21st Birthday Make Up Look with ♥ Bunny & Bunny ♥

24 October 2013

Hello my dear sweeties :3 I know you miss me so much sorry for that because I'm still busy with my course registration stuff. I'm graduate soon next year June and now I left this long semester and one short semester after that but there are always a problem appear. Lol just have to busy with those registration things but still I can't wait to update about my 21st Birthday Celebration♥ here! Everything is so dreamy I guess but there are still something which I want to share with all of you. Yea!! It's my recent favorite eyelashes product which you can actually get from https://www.facebook.com/rosyrain.my . 

First of all I have to say thankiuu for those who came on my celebration and I just wish to show you guys my best 21 years old face! HAHAHAH So on that day for sure have to dress up nicely with my 'pretty face' only that day. Sometime I really feel like when you feel good then you will feel that you're pretty. Recently really lack of time once I get back from Korea I rush for my personal things and now have to busy my studies but there are always some time which I used to talk and communicate with you through my blog. That's the most happy time I got every time I'm blogging. So today I'm gonna talk a little bit about my make up look with some new product I got for myself. I think it's such a long time that I never touch and purchase any fake eyelashes. Last time I always 'restock' and purchase lots of fake eyelashes online and wear for my photoshooting and some party but recently really don't have any celebration to attend until the week before my birthday I only think to pick myself a nice and new eyelashes.

Just wanna to get something new and fresh for myself on my special day. So I finally got myself some Bunny & Bunny products. I got their special mask , eyelashes , snail serum , blush and etc. Too long to include everything into one post & I'm here to talk about what Bunny & Bunny product I used to create my make up look on my special day. Before I enter about those product let's know about what's bunny & bunny product. It's actually another affordable brand under RosyRain and for your information RosyRain now available in MALAYSIA!!! AHAHAHAH it's actually a product brand by a Hong Kong Youtuber called Dai Lou B (大佬B) and I was so happy that I actually get their product in our lovely country LOL. FINALLY YOOOO!! So I can't wait to try it out especially this cute brand bunny & bunny actually have lots of cute packaging and their targeted buyer is girls like US!! Our age! Everything was so cute and so colorful. Their packaging got rabbit prints on the top then added with some macaroons too! HAHAHA I know you can't wait to see how it look like. So I just show you two product in this blog post :) It's Bunny & Bunny Eyelashes # no1and Bunny & Bunny blush #peach color.

So I'm actually wearing their #no.1 eyelashes and I heard that RosyRain Malaysia going to HK soon just to restock for their hot selling item. Now they only have 2 diff type of Bunny & Bunny eyelashes in stock (They have 4 type actually) Since it's so limited and you know some time girls being girls I just grab and picked both for myself. Thanks RosyRain for the recommendation and choices although I really hope to grab all 4 as my collection and review :P But you know sometime just... Too greedy but I'm sure you will be the same as me once you saw the eyelashes outcome and packaging! AHAHAHA I'm very sure. Before Photo Attached and uploaded before this paragraph :)

Warning Warning! Stay away from my blog because you gonna be so in love with their product after I show you all those photo below! HAHAHAHAHAHA ARE YOU READY?! Let's Get Started 
 CAN YOU SEE?! Macaroons + Bunny + Pink + Ribbon all elements is our favorite leh!!! I'm really so in love with their packaging especially you can feel like you're a princess when using their product. I feel so nice and lovely once I got them! Now they have ready stock on #no.1 & #no.3 one for those who wanna try #no2 and #no.4 you might need to pre order on their facebook or else you can get this two first! Wont regret because one whole packaging contain 8 pairs of eyelashes which you can use like 3 months I think.
 I picked #no.1 shorter kind of eyelashes to create a more innocent eye look on  my make up because normally I will choose those front short + end of the eyelashes is those long kind and I never try this like shorter kind of eyelashes. Therefore, I'm so brave to go ahead and try on that day. AHAHAHAHAHA I'm really happy that the outcome turns really nice on me although at first I thought like it might not suit and match my eye since it's shorter one but I'M WRONG for that!
 Behind the packaging got some pictures and step by step instruction you can follow and learn.
 Everything = KAWAIII + PINKKKKK neh~
 So, as I told you I picked #no.1 as my choice

This is how it's look like. This #no.1 eyelashes really can enlarge your eye shape  but it can't create a longer eye ya. So for those who prefer those japanese kawaii round round puppy eye can get this and because the eyelashes design is quite thick it actually make your eye look more attractive even without any eyeliner. As what I do I always draw a thicker and longer eyeliner on the end of my eyelid while the front part to the middle part will be thin and slowly become thicker. This is how to achieve my look. Then added with some neon pink eyeliner on the top of my black eyeliner and because I don't want  it to be so sharp so I added and blend a lighter pink color eyeshadow with the neon eyeliner so it can look softer and more lovely !

Apart from that I actually wanna match my pastel blue + pink theme I added a eyeliner on the bottom part of my eyeliner. You can use your eyeshadow too not necessary must be a eyeliner sometime you can use your available make up product to create your own look too. This is what I always do and this can also create YOUR OWN style. Oh yea and I always help my eyelashes 'exercise' before I apply and put on my eyes.

After tear off from the box you can put on your finger like this and start exercising it with your second hand. Just touch it with your finger and move from left to right so the eyelashes will look and become softer. Because sometime glue will stick on it and when you tear off it will spoiled the shape of the eyelashes so you need to 'exercise' it before you apply it on your eyes.

Bunny & Bunny #no.1 Eyelashes + #Peach Blossom Cream Blush

 So nice hor?? AND YOU KNOW I LOVE CREAM BLUSH SO MUCH... It's super easy to apply and it's so pigmented when it come to cream blush. What you need to do is just use your finger to touch it and blend it all over your face with your hand to create a more lovely look.

 This is how I'm doing  with my peach cream blush and the yellow region you can apply it with your hand while the orange region you need to blend it out the color will lighter and thinner layer from the yellow region. Normally I prefer using pink blush but sometime when you need to achieve a more healthy and nicer look and shape + smile you can pick peach color. This peach color really easily match with my skin color. Once I apply it the color straight away pop out and stand out from my skin tone. As you can really see it obviously on my face!! You can scroll back the few photos before this paragraph then you can see it's super pigmented too. I love how its actually works on me. AND OF COURSE this is my first time tried peach color and I'm loving it babeh!!
 ARGH!! Can't resists the cuteness of their product! So cute right???
 Special thing I need to emphasize on this product is..This product made without any Paraben and Talc which will damage our skin condition and bad for us if you use it long term. I'm really happy when I saw PARABEN FREE! AHHAHAH
 Once you touched the cream texture it immediately became a little bit like liquid + creamy texture on your finger and this kind of texture actually really make the color super easy to stand out from your skin tone. Of course never disappointed me the color end up really nice and super obvious. If you use on your face you only can apply a tiny small amount if not your face will look like monkey's ass LOLLLLL
 See the color? The more time you blend it will slowly become thinner and more natural.
 Kissable Cheek! HAHAHAHAHAH
This make up actually is super easy. You just need to emphasize your eye make up with a thicker fake eyelashes and a bright color on your cheek. 

Oh yea!! This is the final look and even Bebe also wanna kiss me because I'm pretty on that day! HAHAHAAH Only that day :P  *runnnnn* I'm just joking la !

For more product information  or if you interested with anything I mention in this post can check out
I'm using all product from bunny & bunny category ya. 

 That's all for today, Love xx