol Then first 'station' sure stop at Laneige!!

The video time too short I can't talk slowly and can't talk more so I write it here. The sleeping mask selling price in M'sia around RM90-110 depend on the website or seller. When the time I get it's like RM50-58 per bottle of sleeping mask ONLY! WTF RIGHT!? I bought 5 bottle and one set of toner , moisturizer pack no more than RM200! So cheap cheap til drop. End up I didn't manage to get one for myself. 

Then beside that the girl at there so nice will give you lots of sample then all of the small pack of sample size can become half amount of the product you bought. SAVE MY LIFE. I use all sample during my trip so I no need bring too  much skincare product in my luggage. Must buy their water sleeping pack and it's my favorite brand ever that's why i PUT IT ON TOP! lol The more you buy the cheaper you get. If you buy 9-12 bottle of sleeping pack you can get RM45-49 each! DAMN CHEAP MY GOD! 

But before I go lotte I also buy another bottle at the street area cost me RM65 around that I guess T.T Why I can't wait so I can get cheaper at duty free shop ma!!

#2 Banila & Co
That time I went they keep push their hot item - CC cream and it's very cheap too. But this brand compare with skinfood / it's skin / natural republic it's more high-end type of price. So it's abit pricy but still compare it here i'm sure IT'S CHEAP! Then few days ago I ordered their zero clear it makeup removal @hermo.my!

I will review it soon because IT'S SUPER NICE. I used this just now too. It's really nice I TELL YOU IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR NICE MAKEUP REMOVAL in term of creamy form PLEASE buy this! super nice!! Thumb up x392874274230423 very nice. The skinfood one also nice + it's cheaper (it's liquid form)

#3 Ryeo Korea Shampoo
I'm using the red one for the past few years. I bought from Korea but now I purchase it from hermo too. I think you knew it since my previous haul post. I recommend the red one for damage hair and another one is yellow color for strengthening our hair one. You can always check at hermo website if you can't find any other seller. This shampoo really nice because even the second day my hair don't feel oily at all!!! It's just full of Ginseng scent! HAHAHAHA

Conditional I also used it before but not really as good as my L'oreal Professionnel that trial bottle I get from my beauty box. Lolx

#4 Innisfree
I love innisfree product too and it's not available in our country yet. Hope got store at here leh!! Because it's very hard for me to restock my lipstick and mask too! That time I buy this got BUY 3 FREE 1 CC cream. So i just grab and end up all my friend like it. This one cc cream around RM40-48 I forgot if divided by 4 la since one = FREE. Then Malaysia website selling around RM69.90-80. Remember buy product from Innisfree because their item really light and natural for our application. But from Lotte Duty Free shop cheaper !!

#5 Etude House
Malaysia got liao why still need to shop at there? Because some of their product = LATEST than M'sia and some color JUST AVAILABLE at there. Like their nail polish some color not available in Malaysia and of course packaging = CUTE + price = CHEAP CHEAP! Buy nail polish and their latest eyeliner pen all though cute things haven appear in our country one lo!!! Their hand cream also super cheap and you can buy in a promo pack with CHEAPER PRICE!

#6 SkinFood/ Natural Republic / Tony Moly/ Holika Holika

I bought most of my makeup product from #6 brands. Nothing special about natural republic because Malaysia available but just it's much cheaper! But hor...TONY MOLY MUST BUY THEIR SNAIL MASK SHEET! (Gold packaging Mask Sheet) Here selling RM20 there only need RM10 per piece. Buy 20 pieces free 15 pieces of tony moly moisture / hydrating mask! SO WORTH

SkinFood of course restock my favorite liquid eye and lips makeup removal! (Blue white liquid bottom on top left) I reviewed this on my blog before. Next the gel eyeliner recommended for those who looking for affordable , nice and anti smudge gel eyeliner! DAMN NICE! It also attached with a eyeliner brush too.

Then, still got lots of makeup product like lipstick and eyeshadow but I will put all those on the youtube video. and I emphasize some of my favorite product that I used more than 3 bottle at here la! Holika Holika you can buy the PINK GEL EYELINER and this Highlight (something like benefits high beam but this is cheaper and look almost 80% as good as the benefits one )can apply on your nose area to highlight or apply on your bottom eye area (look like lip balm hor)

 #7 Too Cool For School
Not sure whether this is still available in Malaysia but I heard some of my friends said it's no longer available. Too bad but if you have been to Korea pls pls pls so visit this brand but the price slightly expensive than others brand's makeup /cosmetic products. Still I spent RM300 just in this shop! I bought the eyeshadow tip it's very easy to use but I strongly recommended you all to buy its blusher! Super PIGMENTED & nice!!

PS: Thanks Sweetie Veronique Viola for the help because she just told me that it's still available In Malaysia.The Bangsar outlet already relocated in The Curve shopping Mall. But other than Bangsar, they have an outlet inside Robinsons, The Gardens. So you guys can grab it there!! hehe
I bought 4 blusher. Two pink & two peach! I love it because the colour really nice & really long lasting. I have been using this during my trip til now it's still left 60%! Guess it should take some time for me to try the pink one. The peach one really natural and I noticed this brand from Kim. She posted it on dayre I think then I get one as souvenir for her too! Thanks god I found this during my korea trip! Must buy ya!! Except this I bought their eyeshadow pencil with duo colour one. Damn easy to apply too but that one might be little pricy la but still pls remember get their blusher k?!!!

Most product I bought from Jeju Island (the biggest street ever) and also Lotte Duty Free Shop. You can always buy cosmetic item at any shop but if you wanna buy any skincare or mask product you can get from Lotte Duty Free Shop (more cheaper) but free sample won't as much as others shop la! Next, if you love korean snack please please visit Lotte too because other than skincare product lotte selling tons of SNACKS & FOOD! I tell you...you might broke after that! Each diff floor selling diff item. One floor is full of KOREAN SNACKS & FOOD!!! 

Here's another tip for you! Always remember to request more free samples as much as you can!! (If possible la) Nobody can recognise you at there so just grab as much as you can because this can save you a lot!!  For example if you visit lineage store you can grab their sample size of sleeping mask...It save your life too! HAHAHAHA

   Snack & Food

If you asked me did I bought any Korean maggi at there For sure I say NO because most of the time it would be great if I can spend all of my money on 'MARKET O' items! If you ask me what should you buy if you visit there? which snack should you buy...definitely tell you


You can see this at korea everywhere. Especially their super market or seven eleven! Damn nice and it's just SUPER GOOD. It's a brownie in a cute packaging! I tell you a I tried 4 diff snack of this brand it's all about CHOCOLATE & NICE NICE NICE!! BEST SNACK EVER!!

Why Malaysia can't find this brownie. Have been craving til now!! I want it please anyone know where to get it please tell me!!! please~ *puppy eyes* Then I'm so regret didn't bring the large size one so when I know my babe Chenelle traveling again to Korea.....WAHLAO SHE'S JUST A SUPER NICE FRIEND WHO HELPED ME GRAB THIS HOME!! Tears* 

This is the biggest size one which contain 4 normal box. Each normal box = 7 brownie!!! So nice aaa!! I slowly eat it but still very fast finished everything one leg!!
 Except brownie still got something like market O chocolate and market O cracker! DAMN TASTY ONE I TELL YOU! PLEASE GRAB AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!!

 Some random food you can find everywhere at Korea.
You notice that most of the snack can get from LOTTE too.
Got watermark there! ahahah

I love Lotte and I wanna bring the whole building back! wtf*
 Other than that during my visit to Jeju Island we bought a lot too. Jeju vitamin C in grape flavour & etc. But bear in mind please be careful when you buy anything at Jeju because some of those isn't made in Korea but made in CHINA. Because some of the shop selling those souvenir wasn't korea but it's CHINA SHOP with CHINA OWNER. 

David ask us to be careful for that because Jeju is popular and famous with Jeju natural ingredient stuff like Jeju special Honey in a cute bottle. (Look at the above photo> bottom right that few cute bottle) The bottle look like their an old man it's actually very popular at there. called 石頭公公 Stone Man! You can see it everywhere including their product packaging too. 
Stone Man KeyChains as souvenir

Some tips for you to check whether it's 'REAL' jeju product will be checking the logo of samsung on their product box or packaging. Samsung is a really big company from Korea and it's one kind of insurance like that to ensure that the product is save or real. David told us one! Then if anything with that logo it means the brand buy some insurance stuff with samsung so it also means that it's REAL one lo! Like 擔保 like that to protect all the brands.

So as long as you have a chance to visit there please buy as much as you can especially their snack or food because everything i bought TASTE REALLY GOOD & NICE. I still haven taste any bad one during my whole journey. Ah~~ Thanks god!

So now ..this come to the end of this post and I'm craving for brownie again! *Puppy eyes* Left 2-3 post about my Korea Trip @ Jeju Island. Please be prepare with a beautiful photos all taken at Jeju + their TEDDY museum too! Stay tuned & Love ya. xx 

Opps...Errr... My very long and scary youtube video. LOL Please be kind to me! lolx

Video taken since long long long time ago just I finally got the chance to share with you guys... Please ignore my voice due to my sick last time. Oh yea!! I speak really fast sometime :x CIAOZZ~~


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