Me Clinic - My Double Eyelid Procedure PART 2 *UPDATED*

23 July 2014

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Hello my little sweethearts here~ ♥ I know right some of you still been asking me about where's the youtube video and I'm not sure why some of you can't find my youtube channel :'( So I paste and embed in this blog post what you need to do is just click [PLAY] in order to watch it. Sorry my mandarin & english both very 'cacat' one. Hope you don't mind i just wanna share my experience and explain to you.

Anyway, I guess some of you actually keep on focusing my double eyelid. I know you have been looking through all my latest photo to see whether my eyelid become more & more natural or how~ HAHAHAH So no need to look around because I'm going to let you see my UPDATED part 2 double eyelid! Is that alright??? I'm so high now because it's been one month since the day I did the DST Procedure. Lots of you actually msg me and show me your support & love. Love from Singapore and Australia too. I'm shocked...totally melted my heart (other than this word I'm not sure what else can explain my feeling right now)

First post full explanation about my DST Double Eyelid Procedure Feel free to check it out so that you have a preparation to face it like what I faced previously. But don't worry because soon you will as happy as me right now!!!

As I told you that in the part1 post those photo taken from day 1 until 1 week after. So this updated one I'm going to show you some recent photo that I took from 2 weeks after the procedure until now :)

2 weeks After 

Still have some minor swollen on my right eye than my left eye because (as i told you many many time) I cried a lot during the procedure especially my right eye -.- Feel so shame on myself because it's actually nothing but still I'm crying like a baby. 

1 month After (now)

 Guess all of you fall in love with my eyes not me! AHAHAHAH I'm so happy because I'm super satisfied with what Me Clinic done one me. In term of service , professional skill and overall satisfaction I'm going to give them a thumb up!  Very very very satisfied and not to mention I'm always be thankful... Thanks Doctor David , Celeste and Me Clinic Nurse & team!! Until month after both of my eyes = PERFECT!!

I save lots of my time on applying my makeup on. NEXT month will be my mom's turn to do her double eyelid. Best gift ever I guess because I hope my mom can have a beautiful eyes like me :) I can't wait for that. 

That's all about my double eyelid! So no more question asking me to show you my eyes ya. You all can check this out anytime :) Is that alright? ;p That's all for today.Love xx
This is the photo I took 2 days ago without any makeup on
See how natural it is :)
I'm in love with my double eyelid now! 

Read more about my double eyelid story: (Part#1) (Part #2)

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