BKK Trip #3 : Things You Need To Know

13 October 2013

HEY YOOOO Sweeties :3 Not sure where am I now but I guess I should be at Korea right now (when I publish this post). Not forget to update frequently so before I went to korea I already done my blogging part. Should be a relax trip and not much money can spend since you know I just back from BKK :'( Broke but thanks so much for your patient and I will be back soon , k? After I back from this trip need to celebrate my birthday but until now haven't decide where to celebrate. Probably a normal dinner I guess but soon have to catch up with all my blogger collaboration post already. Stay tuned because I'm going to surprise you with lots of new things up on my blog♥ Teehee*

So on the previous post I told you that I'm going to share some of my experience during my BKK trip right? Here you go and won't be a long post since some others tips I already stated and mentioned again & again. Look back and please appreciate what I wrote here simply give me a like so that more update to come k? Oh yea did I tell you that I'm going to update my makeup tutorial video on my youtube channel? (http://www.youtube.com/user/chanwondotcom) Haven done the edit part because edit seems like the most hardest part for me!!! Hwaiiting~ Subscribe for more.. :P

Let's get started with the first thing before I reach for my BKK trip. I remember everytime I travel to my trip I always ask for their country sim card. So as usual, I asked my friends whether I should get a sim card so that I got 3G to use once I reach BKK but what my friends told me was , she mentioned to me better not to do so because we have no time to play our phone except when we reach our hotel room. So don't purposely go get a new sim card because most of the hotel have their own free wifi at each floor and expired on the day you check out your room. 

For my case, my hotel gave  me a ID code & Password to log in the wifi and then we can get free wifi as long as you're in the hotel. Thanks god I didn't go to apply a new sim card because it's totally waste of money. Everyone appear to be SHOP-TIL-DROP and you  have so much thing need to carry!!! You don't have an extra hand to use your data and upload photo for that. We went to the market street every morning then came back once after 4-5 hours just to put back our things and those clothes we purchased. Then during that hour we will rest in our room and of course have fun with your social media and shared whatever you like.

So no need to purchase additional sim card just for you to use the data plan & 3G. It's better to use the money to shop ok? You can get additional 2-3 clothes with that amount of money ! Lol budget chanwon now

 Remember I mentioned in the previous post that along the street opposite and next to platinum mall have lots of bank appear and you can exchange for the money? This is what I get from my colleagues previously. They told me among all diff bank (probably have 4-5 diff bank with diff color sign/ symbol on that street) one bank which offer the cheapest rate for us to change their currency.

Please remember this logo ya. It's like the green leaf and whole bank is green color. It's called as 'Kasokorn Bank' TAKE NOTE OF THIS because you can saved alot from this. At first I don't believe that so since we have additional time + nothing to do at night 3 of us actually walk whole street and we compare each of their currency. SERIOUSLY, this green bank offer the most cheapest rate. Even if you compare the amount of money you change from RM to Baht at Malaysia is somehow EXPENSIVE than the rate you change your RM to Baht at there

So the 4th day all of us totally broke and we just keep on searching on our wallet see whether have additional RM to change anot!! HHAAHAHAHAH But remember ya you have to left RM50 for emergency purpose once you reach Malaysia and also remain few hundred baht to take taxi from your hotel to the airport. I remember we used 400baht to take taxi from our hotel to airport. (If I'm not wrong lah)

Oh yea this is a must! Remember to bring international plug to BKK if you have. If not you can actually purchase at 7-11 but the price will be like around 240 baht-400 baht. So we didn't buy any plug at first but when we walk around suddenly jump into a pharmacy shop which located at the street selling those seafood , satay , sotong , coconut jelly. We are looking for a chinese headache oil as our souvenir but end out we saw this.

OMG THE PLUG IS JUST 40 Baht. I'm sure this is the cheapest we can get so far because we search for whole day until the 2nd day we only able to find this price inside one old old super old pharmacy. So if it's cheaper than 80 baht you can buy if not just....just try and see your luck or purchase before you go for your trip. I think I should buy one international plug for my future travel kits. 

So yea this is the old man chinese Siang Pure Oil which you can purchase as your souvenir to your family. I'm not sure why this is so popular and everyone of us did purchase 12 bottle just for our family. You know once I reach there my friends told us that we need to find this out because her mom ask her to purchase. Then I was like..Wahlao got people ask to purchase this kind of thing one a? Then few hours later when I reached hotel..

I received my dad watsapp msg...

He ask me to purchase one big box (12 bottles) for him. So that he can give my grandmom and relative. I was like..HUH? If you let me know earlier than I'm sure will prepare enough money to buy souvenir but you know ya sometime being too kind is like that. Just like what I experience everytime I travel. I wont tell my relative because they will think I'm rich and I'm okay to carry ANYTHING back for them. I'm actually very OK with this because my friends also told me to purchase something back but hor..



I actually planned and count my money so that I have additional left for me to purchase something to my mom , dad , bf , bro.. But they never think anything and just take it as guarantee... Never told us earlier.. This is what I hate the most if I'm rich nvm la..I save money for whole year just hope to enjoy my trip but need to buy this and buy that for you without inform  me earlier. I don't know who the hell told them then one by one ask me to grab as much as I can. You know this is fragile and can easily break or spoiled.. So I have to hand carry it and because of this I can't bring some famous BKK snack to my own family.

Very annoying because they tell me last mins. But I still did what they ask for. If not later talk a lot again... And even I think I'm the one who separate the souvenir they still complain how come buy so less.. -.- Jie jie ar! You help me to carry lo!

So  if you're going to any trip before you go you need to write down everything which people ask you to purchase and grab. Then, make it into a list. Once you reach your destination the first thing is... PURCHASE EVERYTHING ON THE LIST first then only you can shop for your own. If not later sure no money left because surprisingly you will find out the amount of money you spend for them is just have to be equal the amount of money spend for yourself. IDK Why! Lol

Hmmm So yea.. If you went to BKK or Thailand thinking what to purchase for you relative..Very easy you just purchase this (few boxes) then give them one bottle per person xD JKJK!!! But really cheaper than Malaysia la!! Can negotiate some more!

I know it's scary and terrible but this is what I gone through the whole 1-2 week once I back from BKK. Ok story began, I think their air pollution is really serious and terrible for me. Because I never experience these to pop out and appear on my face. I think those start to appear on the 3rd day during my trip. At first I thought that because I washed my face twice a day maybe not enough so I still do some mask to protect my face and fight with the dirty condition.

Then it still wont be so serious.. Once I back from there. My forehead starting to appear this kind of thing. I thought it was just normal will be back in a few days time. Then I (so stupid) go and use the remove blackhead mask to remove it because those pimple doesn't look like pimple and I thought it's black head since I know my skin became like this is just because of the dirty air pollution. The next day I woke up..

I WAS LIKE WTF?? WHY SO SCARY and not pimples anymore.

I didn't use any facial cleanser the day after. I use plain water then my mom see I'm so emo and I don't even dare to stand in front of mirror because it's so terrible for me. Very itchy , redness and SO ITCHY!! That time I still need to take care my Bebe and  bring him to see vet. I also don't dare to go out and I tie all my hair up...

The 4th day after I back..I only feel like asking help from doctor. I went to a clinic near my house they told me my face sensitive maybe allergic to dust or blablabla.. Most probably either the bad air pollution during my trip to BKK. So I eat the medicine and applied the pink liquid on my face. But before that I have to say Thankiuu to Yang Bao Bei because she's the one having the same problem like me once she back from BKK and she replied on my status. THANKS GOD if not I thought I'm gonna die for my face. Luckily she ask me to look for medicine and put on my face if not I forever think that my face gonna recover soon LOL

Better get this when you shopping at BKK. Some of you asked me where I get this from. I get this from the street near platinum mall. Around that area got lotsss of shop and night market selling this too. This is the L size and it cost us for RM45 , 450 baht. I think it's the cheapest we get because we asked lot of diff place only this is the cheapest and the quality seems to be better than others. It's very thick kind of PVC plastic or something like that la. Don't know how to describe it HAHAHAHAAH

If without this you have to carry a recycle bag around but let me tell you. IT'S NOT ENOUGH because I brought recycle bag too but just can put like 8 clothes then full already + my shoulder very pain because of that so I decided to buy this and yea I can use to carry it around the shopping mall and market. Teehee Very convenient but it's still the best if someone can help me to carry this T.T So heavy man!!!


If you really walk around you can actually see that whole BKK street and place you can't see any rubbish bin except a small filled rubbish bin inside 7-11. I'm not sure why but from the 1st day until the last day we only found out 7-11 got rubbish bin. The whole street we walk and pass by without any plastic paper bag to let us throw our thing. So when we buy coconut or whatever food we eat in front of the stall then they will throw it for us! Lol so amazing and the street can I say it's even cleaner than our Malaysia pasar malam! Lol dirty la but compare with us still clean a little bit. HAHAHAA

And when you walk on the street you need to be careful and get surprise by all cockroach and mouse. A 7-11 3km far from our hotel (at night) will pop out SUPER LOTS OF MOUSE. MANY MOUSE APPEAR I DON'T KNOW WTH IT'S THERE BUT SERIOUSLY SCARED EVERYONE OF US! wtf

So be careful la. Even when you standing beside the road and shopping around the cockroach can pass by your leg. This is what we experienced -.-


Forgot to mention remember to bring your own panadol or medicine because IDK why the last day we back..That morning I got flu + fever. LOL Maybe walked too much and shop too much until the last day too tired probably you  have a chance to get sick. I'm so sick can't eat can't talk and look so blue so you know why I didn't have selca photo on the last day during my trip! Lol My lovely pillow! While my friend casey also not feeling well. So remember to take care yourself.

We walk a lot. Not much chance to sit this tutu car but that night was raining so we must try to 'have fun' inside the tutu car. Oh yea remember to negotiate with this especially when the weather changed they charge really high if you're tourist or you carry lots of thing. 

Or you can choose to act DAMN HAPPY DAMN HIGH to  make the driver laugh..Then he is so happy can give us discount or negotiate. But some really not friendly luckily twice we met also very friendly one. He purposely drive so fast then I keep on shout at the back and the driver keep laughing. Then he open the price like RM10 but we negotiate it to become RM5..We keep take out our 50 baht and told him we only have 50 baht with our BODY LANGUAGE! ahhaahhaa

Nice experience. Lol

I can tell you the 3rd day onward your leg will be damn tired and you feel like it isn't yours anymore. So we went for a leg massage. The normal rate for shoulder + leg massage (1 hour) will be 200 baht. Means RM20 for one hour massage so remember to look for the price because some will slightly expensive and the most good experience is I tried full body massage.

Not able to snap the photo because the room was so dark and a little light bulb beside. Then the ppl (female) help us massage my friends casey and vivian just massage beside of my bed. Lot of 'cracking' sound of my bone and It's really my very very very first time. I'm scared at first but slowly I think it's really fun xD

Nice experience and you should try their full body msg too!!!!

That's all for today. Love xx