Review: Personalized Bar Necklace ♥

17 October 2013

 Hello Bello Sweethearts :3  A short review on my recent favorite necklace which I get from KEI MAG. I get this before my Korea Trip and sorry now I only able to update this because I still have tons of blog post haven't done yet but I'm super happy finally I got my personalized bar necklace Huiirayy!! It was a great experience because normally I got my personalized necklace is like those who have special font and wording on it but this time they launching soon this special limited Bar Necklace~ and YEA!! I'm the first one who get this :P

I think this is really nice when it match with some off shoulder top or sexy dress. But since people always think personalized necklace must pair and match with those dress I would like to say it can match with almost everything. You know why?! Because this personalized design is so simple. It just a rectangle bar shape and a little small mini diamond on it + anything you wanna to write on the bar necklace. So as usual you know girl love to put our own name on our necklace. I'm afraid I lost in somewhere that's why I have to make my own name on it and proud for that! AHAHAAHAHHA

I'm so satisfied with the outcome because you know it took me around 21-28 days to get this. Sometime I think it's worth for the waiting because it seems so unique and you can actually buy this as a gift for your gf or friends. The necklace not those lousy type and you can strongly feel it once I show you their packaging I have no idea how much I love in personalized and customized stuff because all of them is just nice for me. Like I'm the special one who own this. I now need to customize a personalized pet tags to my BebeReally can't wait to see the next item which I'm going to get from them again. At first I was finding a way to do but now even online shop also have this kind of service for my pet. ARGHHH Thanks god and I wanna put my Bebe photo on the pet tag! HAAHAHAHAHAH Hopefully it turn out really nice and hope Bebe like it too :)

Opps.. Should back to the main topic.. So here's some of the photo :) Just to show you guys their packaging and how my parcel look like.
 I'm totally shocked because they still put a RM5 cash voucher inside with a complimentary gift for me! So  happy that I have a chance to review on their product. and of course I'm gonna use the voucher to purchase my pet tag for Bebe!! Muahahaha!! Love it and actually their main business should be selling clothes but now they have more design on their personalized necklace page! You can click on their official website & check it out :)

 Before everything done they actually communicate with me while email and after I confirm my design they will send me a copy of my design just as a reference so I no need work so hard to imaging how my necklace look like :)

Seems to be so normal and simple right? But end up I really in love with it!!

 I'm really happy that I have a chance to review on their product because seriously I never know the necklace came out so nice. I love how simple it is and I wish to get one for Mr.Kitty but it seems like too girly hor? Not suitable for boy eh :'(
 The person who contact me with email is so friendly and helpful. I have many question actually but she let me know almost everything before I ask. Here's some of the procedure you can take note for it if you want to get your own DIY necklace :)

Personalized Jewelry Order Procedure
  Browse through our Personalized Jewelry page and choose your DESIRED DESIGN
  EMAIL us at with the following details:
  • Desired design:
  • Personalized wording:
  • Font type:
  • Plating colour:
  • Chain type:
  • Ornaments (optional):
  • Add on diamond (optional):
  • Special request (if any):
 We will get back to you with the design within 24 HOURS (typically a lot sooner)
  CONFIRM design
  Place order in our website and proceed to PAYMENT
  As simple as that!


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Order now at

Keep calm and wait for this bar necklace launch, k?! Teehee*

That's all for today. Love, xx