Apps & Camera I use for #OOTD Photo

03 October 2013

HELLO Everyone :3 Here's a little update on how I use to snap my own #OOTD photo and some of the tips to edit a nice OOTD photo! I know some of you might be so lazy to check out the comment I replied on my instagram and I actually mentioned it quite many time but still some of you asking me the same question again & again. So for those who are my readers you should feel happy because I never get mad and update to my blog here again. Lol I always treat you as my baby! HAHAHAHAHAA Dont worry I wont mad actually just that a same question I need to answer again & again plus, people nowadays never scroll the comment there. I actually will reply but once I answered for so many time I will reply only when I'm free. So here's the tips and some apps I used to snap my OOTD photo on my facebook / instagram and twitter

So as usual we normally asked our friends that hang out with us or bf or anyone who are so free to help us snap our OOTD photo. Somehow , sometime we will get angry especially your face might not look very 'good' in that angle the person snap. So you ask your bf to snap it again + again + again + 4379493272 time. It's what I experienced previously!!! Sometime I will automatic feel so emo if I can't get what I want because you know sometime some clothes is really hard to snap without anyone helps. Since the day I got my Sony HX50 I'm really happy to tell you that I have a good time with it!!

I told you and mentioned on my previous post about this camera right? One main thing other than it's super high optical zoom feature ... it's the WIFI CONNECTION~ You can easily connect with your smart phone by just downloading an apps called ' Play Memories'. So before I start to talk those apps I used to edit the photo I purposely record this video that show how I'm able to snap my OOTD photo without any help from anyone!! HAHAHAHAHA Then my bf feel so happy after I got this :P

Wooohoo!! So easy right? I think basically all works the same but this I can view my own face on my phone then I can easily capture the best angle of myself. That's why I have super long leg on my OOTD PHOTO!! Don't kill me please! Seriously angle is damn important ok?!
This is the #OOTD photo I captured with my Sony HX50! Super gorgeous and it's my twins sister! HAHAHAAHAHAH I'm just joking~ I love how this feature help me to create and capture my own OOTD photo and also some advertorial photo. Sometime I cnt capture my own with my both hand because I need to hold my product and then smile then this & that..So after I figure out how much this camera worth I'm starting to fall in love with it!! I can click the setting on my phone 'Timer' then start to pose and capture. Sometime my pose was so ugly but nvm!!! Pose as long as you can :P

For example:
 FAIL #1

 Last photo is my best angle HHAHAHAHA!! From this onward I think I should always snap my side face because my nose look so high this angle which I never notice after so long. Lol thanks to my parent !! HAHAHAHAHA But hor I really think that this photo still have to proceed with some additional phone apps editor.. Soooo..


I'm loving this sweet color filter which I edit from the phone apps called 'Camera 360' . You can't say NO to this application because it's just SOOOOOOOO awesome! Oh yea never forgot to mention the filter is damn nice but the image quality will be reduced after you export out the photo ya! But it's ok la since it's uploaded to instagram! I don't mind :) 

So the same day I got my sponsored OOTD.. So before I'm going out I should take a photo of my current OOTD but nobody help me T^T I took my camera out and put it on my table then.. IT'S SHOW TIME!!

Final Photo

Another OOTD post I snap with my HX50

Take #1
 Take #2
Take #3


Some apps I usually use to edit my #OOTD photo~

Camera 360  (Filter)
Rakuga-Cute (Insert Japanese Puri Puri effect and sticker)
Be Funky ( Add on Filter color/  tone)
Typic Pro ( Font , wording and some cropped shape photo)
Studio ( Cropped shape photo)
Snapseed (Edit and tone the brightness and detail of the photo)
PolyFrame (Combination of more than 2 photos collage)

Hope this help you on create a nice OOTD photo!! 

That's all for today. Love xx.