Pet Diary #4 : When I'm not at home

27 October 2013

It's so fun when I'm able to share my life with all of you :) Something other than beauty , fashion post because you know this is how I start my blogging life and becoming a blogger. Don't wanna make my blog to become business purpose so I trying my best to be special for you because I know that because of all my readers and you. I'm only able to have a space and blog like this to share some part of my life with you. Sharing thing which make people happy and smile is the reason why I love to share. Sometime I do have my own emotional time but still I will just show my smile to people around me because I know someone gonna love this. Like how I love your smile. Especially every time meeting with my sweeties and reader. Saw some of you really happy and I'm super duper happier than you guys actually.

My life seems to be better recently. Everything become so positive for me although it's not but I'm trying to be. Recently damn mad with the school subject registration stuff. You will never understand us as a FOM student if you're not MMU FOM student. I'm currently a final year student which going to graduate soon but I never think MMU did upgrade their system. It seems to be REALLY SLOW AND CACAT! When I say it's cacat means REALLY CACAT. Every faculty of management (FOM) student faced this and now they upgraded their system MORE WORST! I faced this every semester and it's super annoying I feel like slap and bang wall but I just can tahan only!! ARGHHH

I don't understand how come we have so many student but they only open a little capacity for us. I did online register but it's fail with that stupid system stated to have min 3 subject and all error happen but MMU didn't open during school holiday. Damn mad and now I'm still suffering with my time table and subject registration + NO EYES SEE. I actually arrange my time nicely and did everything done follow everything stated. I can't wait to go back home to take care my Bebe but this stupid system always error and lotss of student having the same problem. Now 50% settles but all my time table been changed by them I have a bad time table now.

Okay! I should back to the main topic *again* So some people actually ask me who take care Bebe when I'm off to Korea for 8 days? The answer is my mom did the job while my bro still enjoy playing his new Xbox. Lol but he still got take care him la just I too worry about that until my mom actually send and report my Bebe daily activities to me and tagged me on my facebook. Maybe some of you saw that and I know it's really so cute la but I actually cried when I'm on my way to Korea and Mr.Kitty trying his best to calm me down. Because you know starting from the 2nd day I'm the only one who take care Bebe and I'm gonna miss him for 8 days!! I so worry who help him to clean his ear and apply medicine..BLABLABLA..

Start to feel myself like a mom -.- and that Mr.Kitty actually laugh me at first but slowly he know that I'm really worry so he try his best to sayang me also. AHAHAHH Thanks la I know I'm too much but you don't know how I feel when my Bebe is really weak and I overnight everyday just to take care him even he is super naughty! So I'm here to share some of my cute Bebe photo with you. All photo taken by my mom's iphone although it's a little bit blur and bad quality + lightening but WE REALLY CAN'T RESISTS HIS CUTENESS LO!!!!
You never know until you see this photo!! LOL This photo taken by my mom too! Lol while I'm editing my photo and updating this blog post. He sleep beside me and I have no idea how come he like my ass so much !!! HAAHAHHAHAHA I'm just joking I know he ask me to sleep earlier but I have many blog post to rush just that I really really wanted to share this post with some of you. I know some of you like my previous parent which don't allow you to own a pet. Like me I beg for 5 years and together create some lovely pet story with my bro and tell my  mom but my mom never say YES or approve our request LOL. But now like FINALLY YOOOO!! HAPPY X8327927493873024 So I hope my pet diary do show you some of my life with my Bebe and you can feel the happiness like I do while reading this♥ :) One day you will have your own pet but you really need to think carefully for that because it's really NOT EASY to be a owner and you have to spend a lot $$ to take care them. Like now I'm really broke I hope to collaborate with pet shop also! HAHAHAHAAH Then I can save part  of my expenses :P Bebe please be good to me ~ wont fall sick again :'( 

Let's get started and I'm sure you will love Bebe too :P

So here's the first day photo. I did some research online and I read one article told me that you can actually placed a clothes you wear beside your puppy so that he can sleep tight every night while you're not at home. The day before I went to airport Mr.Kitty and I actually play with Bebe for 2 hours then I keep on telling him I will be back and I cried beside him. When Bebe saw I tear I'm not sure whether he is too thirsty or what he come and kiss my tear and eye using his smelly tongue. Lol We treat him like a baby actually. So cute and my mom say I'm crazy of my action because I really get a smelly clothes then place beside him while he's still sleeping. 
He can sleep well beside my smelly sleeping clothes. HAHAHAHA But when my  mom think this is realy a stupid action and the sleeping dress I wear didn't wash sooooo my mom took it and washed it. She really think it's useless until my mom know that Bebe can't sleep well at night and not willing to sleep on the bed. He keep on walking around my room and sit in front of my room's door then bark! My mom saw his innocent and pity face which really looking for  me then  my mom scold me again for being OFF for 8 days. My bro trying his best to play with Bebe but because I'm always the one who beside Bebe and he feel lonely and don't wanna play with anyone :'(
Continue from the previous part. So few hour later my mom actually folding my sleeping dress. Then what to do with that?! Bebe walk to the table and my mom just as usual place my dress at there. Bebe walk beside and sleep beside my dress :'( OMGGG Bebe mummy miss you tooo and I'm </3 and missing you like hell when I'm able to connect Wifi during my Korea Trip. But slowly bebe get used to it follow my mom just that he's really so emo don't wanna play with them. So lesson learned from this story my mom don't dare to wash the sleeping dress again and continue put beside his bed if not he can't sleep at night. LOL online information is true also :P Thanks Mr.Google.
See his 'missing me' face Lol Or maybe he is just too sleepy HAHAHAAH
 Besides that you know that my mom can't 24/7 take care of him because she still need to do some house work so have to put Bebe at my living room but Bebe just keep on follow and stick with my mom until my mom actually very emo because she can't do anything other than accompany him. Lol But still my mom also very sayang him.
 LOOK AT THE LEFT photo.. See his face? 8 days he showing this face to my bro and mom! Lol but when my mom take food out then he can immediately change his face to this Innocent Look! HAHAHAHA
Mummyyyy I want eat!!

In the middle night my mom actually wake up go to toilet and during that time Bebe actually wake up and wait my mom in front of the toilet door. OMG see his emo expression again! I WANNA GO BACK BADLY 1 MINS ALSO DON'T WANNA LET HIM FEEL EMO!! ARGHHHHHHH~~ and Mr.Kitty complain that I never do this to him LOLLL Not same ma Bebe cuter! HAHAHAHAHAH
 Sometime Bebe Sleep like this on the floor too! OMG SO CUTE HOR!!!
 When I'm bathing Bebe will show this face too. So need me huh?! HAHAHAHAHA Okay la I bath as soon as possible !!!
 While waiting me to back!!!
 My mom and bro take care of him while I'm going to my class. See his innocent expression again :'(
 He don't dare to go down from the stair so what he can do is just wait for his owner!! ME to bring him down! Look at that face!!
 So here's the expression he always show to my mom when I'm not at home!! SO CUTEEE Like asking When I'm back LOLLLL
This is how he fall asleep while I'm blogging for all of you :P I guess I should stop at here because I'm going to off the light and sleep with Bebe :) That's all for today and happy to share Bebe Life with all of you too. Love xx

Ps: Bonus Video Clip

Bebe Innocent face that want to eat fruit!!!