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23 July 2014

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Hope that my blog can increase a little your knowledge of new product and you can get more information before buying anything. You know right this can help you save $$ and make a good choice before heading to any actual store to purchase it. So....That's some new idea I wanna share with all of you hope you like it since I really don't wish my blog tend to become too commercial so...Just hope you guys can stick with my blog til the day I disappear LOL *Joking joking!!

So last month I purchase my Ottie bubble mask from Bobo. She's the only seller of this product I guess. Because I never seen any bubble mask or I mean I never try any bubble mask before. So why not I give it a try and of course la TRIED AND TESTED product I make sure that it's really nice only can share with all of you!

The reason why I'm interested on it is because I saw her insta wrote that the whole process only took around 8 mins to clean your pores and skin. I was like...Since I'm really lazy and it's just 8 mins so damn fast!! Ok laaa I should get one for myself! AHAHAHAH #girlsbeinggirls

 First impression was OH WOW! The packaging was simple and nice. Easy to store and carry around and I should grab this for a short trip to Singapore because you know right even short gateway still need to take care of our skin. Lol 不忘愛美  The size wasn't really big but this bottle contain 100ml of the cream.

Second thought was the design of the packaging really easy for the application. It's very hygienic! You no need to use any spatula or pour it out. What you need to do is just PRESS/ PUMP it then you can see the cream appear.

After my first and second impression I was totally in love with it. But yet I still haven try it out so I immediately try it on my hand first see how cream can appear to become a bubble mask. Of course it's MADE IN KOREA!

 The process of the cream transform to those cute cute bubble was super duper fast. When you applying on your skin, those fins air bubble will automatically occur and it actually CLEAN & REMOVE all old wasted and DIRTY SUBSTANCES in the deep of your pores 


Other than that since it helps you to clean your pore I'm sure your face will become slightly brighter than your normal skin tone. You know why I know it? Because after I tried....It actually works on me as well!!!! But brightening wasn't the one I care because most of the mask sheet I tried was normally tend to go for brightening / smoothing / hydrating or anti-aging but this one is for DEEP CLEANSING FOR PORE!

That's the reason why I want to try it out because I still don't think mask sheet can be use to deep clean our dirty pores. But jelly mask or bubble mask really did a good job on cleansing for our pores since the texture / cream of the mask really go into our skin and remove all the dirt but jelly mask normally we need to apply it for 30 mins but this bubble mask ONLY TOOK ABOUT 5-7 MINS!

But I leave it on my face about 8 mins because my pores really dirty! AHAHHAAHA But normally recommended duration will be 5-7 mins! Around that :) So here's the photo showing you the transformation of this bubble mask! Lolx

 Slowly turn to a rich air bubble 


#1 This application is super fun & easy. Just start with your normal facial wash. Then after your usual cleansing routine, pump 2-3 time of this bubble mask and apply it evenly all over your face.

 #2 Remember to leave a 2mm thickness of the mask all over your face except your eyes area. Then soon you can see the transformation of the cream to become a fine air bubbles!!


 I think I'm really cute like this! lolx *slap myself*

 #3 Leave it on about 5-7 mins and cleanse it with warm water.

 Recommended to use once or twice a week

After Thought

Taaaadaaa! I think I'm really impressed with this fast & easy bubble mask. To make it short I decided to make it into a point and paragraph form of sentence so you can easily read it with your own.

1. Fast & Easy - No need to mention it for a normal deep cleansing pore mask we usually took 30 mins just for the application but this just works super good even it only took less than 10 mins.]

2. Brightening - Pls note that this is not a whitening mask so it won't change your skin tone but for brightening effect I can noticed it straight away after the application. It's because our pores become so clean then of course our skin will brighter than the previous skin tone.

3. TEA Scent - Not sure it's your concern anot but i ALWAYS love things that smells good. But this one smells like a relaxing mask. Once I apply it on my face i straight away feel super duper happy and relax at the same time . LOL The scent of this mask really make me feel super relax and calm for the whole process.

4. Cooling effect during the application -  During the 8 mins of my application I can feel the cooling effect of this bubble mask. I'm not sure why because it wasn't wrote and stated on the detail part but when I applied it on my skin my skin turns super cool and  feel really refreshing at the same time. Look like a cooling mask! lol

5. Pore become so CLEAN & 'fresh' - Not sure how to explain the feeling right after i rinse off the mask but i really can feel  my pores getting super duper clean! I should say like my skin feel SUPER FRESH after that! I should say bye bye with dirty pores and after I apply my toner and moisturiser I can feel that the next few product absorb really fast.

Maybe it's all about of the deep clean pore mask. I'm really happy with the outcome of the mask and this should be my monthly favourite item this month! Super duper recommended for all skin type and of course recommended for those who love cooling effect mask which is SUPER EASY to apply and use.

So it's all my tried and tested review & thought. I write and review it on a paper at the time I use it. So far I never try any deep clean pore mask before and of you looking for a mask than can deeply clean your pore I recommended you to try this out before trying the jelly one if you as lazy as me! HAHAHAAHAHHA 

I give this a 4 out of 5 stars (♥♥♥♥/♥♥♥♥♥) because the result was really obvious and you can feel it right away you rinse the mask off. Just that if you compare with those jelly mask or mask sheet this will be slightly pricy for you. But for a 100ml bottle of bubble mask I think it's worth for the price and it's still reasonable for the size. Guess this can last for at least 6-8 months if I use this every once a week.

For those who interested you can contact

That's all for today ya. Love , xx.


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