Pet Diary #7 : HAPPY BIRTHDAY! BEBE turn 1 ♥

15 July 2014

Hello all my angels Super duper happy today because finally I can sleep well and successfully uploaded my youtube video about my double eyelid. I know some of you complain about my super long post about my double eyelid (here) and my grammar mistake too. Actually if you are my long term reader you will realize that I love to blog at night with my sleepy mood PLUS that time I'm still on the process of recovery. I remember that I try to blog it as soon as possible but end up some of you still don't willing to read it keep email me with those questions that I actually answered on the post. Don't worry I didn't blame anyone of you just that I notice my concern wasn't really on the length of the post is all about the time and effort i put on every detail part i want to blog and tell you guys. But hor~ Still got ppl ask me the same question.

Since I will feel bad if I didn't reply each of you + I don't wish to copy and paste my post into the email. I decided to film a video clip for all of you. You know I really not good in speaking in front of the camera and my face so fat on the screen but still I know some of you really wanna hear my 'cacat' voice. I know you wanna hear I talk rather than read! HAAHAHHA So I film it at night and successfully uploded on my YouTube channel yesterday 3am. (Youtube channel- chanwondotcom) For those who don't mind my ugly face and voice feel free to watch the video here> 
Hope this can help you and I tried my best to make it short from 1 hour video to 30 mins+ lolx

You see T.T I keep out of topic again!! This blog post is all about my lovely boy BEBE!! I decided to get a handmade cupcakes for him as his birthday cake. So happy so happy!! Macam my own kid turn one year old. Super duper excited this afternoon and went out to take away some lunch for my family & I. Once I back home Bebe immediately come out just to welcome me with his kiss. lolx

Then I open it place the cake on the table near the sofa there...You see his expression -.-
 He don't even wanna look at the camera
Keep showing me his pity face wanna eat the cake
 But...I wont let him eat until he let me capture a photo with him. I'm a very kind mummy so once I snap 3 photo he still can't be calm I give up on him and just prepare his pet food with this for him.

So happy because finally Bebe turn 1 since the day I back from my bangkok trip. It's the best gift in my life. Everyday I back home he will 'fly' down from 2nd floor to the living room just to welcome me, kiss me and give me a hug that melt my heart. I'm really happy that now no more complain from my mom (sometime still have la) but my mom treat him like her baby too. Even give Bebe red pocket -.- wtf?!! I should keep all the red pocket! xD So it's mine. Lolx bad mummy!

Bebe seems healtier compare to the first time I met him. He's so tiny but now turn super duper huge even my friends also can't hug him now. I feel very happy everyday because he's just beside me and follow me brush my teeth...Even I pee or shit in the toilet he will accompany me beside the door but sometime he still wanna get into the toilet with me! HAHAHAHAHAAH

SO so sososososososososo cute!!! I will give him everything I have and treat him like my baby boy. I can't wait to have my own family and intro him my own kids. Then my kids play with Bebe! (think too far) Then I wanna let bebe step out from his comfort zone & meet new friends but he always refuse to do so :( WHY SO ANTI SOCIAL one!!!

I'm here to thanks for those who followed Bebe insta because actually it's just a photo diary of him but I never thought that those who followed Bebe also like Bebe! Thanks for all the wishes and I will make sure always trim his hair -.- So fast long and now I can't even see his eye! AHAHAHAH Anyway, just a short post about his birthday and wanna show you his birthday cake!! 

SUPER CUTE HOR!!! It's not sponsored one I pay it my own and quite happy  because I find quite a few shop but their design can't meet my expectation ...Until I find this owner selling handmade pet food / treats and cake!! So talent!!! And she's free delivery to my house area too!!! Weeeee~ So let's enjoy and I will show you how cute it is!!!

So cute hor!! Tell you a secret because it look so tasty and I'm really curious how it's diff with our human's cupcakes. So I give myself a tiny bite on this cake....And I was like ' why Bebe will like it?' All pet food / treats or cupcake really just smell nice but when you eat that. It actually taste NOTHING! Means like that's really for pet to eat one!!! Now I don't wanna be a dog because no taste no sweet no sour no salt how come dog still can be so  happy one a??

I guess must be no taste and smells good only can allow our pet to take it. If not maybe not good for a pet *I guess* because my bro and mom told me that. but it smells REALLY GOOD! I want macaron and cupcake too T.T Okay la!! That's all for today!! last but not least


Mummy love you! we all love you :3


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