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25 July 2014

 Hello Hello my Sweethearts  HAHAHAHAAH I hope to stay calm but I just can't calm down myself when I talk about food or snack! Remember my previous post about some Japanese product haul (click here) from http://instagram.com/walkinjapan_com? It's been awhile til now but still I can't say no for that. I always craving for diff kitkat flavor that not available here and craving for my korea market o snacks too! Arghhhh~ Damn it!

So yea, it was a surprise for me!! Guess what I received their HAPPY BOX this morning. It's their new concept that gather few snacks together to come out with a HAPPY BOX. Just like our monthly beauty box but this is all about snacks from JAPAN! ALL FROM JAPAN and the price is super reasonable because everything you can't get it here.

I hope daph will make a monthly happy box for all of us so we can try different snack each time and then just decided to get a bigger of full size one. I'm shocked that they even included some product that I always craving for. Plus, a nice greeting postcard for me :( Melted my heart

 Products Included  
 -Gummi Mallow (5 flavor box)
-Gummi Mallow (Limited mango)
-Syally Mate Leopard Printed Cookies
-Oreo Matcha bits sandwiches/cookies
-Choosy Lip Mask (Honey)

Cute Postcard with Daphnefroggy's hand writing

This Gummi Mallows are super duper tasty! I never try anything taste like this and the packaging still so nice too. I'm quite impressed by Japanese snack and food! Look so 精緻 at the same time taste super good. This gummy mallow was super Q! I tried the mango first and it taste + smells like a real FRESH mango. Besides that the middle part was actually a marshmallow plus a layer of super sweet mango covered all over the white marshmallow.

 This mango flavor = LIMITED EDITION only available during summer time. 
Not just mango this marshmallow still available in diff flavor :)

 Tokyo Banana product -Langue De Chat Cookie
 Came with two flavor each flavor = 4 pieces. I think all of you noticed that I tried almost each of the flavor of their tokyo banana and I think their biscuit taste good too. Very crispy I love the white flavor one!! I also love the 白色戀人 biscuit which also only available in Japan. Maybe my next order will order that!!


 Japan always came out with new flavor one! So nice!

Photo do the talking... I really think I shouldn't talk so much at first! lolx Not just some limited edition snacks this happy box still got a lips mask for us!! Wahlao I think it's quite new for me to receive a box that full of secret japanese snacks at the same time everything also taste super nice. Seems better than beauty  box :p because this can eat but those beauty product we can't eat and taste anything! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *slap me pls*

nom nom nom~ Arghh everything = SUPER AWESOME!!! I think that it's another way for me to release my stress + pamper myself with some tasty snack from japan. I'm very satisfied and impressed with this new HAPPY BOX because I think I still can't find any monthly box included diff kind of japanese snack like this...yum yum yum~ 

So for those who wish to try japanese snack or get any japanese product you can always contact my babe daph!Feel so happy finally I got a chance to grab any product from Japan! Contact her through LINE- daphnefroggy or follow her shop on Instagram @walkinjapan_com (here)  That's all for tonight's update :) That's all for today. Love, xx.


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