Anniversary Gift with ♥

04 October 2013

Hello My dear :3 This should be a short update about how I celebrate my 3rd Year Anniversary with Mr.Kitty. Actually I shouldn't say it's consider a celebration because I'm hiding myself at my house and so free there to DIY make all those memorable photo book for my only special him. HAHAHAAHAH . Firstly I dislike MMU because always did that to me :( We don't have celebration due to Mr.Kitty still having his final examination  on that day. But we have our replacement celebration on my coming KOREA TRIP!! Muhahahahaaha and also I should say Thankiu to for the help on getting all awesome photo printing which help me to complete my anniversery gift for my stupid smelly one and also thanks for all my hard work. Finally paid off!! Muahahhahaaha clap clap for myself.

I actually working that time and keep planning it. You know we had been together for three years. I really don't know what to purchase for him but you know I love to DIY present to my friends. And soooo.. I decided to make a D.I.Y photo book ♥ for him with all our precious memorable photos attached inside the album. I was waiting the day to come but I always can't find any nice album and I wanna to have a booklet which can tear off some page and don't wanna a album  only. So the first thing I think of will be DAISO. I got my blue red stripe diary book from Daiso which you can insert as many page as you can and DIY your own. The paper inside the diary book is kind of thin and can see through one so I purchase the inner pages from Popular for few ringgit only then make some hole for the blank diary page.
Then I took our yellow polaroid album I got it from (Instax Pelangi) and also I got my Rilakummmmmaaaaa polaroid film from him too. He's so efficient!! the day before I order and the next day everything reached my doorstep! Hurayyy~ Wooohooo

But something bad happened because I have been waiting for few week but still haven receive the parcel from I told their owner and they solved it for me. The day I need it they purposely deliver it to my home! Thankiuuu so much seriously. I'm appreciate it and I can send this out on time. Thanks so much!! Should say thankiuuu to that person face to face but that night I'm not at home so they actually put it inside my mailbox. So sorry for the trouble I don't know why pos laju was so irresponsible until now the parcel still unknown -.- Dunno where it gone but all my photo inside wtf!?

Photo Stickers
Polaroid Photo Book
Instagram photo poster
Square size photo printing

Ever thought of transforming your lovely virtual photos on social medias to tangible memorable items to be displayed or as a gift?

I know this website for 4 months ago and the owner actually is a guy! HAHAAH They are so smart to think about this but so far I didn't expect to see this and I don't know actually I can easily get my printed photo within just a few step. is a offical website which help you print your photos or your instagram photos into a standard square size photo 2x2  or 4x4. Of course they have additional service like printing photo sticker and some photo poster. I think I no need to import every photo one by one. I can just click on the step then go through my instagram to select all the insta photo I want to print. So easy right?

Once you get into their website just click on which you want. Then you can choose either your instagram photo or upload photo from your computer.
 For me I think instagram photo seriously is damn convenience. I just click on the instagram button then everything will be appear on the screen. After you done pick your photo then just proceed to some detail step then WAIT FOR THE PARCEL to reach on your doorstep. Teeheeeee*

Items that I picked :

Product 1 - Squares 2" x 2" (Set of 24) -
Product 2 - Squares 4" x 4" (Set of 12) -
Product 3 - Minibook (18 photos) -


After I picked for myself not forget to print a mini photo book with all my selca and photoshooting photos. Too bad it's just can hold for 18 photos. I hope they can make more photos on the minibook but due to the size concern as the thicker the mini book it will be so hard for us to turn into the next pages. So they actually do some research and tried diff amount pages to decide it. So end up it should be 18 photos only. The process of printing almost 5 workings day (almost one week) and then will directly ship to your address stated on your order list.

The quality is not same as those polaroid of photo film quality. It's thicker paper but remember if you print for your mini book it's better you pick your photo from your instagram because the size fit it nicely. If you choose other it turn out not really nice since the top n bottom part will be a blank space between your photo. So best if you pick your photo on your instagram.
So regret that time didn't pick photo from instagram :'( You see the size not fit it !! T.T
 So remember to pick photo from instagram so that it fit perfectly in a square size if not you see mine :'( Totally mistake!!!! But still ok because it's still pretty and I know Mr.Kitty can't wait for it :P

 That's all for today. Love xx.

 For more information you can click on :
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