Review: Christine Ladies Mask ♥

03 October 2013

Hello Sweetie I know right it's time for us to look and try another mask import from Taiwan again!! Huiiray and this time the mask's brand is kind of long. I get to know this from some of my friend's instagram and then not forgotten to have a chance try on this month. Special thanks to the shop owner introduce me this mask range but actually I would prefer to try the brightening/whitening one but now they recently only import this to Malaysia plus I always tried on those whitening one but never take a closer look on tightening mask so this is kind of attractive for me. It caught my eyes especially I saw some of my friends actually tried this and post it on their instagram. So why not give this a try ya?

As usual those normal cheaper mask will be like normal cotton mask sheet but this one is slightly diff. Later I will show you some detail photo of the mask. I'm totally impressed♥ with the mask because of the outcome and I can really feel the tightness! Okie let me show you how was it.. Stop crapping here I guess.. Straight jump into the main topic of this post :)

The box actually quite nice but the postmen simply push and throw inside my mailbox after he knock my house door for few mins. Due to the number of parcel I receive everyday the postmen now very friend with my mom. Lol so when I'm not at home normally my mom will receive but if nobody home he will call me to ask and then put it inside my mailbox. Somehow I get very angry when I received it like this. It's hard for me to take nice photo after that loh! But still alright my mask still very 'steady' and no affected. So first look on its packaging I think their packaging is quite classic because they used both combination of red + gold color and this tightening mask actually improved in this version. Previously is another packaging one if not mistaken. They actually have a big range on their product. Not just mask they have their own beauty skincare product too. I would like to say this tightening mask is Amazing too!
6 pieces / box


Ps: So sorry for my mustache Lol

I'm actually quite happy my face still alright now but still haven't fully recover. This photo I took 2 days after I back from my BKK trip and that time just a little problem on my skin surface but after that it turns really itchy and the next morning I'm totally shocked. But it wont affect my point of view because I believe on this mask and of course the quality of the mask i super nice. Its texture is kind of thin layer and not like those cotton mask sheet because this is silk mask. So it's slightly diff. The essence that hold on that mask is quite many because once I open and tear the packaging off I can really feel the heavy essence liquid form on my hand and fingers.

First impression very good. The mask sheet is really thin and although it's thin but it still can hold as much essence as possible and then when I put it on my face I faced a problem. Please do not remove the white paper sheet before you put the mask on your face. If not the thin mask will be hard for you to put on your face since it's really thin and soft which can easily spoiled by your hand too. So make sure you put the whole mask sheet on your face then only tear off the plastic white mask cover ya. REMEMBER oh :)
Other than the that I personally damn in love with silk mask because it fit my face perfectly. It's also because of the texture then it won't drop easily and this will make our skin absorb as much as possible. Suppose the nose are you need to tear it off but I need to show you how is the shape of the mask so that you can have a basic idea on it. But it's okay as long as you get what I mean can already! Teehee*
So yea! Here's some closed up photo with this awesome mask. The mask dries off quite fast compare with those cotton sheet mask and at the same time you can slowly see it turns a little bit yellowish. But it's normal don't worry for that. I think due to the thin layer of the silk mask and that's why the mask dries off quite fast. Am I Right?

Of course never forget to mention the outcome of my face slimmer than previous!!!!! Really tightening my face wooooo~I will put on the after photo on the next few photo!!!!


 I test on after 20 mins the mask still stick on my face in a nice sharp. It's really wont drop and I'm SUPER happy with the texture and of course this will be slightly expensive than those cotton mask but it worth for the price. I guess so far I tried on those silk mask is for whitening ont but this one seriously damn good in making my face look really V. I think the morning before I went to any event I can put on this so that it make my face look really tight and slimmer :P Nice for taking photo in my angle lo!!!

 This is the detail closed up photooooooo!!
 [After 28 mins] I record it with my timer and then this is how my face look like after applied the mask. My cheek look tight a little bit but pls ignore my red dot ya because it's due to the air pollution during my BKK trip. My skin feel very tight and I'm not sure whether it added with some hydrating ingredients or not but it's really hydrating at the same time too!!!! OMG


For those who interested can contact

Whatsapp:016-7654224 or through 
Line: baobei125
WeChat: lee_bao_bei

 I love how this owner put her heart on her own  business. She treat each of us like a friends and very polite during my whole conversation and most of the item she actually travel to Taiwan directly and get it back for us! Thanks for everything because of this we have a chance to purchase this Taiwan Popular Mask from you. I remember that I can't able to receive the post on time during the week I went to my BKK trip and she's so patient wait for me. I told her to post on friday and once I back the next day I received the mask from her. So efficient and <3 !! Talk to her if you have any problem on choose the right mask for youself too! She's nice and friendly :)

That's all for today. Love xx