Miss Hana Eyeliner & Eyeshadow Smoky Eyeliner ♥

02 October 2013

Helooo My Lovely Sweethearts :3  I know you miss me and so sorry that I disappear for 3-4 days without any update here because I'm suffering my skin problem on my face.  Once I  back from BKK trip I found and realize that my skin on my face is so itchy and slowly it become red and the surface is so rude + all dot dot dot come out but it's not pimples. I worried about my face and I asked on facebook. Yang Baobei also just back from Bkk and she also having the same problem. Before that I don't really know it's skin sensitive problem I thought I ate wrong thing but I think it's really itchy so I paid a visit on a clinic near my house. Now it still on the process of recovering and hopefully can get back my previous skin condition before I go to my Korea trip. Thanks god it can recover because i never suffer from this before & totally can't concentrate on my blog. Once I think back I'm very worried. Will show you the photo on my BKK trip post and more post will continuously up here! Don't worry I will update everything before I go to my Korea trip if not I'm afraid I forgot every tips I need to share with all of you 

So today I'm gonna share my recent favorite eyeliner pen from Miss Hana!!! I think some of you noticed this because I'm brought this to my BKK Trip and with just this little eyeliner pen I'm able to hold my eyeliner for whole day!! Can YOU BELIEVE THIS? I know this brand from a popular HK youtuber & also Taiwan Blogger Post. Some of my friends already got each color for herself because they asked me during my previous bazaar. I remember that day was kind of HOT! SUPER HOT. My body keep on sweating and you can spot all my sweat on my forehead ..KEEP SWEATING KEEP KEEP SWEATING! But my eyeliner still able to hold for whole day. So they asked me! Here's the magic eyeliner pen! MUAHAHAHAHA

And not forget to mention their price is damn cheap and reasonable too. I know right you somehow worried about the price cause most of the time we just share some branded cosmetic beauty product but sometime I think we have the wrong thought on cheaper price product because IT'S AWESOME as well as can fight with some other's brand product. Every product appear on our market have its own uniqueness and usefulness. They targeted in diff kind of market and segmented but is that what we want? So today I'm gonna test on Miss Hana Eyeliner Pen & its Eyeshadow Smoky Eyeliner Pen.

Let's Get Started!!!

Before I continue with this two product I should test on them first!!! I test on their waterproof level , easily removed level , level of resists rub & so on. I'm strongly recommended this but one disadvantage is when you sweating the eyeliner still wont drop or runs its shape but if your eye area start to have some oil (Oily) on it then you rub it..It might drop a little bit but still the shape wont run so much from the original eyeliner shape. But pretty much nice especially it resist of almost everything just when it come to oil control it will drop a little bit but sweating still alright with that :)

Wooohoooo If you don't believe the photo below you can click on my instagram (@chanwon92) look on the video on how I rub my hand but the eyeliner still stick on my skin + wont drop! Then I test with my makeup remover too!! Click on it and view it now! I will insert inside this post later after I done with this post! OK? Love :)

Before I start with it let me talk about this two eyeliner pen from Miss Hana. Miss Hana is a cosmetic beauty product from Japan but now they selling it and enter Taiwan & Hong Kong market. So some of the packaging will have japanese but some  is chinese. I got the taiwan version one because the shop I got this is import and order from Taiwan. I'm quite happy because you know I'm a lazy girl when I'm having my trip and I just need to bring this two especially their smoky eyeshadow eyeliner pen I mentioned. The eyeliner pen is works almost the same but their eyeshadow eyeliner is damn good.

I got two color of smoky eyeshadow eyeliner (Galaxy Purple + Golden Brown) + one unit of eyeliner pen (Choco Brown) . Both brown I picked for myself is shine shine one..Not matte one but they have lots of choices + color too!! You can choose and pick yourself :P

 As I mentioned it's SUPER WATERPROOF!!! If you have the same problem like me I actually sweat a lot no matter where am I! Lol I can say it's super waterproof ! But when your face or hand start to become oily then the eyeliner might run out of its shape a little bit but still it consider good if compare with other eyeliner which have the same price range in our market.
 I continue test on it after I done the waterproof test. I straightly rub on the eyeliner area and surface.. AND WTF?! OMG? IS THIS REAL? The eyeliner pen (bottom brown eyeliner) totally wont drop!! The shape and everything still there while the smoky eyeshadow eyeliner the 'bling bling' slightly drop but the eyeshadow color still stick on my hand. So nice right? Because the bling bling is kind of hard to stay nicely when you rub it since it's not eyeshadow and it's only stick on the top of the eyeshadow. But remember when you test it you must wait the eyeshadow liner to dry on the are for few second!

Okay! Let me show you the AFTER ALL photo!! MUAHAHAHA I'm very proud to say that I'M LOVING IT!!!
 See when I zoom in for you :)
The bottom eyeliner never drop!! SUPERRRRR NICE while the top two those bling bling slightly drop. Since it's eyeshadow and need blend after apply so when you rub it ..it will slightly drop and become smoky too. But don't worry la if you choose the matte one then without bling bling it wont dropped so much like this :)

Easily Removed with makeup remover!! 

So now it's become my current favorite EYELINER PEN!! Never forgot to mention it's very cheap also neh :P So far I used it for 1 month plus and I never think wanna to change it!! WOOOOOHOOOO I'm afraid out of stock so I ordered again! I ordered 3 more eyeliner pen with ready stock from other website because previously Amorelicious run out of stock! 

woohooo!! So here's some of the photo regarding this two diff eyeliner pen ya~

I'm loving this because as a convenience lover I think this is pretty much easy to carry around especially when you plan to carry it and put it inside your bag or went for a trip! It's so thin but be careful when you open / close the cap because if you make mistake then the eyeliner pen might be spoiled. I did that =.= I wanted to take a close up photo then I twisted out everything then I accidently ignore it and it break half way ! Spoiled T^T So sad with that but still able to use just I can't twist so long. HAHAHAAHAA

Further more, their packaging is damn nice.. Very girly and feel like being treat as a princess. Teehee*

Want to get all the color! I'm crazy with this and another special thing about this eyeshadow eyeliner pen (Can twist) is bottom part of the pen has the sharpener for you!! So convenience horrrr!!! PLUS, it have a rubber thing at the end of the pen also just to let you blend your eyeshadow . So you actually draw a line first then wait it stick on the eye area for few second then the eyeliner will fixed on your eyelid but if you draw it and IMMEDIATELY blend it well then it can blend out easily. If you wanna add on or have more heavy or thick color eyeshadow you can repeat the same step draw it again and blend another layer on it.

 Spot the bling bling?
 This is after my first attempt / first layer. Remember if you wanna have a thick and heavy eyeshadow look you can add on another layer and repeat the same step as I mentioned previously :)
 First layer look really natural and the amount of bling bling is not much but when you blend it out nicely the color will be more natural and lighter.
The end part of the eyelid is 1 layer only while the front > middle part with 2 layer. So you can see the diff :)

Next will be Miss Hana Hot Item- Eyeliner Pen. This eyeliner pen have 4 diff color. Matte brown , Matte Black and Galaxy (Bling Bling) Black and brown too.I got myself a bling bling brown but the amount of bling bling is not really obvious as you can see later. If compare with the smoky eyeshadow eyeliner pen, that one will be more nice if you hope to achieve and prefer more shiny eyeshadow. I purchased another 3 color for my own after I tried on this! MUAHAHAHA Because it's cheap + nice + affordable + reasonable. REALLY SO WORTH for the price!!

One thing that make me fall in love with this is this eyeliner pen actually look like a gel liner. The texture is totally same as my kissme gel eyeliner. Oh yea remember this can't twist. You need to get your sharpener to sharpen it if not it will be quite hard for us to apply on our eyelid. I'm always using liquid eyeliner so it's hard for me to get used to this eyeliner pen. But don't worry so much because once you practice it well then you will used to it like meeeee :P
 Nice packaging and design hor?!!! It's seducing me right now~~ ♥ xD
 Zoom in photo

 The amount of bling bling (as you can see) is not as good as the eyeshadow eyeliner but I think eyeliner should be like this. More natural and only a little shiny will caught your attraction :P Am I right? SO nice hor x100000♥ 
 I'm Loving it x2834734707240247 times!!!
 I'm lazy girl and for my daily natural makeup I only apply the eyeliner on the end of my eyelid area. Let me show you how to draw this kind of 'lazy and easy' eyeliner which can easily enlarge your eyes too!

Roughly break your eyes into 3 section. The 1/3 will be end of your eyelid area. Then (as usual) I always mentioned to you that the skill is just draw a ' > ' Symbol on it + the bottom part you need to draw a vertical line to meet the end of the top part eyelid too. I had draw it on the photo above. Try this out and this use less than 1 mins then you can done with your eyeliner part. Easy to apply , easy to remove! MUAHAHAHAHAHAH 

I know you can't wait to know the price because I keep saying that it's cheap cheap cheap cheap!! So here's the price.. 
Miss Hana Eyeliner Pen : RM24.90
Twisted Miss Hanna Smoky Eyeshadow Eyeliner Pen : RM29.90 

How can I say that? With the pros and cons I think this price is definitely worth for it! All items below RM30 ehhh!! So cheap I think it's really reasonable and affordable for students too. So if you're a student and currently looking for a new eyeliner pen + you wishes to try this you might get one for yourself too.  You wont disappointed. Trusted me :)

You can purchase from : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Amorelicious/555817431145245 (Fb name : Amorelicious) 

That's all for today. Love xx