Smoothen out tangles with Liese ♥ Smooth Hair Cocktail

29 October 2013

Hello Sweethearts :3 Oh yesss!! Finally I'm here again and here's the blog post I promise to publish it by this month. So today will be 'Liese Day' in a week and I'm happy to announce that coming few post I will collaborate with Liese Malaysia with some hand picked product which I would like to try out and share it to all of you! Special thanks to Glenn♥ for the email (sorry for long waiting because I wanna tried everything out before I actually write anything about that) and also I'm super happy for this collaboration. Can't wait to announce other collaboration on this coming month ! Teehee*
Let's get started!!! So have you facing any problem with tangles? I think most of us faced this and I'm always facing this because I always dye my hair , and my hair grow longer which get tangled so easily BUT did you know that even daily blow drying can actually cause our hair to become dry & fizzy? I'm feel so trouble because it make my daily combing become so hard plus it's so time consuming too. I wanted to tried this after I actually used their Juicy shower for such a long time. I want to have a smooth hair which actually took me some time to figure out which product is nice.

My mom actually bought me few hair product for me like those oil for hair or natural oil for hair one. But I dislike those oily feel on my hair and my fringe easily become super oily after I applied. So this time I'm gonna give this smooth hair cocktail a try! Plus this is a not oily at all. I can simply spray it over the end of my hair after I washed my hair or before I actually style my hair.



So let's how this actually works on our hair

The bi-layer treatment mist contains a layer of moisture milk and repairing water which penetrates and coats each strand of hair evenly, so you can smoothen out all tangles instantly.


I'm using this for quite a while and now I left 2/3 portion left! HAAHAHAH I know I'm crazy but you know I actually brought it to my Korea Trip and I didn't bring any comb together with me :X But I'm loving it because even I use my hand I can simply tie my hair up into a simple loose bun! So let me tell you HOW TO USE IT?
(1) Before use, shake bottle well to mix the two layers.

(2) Spray onto tangled or tangle-prone portions of dry @ damp hair. 

(3) Leave on hair for a while for the hair cocktail to be absorbed. For me, I will also press and squeeze my hair after apply in order to let it absorb faster.

P/S: For those who apply after dry your hair, you can just simply spray about 7-9 pumps of hair mist onto it. So that your hair will be super soft and smooth without any tangles.


See this? I tried to apply it on my dry hair and also damp hair.

When you apply on your dry hair ,you hair seems to be really smooth and no oily feel on your hand at all. The scent is SUPER NICE!!! I feel like a princess now :P and your hair look nicer and easy to manage or styling it.

When you apply on your damp hair, you will feel your hair actually can run fingers through easily and super soft for that. The soft and smooth feel is quite long lasting. I love super smooth hair and this really solved my tangles hair!


 I'm Loving it!! Here's some important note which helps you to remove tangles effectively, comb hair in the following order :-

Step 1: Comb through hair ends. 
Step 2: Comb from mid-length to ends. 
Step 3: Comb from roots to ends.

Which means when you applied it on a dry hair you need to comb 3 time :) From mid length to end , roots to ends and also through hair ends. So easy right?? Okie I guess it's time for me to bed now! That's all for today. Love, xx.