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17 October 2013

Alooohaaaa my lovely sweetie   Yeahhh I know you miss me!! I miss you too. Sorry for the late update because I still need to catch up with my job , friends , Bebe and also prepare for my birthday celebration! I'm so happy because finally I'm able to find a handmade cake shop and I can't wait to see my customize cake. I will be sharing the shop on my celebration post just I can't wait and you know that my 21st birthday celebration isn't a big party and everyone just asking me why not just create a big party..I guess I wont because I prefer to have dinner with my super closed friends. So as usual normally my birthday celebration can break into 3 days but every celebration just normal dinner. I hope to make a party too but it's so tiring especially diff group of ppl don't know each other, Plus, it's a bit awkward for me to gather them in one private room and some of them just so shy!! Whatever most important is I can have a private dinner + customize cake + friends + selca til die on that day!! MUHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

Okkay I should drop crapping here and straight to the point. So today I'm gonna update my 'long lost' #OOTD post. Since when I never update about it?! I guess should be all OOTD outfits I grab from online shop again. Lol I'm happy to know about Shoploooh.com and I didn't get paid for this post because I think good thing worth for sharing. I love I super love how the owner of the shop and how she talk to me. Sometime I really dislike some irresponsible and impolite seller of some shop. They just simply email and asking some questions about advertorial in my blog. Last time I remember I accept one advertorial and she actually try to negotiate with me ask me to take an outfit and write a free advertorial for her. This shouldn't be a problem actually but the way she email me like SHE WAS A BOSS trying to offer me something which make me can't say No! You know the way and sentence she use is so mean... Like never respect. Sometime I really feel like being a blogger not only just accept advertorial.. we still need to have our own post for sharing purpose because seriously , Good Seller is hard to find. I always mention it on my blog and mostly my favorite online store which I love = how nice the service + how friendly the owner of the shop.

Collaboration with shoploooh was a super good choice and happy time with them. They have a long term sponsorship for me and I can choose anything on my choice :) But they never ask me to mention anything on my blog. They never rush me on my OOTD photo on instagram. They just sponsored me for the first time and I'm very happy with all the quality end up I think they should deserve this and let more ppl know about their shop! I should share good thing with all of you not just some advertorial post. This is how I'm diff from others I guess. Because you never experience the time you actually receive the money from others online shop and they keep rushing you to post about their outfit and keep on asking you to write good about it even they give you some bad and ugly quality stuff ask you to style super nice and end up I feel like lying to my reader. I don't like..i return the item / parcel and money to that shop because the quality really so bad. But because of this experience the shop owner somehow dislike me..Lol But just stand on my position and think about it. Will you get angry when you receive some bad quality item still need to pay very high for it? That's why I only share what I like and I'm also own a blog shop I know what's exactly customer want and feel. I'm so sorry if I you angry on me :'( I  don't wanna lie for that.

Shouldn't out of topic...Anyway this is my own opinion! I just want to say that it's important to know your position and understand other's feeling if you own a blog shop. Just hate it when the product reached or received it's totally diff from the photo + bad quality. Argh!! So Shoploooh is kind of special for me because recently all of their product they start use real photo which their shop owner actually modeling for her own shop. Just like my Double Beauty:P Turn one round praise myself* Lol joking la!!! But I hope you know what I mean for that.

So if you noticed I recently also keep on featured their outfit on instagram. What to say their quality is really nice especially when all the photo inside their official website is exactly same as the photo. Just share some of my #OOTD which I picked from their website ya.



Picked this and it's slightly diff from my usual style but the quality really so nice. Normally previously I get denim pinafores from online website then what I get is just rusty button on that. This make me super angry and i don't ever dare to purchase long jeans online or denim items because sometime maybe not their fault. It's because the weather maybe raining then end up the button become like that. Some more got brown brown stuff stick on the denim. Hate to the max!!

Luckily this all look JUST NICE to me. Look at the zip and the button is obviously look so new. Guess this wont easily get spoil. But this a little bit loose for me. This design is like boyfriends style so you have to style it with a inner (white / plain inner) then you can tear off one side button too! Pair it with a super jump tone color sneaker! Should be nicer! HAHAHAHAHA



 You know right? I'm have to get some office wear or one piece for future 'working life' (hopefully) Then I start to look for nice pastel one piece dress. The I found this!!! It come with 3 diff color , Mint green , pastel pink & pastel purple. At first I thought the color might be a little bit different from the photo but end up you see!! I got exactly the same pastel purple I expected! So nice and the bottom is stick together with the purple top one. It's one piece but look like having top & bottom separately right? :P

Suitable for lazy me! HAHAHAHAA Can add with an outer / cardigan :)


Not sure whether they still have restock this top or not but you know I love OFF SHOULDER dress and top! Most of my outfit I seriously love to choose off shoulder at first and this can wear as two way shoulder top. One off shoulder one without it. 

The top & bottom both from their website too. 
 Another top matched with Shoploooh shorts :) Love how easy it match with my own cropped top! Simple look & easy mix and match. Actually my style = no style sometime. Lol



 Remember this photo? They even have office style/look outer. This is those thin layer but thicker quality and better than those thin chiffon.  Look so smart with it right? I know :P They have two diff color but I choose the black one because easy to match with anything ma. Even when I went to cinema watch movie I can bring along with this outer too! Woohooo



No need me to mention I think you all easily can know and recognize what type of clothing line I love. You know that I have tons of pastel rainbow tops and dress. I remember I got a same design prints like this but mine is dress then this time I picked myself a rainbow pastel jumpsuit. Best wear to beach and you can imagine I'm walking around the beach then wind blow my hair..Slowly walk ...HAHAHAHAHAHA lolllll *slap me pls*

I know I know you all waiting for my Korea trip post!! I can't wait to update it one by one but too many photo I need sometime to edit it accordingly ya!! Stay tuned and all blogger collaboration will be up to here soon!!!!  That's all for today. A short update on here. Love xx

Oh yea! Forgot to mention that they have new arrivals this week!! Shop your favorite piece from http://www.shoploooh.com/ NOW!!