BKK Trip #4 : Shopping Heaven ♥ Place To Shop

26 October 2013

Hey Yooo Everyone :3  Good Morning my sunshine! So this should be the last part and also last post to end with my BKK Trip. Such a great trip for girls to do our shopping but there are still something which I hate. My face :'( It took me almost 2 week to recover but until now my forehead still haven fully recover. Maybe I sleep too late everyday and need to wake up 8am to feed my Bebe. But still I actually quite enjoy because you know... I'm such a pet lover and it really took me some time to cheer my mom up for this permit to own a pet of course thanks my brother too! AHHAHAHAHA

So recently you can know from my instagram and facebook I'm always hiding myself at home! Lol Somehow I'm really excited to make a good ending for this post because I'm going to start my Korea Post and some video haul!! I'm very excited and hope that my video do help some of you who going to Korea soon and thinking what to grab! HAHAHAAH But my haul not much la..just some mini beauty skincare product haul. Apart from that..NOW!! I'm going to start my last post for my BKK Trip! ARE YOU READY?


So yea! I visited few place and most of the place just walk around 5 mins can reach & I didn't really do other thing rather than SHOPPING! AHAHAHAHHA Because I told you right I'm so stress after my internship so I decided just shop and spend til drop only. Our 5D4N trip just end like that and the last day actually wasted because we need to take care our luggage inside the hotel and 3 of us including me 2 of us K.O already. I remember the last 3 days we went actually raining at night and the last day was raining at the early morning. Before that night I guess all of our leg and body already DAMN tired. So the last day I get sick. My muscle so pain and really sick. I feel faint and even I saw lots of delicious food in front of me..I still ...cnt motivate myself to eat them. So suffer because we actually check out our hotel room and no Wifi :'( Arghhhh Luckily my friend got some panadol for us. 
I'm not sure most of you went there with your friends or for business purpose. I went there not because of business purpose I just wanna shop til drop but somehow if you go with your friends for personal shopping purpose it's better because I wanna to grab as much as possible with cheap price but most of the shop have to purchase up to 3 pieces only can get a price lower and below RM20. Like that only consider cheap for me and I didn't want to purchase those T shirt or what I wanna get myself what I can't get previously like all chiffon and colorful dress or top. This is like my mission of the trip! HAHAHAHA So as you can see from the photo above my bed is full of colorful clothes :P I really think colorful outfit can cheer me up. No more monday blues next time and during that few month because I know I'm going to BKK I actually do lots of shopping online and also at the same time save money for that. I have no idea how can I resist my mind that not to go shopping at KL. Just feel so poor once I got my RM600 salary I just save all in my bank minus petrol , touch & go , lunch and all expenses I used during my internship time I only left like RM200 for my own. So poor like that but I still can survive .. Lol Feel so motivated after that! HAHAHAHAHA

Plus I'm really stress during that internship period and I'm gonna blog it soon since I already GOT MY RESULT! Please junior and for those who searching company for internship.. OPEN YOUR EYE AS BIG AS POSSIBLE if not you might experience what I experienced previously. I guess I'm always out of my topic I should get back to my main topic. hmmmmm..Where I stop liao ??!!!

Ok since I told you that I just shopping around the area at platinum mall and that street I'm really happy to say that everyday ..even we walk to the same place and shop with the same shop but I TELL YOU!! YOU CAN ALWAYS FIND SOMETHING NEW in the exactly same shop you visited before. I think their stock turnover is really high! AHAHAHHA Everyday can't get enough for that and start to count how much I left for the last day. Lol 

Place I went during my BKK trip. Every place around the Platinum Mall. The street near platinum mall which have early and night market. I'm quite curious I can't find any accessories store during my visit except when I visited and went to the shop area inside platinum mall but those accessories is DAMN NICE & PRETTY but the price is like RM20 and when I compare with the clothes I think I rather buy clothes for myself rather than accessories. Lol Then some of the place can let you shop til drop like Platinum Mall , MBK shopping mall , Pratunam market , chatuchak, street which in front of the mc donald and exchange rate bank there (near platinum mall that street) and I think every morning market and shopping mall inside also can shop. (Will upload those photo I snap regarding the street for you ya cause not sure the street call what) You just walk and walk like never end your day. I still got walk through and walk inside a mall but not sure what's the name and the shopping mall seems so new and the fashion item can get is more fashion than platinum mall and markets. Of course the price is slightly expensive because inside the mall still have some self designer shop selling their own design clothing line. I really dunno the name of that but all item RM25-60 la so I also didn't shop for that! HAHAHA Just walk around with my pale stupid sick face. 
 My serious face when I trying to find out some accessories for my own but horrr!! I didn't buy any accessories because even their price is really expensive for me. Why I feel expensive is because once you walk around those night market or street they are selling RM10 only for one T shirt then you go inside the shopping mall  you saw a RM20 accessories you will think like " OH I CAN GET ANOTHER 2 OUTFIT if i didn't buy this' LOLLLLL For me la! HHAHAHAHA
 Inside platinum mall I only saw a shop selling Bikini but what I looking for is actually a high waist bikini. Kl selling RM69-89.90 for one set if you really shop online and check out their price. I keep tahan myself not to purchase online until I actually went to BKK and bought this set for my own collection. I mean for me to wear while I'm swimming although I think most of us just posing and snap upload to insta! HAHAHAHAHAHA #GirlsBeinggirls!
Hotel is my best place to snap and searching for free wifi. Lol The white bed sheet really did a good job on my instagram photo. I got this for RM49.90! So cheap right? If you purchase 2 set above can get RM45 but I already so poor left RM100 to survive for my last day lol..So I think I got this enough and some of you actually saw my instagram and inbox me ask me to help you purchase. I hope to help too but if I got additional money. I don't have credit card and additional money somemore I also wanna buy more . Have to say sorry for disappointing you and some get angry -.- I really feel so moody when you actually angry at me with this kind of thing! Lol Please don't do this anymore unless you told me before I go for my trip so I can have additional money to count and plan for it. Stand in my position and think plus I can choose not to reply you actually :) *peace*
 This photo taken in front of the street and market. I didn't went to morning market because I'm so sleepy and those people staying next our hotel room actually came from china.They voice is super LOUD MAKE US CAN'T SLEEP and I wishes to scold them with #$%$$@$%$@# because 6 of them actually stay in diff room and keep walk around. we did complain but still USELESS for that. Argh!!!
 This is how their shop beside those street and road look like. Remember not to be like me road stupid because you might sesat jalan inside. Once you walk inside the shop have another shop appear and the road can actually pass through and you will sae another street again. I tell you I don't even know how to walk and remember back my origin place. I walk until I keep on shouting ask my friend not to leave us :'( If not me and vivian really will sesat inside and I can't talk thai language to ask for help too. I'm really bad in memorize road because it's so confusing.
 You see. Once you walk inside then you see the end but when you turn to the right and left...Got another road to pass through that again. Loll really so confuse one if you didn't take and snap some photo for that I tell you :"(
 Enough for that? Then you might walk out from there or until the end of that area when you walk out you will see something like this. AGAIN! LOTSSSSSSSSSS OF PRETTY CLOTHES AGAIN!!
 This is their market and remember to bring someone who have the same taste or same style with you. SO that you can get cheaper price once you purchase more than 3 pieces.

 You know why I poor ? Because I don't have luggage and think to purchase one at there ( my blue luggage I borrowed from my bf one) and that's my last minutes plan. I think I plan to buy when I saw my blue luggage and the size is not enough for me to put. So...I searching for so long and asked so many shop around FINALLY I GOT MY VERY FIRST LUGGAGE IN MY LIFE. haahahah and I actually very sayang this pink BIG SIZE luggage. Guess how much I get this? I negotiate with a shop the shop have a old women (look like my grandmom age) and she can speak chinese actually. She speak the language that I know with me and at the same time when I ask how much she speak and discuss the price with another uncle in thai language which I can't understand. Not sure what they talking but I know the old women wanted to sell my higher price then the body language can tell me. Lastly the uncle let me negotiate abit until reach the price I can afford. I got this for RM170!! LARGE SIZE one and 360 degree can turn one. Not bad la because within my budget I can get this actually very good already :)
 Then RM10 each for phone casing. I got myself 3 only because I think the design so limited. HAHAHAHA
 I think I got tell you that their accessories is quite expensive right? Then their shoe also very expensive except those shoe sell at night market or near the street. I got this for RM13 and some RM15 only but don't have size 4 so I can't buy this for my friend. I got all size 38 AND some it stated size 37 but I can wear. I got 3 pairs for myself. So cheap hooo!!!
 This is the street I told you previously. In front of platinum mall I think. and most of the seller is the shop owner inside platinum mall. Not sure isn't those bag can't sell or a little bit spoiled or fade in color or last unit lah but the price is really worth. RM20 for a bag!! If you really search and find one by one inside you can actually found something you like but at the same time someone will steal that from you -.- I so slow when I saw that I wanna grab and buy but a girl behind me out her hand up and took that :'( I'M TOOOO LATE. Lots of people there and some 'AH GUA' there too.
 Slipper I get from night market RM18 and I didn't buy myself any bag so I grab this bag for only RM25 because I don't have small sling bag with this kind of color. So thinking to own one unit too so just grab la.
So this is the last day ..I'm carrying two luggage LOLLLLL

Something you need to know:

#1 So far the area near me only sell shoes at night

#2 Remember to check your clothes see whether have any dirty or insect because when I back home..
I FOUND ONE COCKROACH (dead 1) stick on one of my new purchase dress wtf?!

#3 Once you purchase at the same shop remember to re confirm color and amount you purchase they get wrong and confuse when too many buyer at the same time /or they will give you the wrong color and style which you want

#4  Oh yea guess this I mentioned previous , most of the place offer cheaper price when you purchase 3 pieces above. So you can now think to go with who and each of you took diff pieces or color then can save more :)

#5 Some shop can mix within 3 diff pieces but some have to be same kind or type but diff color so you can ask before purchase. Diff price between same type but diff color / diff kind diff color within a same shop

#6 Most of the clothes can't try and FREE SIZE. But if you purchase chiffon kind of clothes then you wont be worry because most of them can be wear but XS size one might be loose for you :)

#7 Remember to check earlier not to overweight ya! Every hotel have the measure tool for you to measure :)

#8 bag and accessories at shopping mall is very expensive but night market very cheap (accessories at night market still ok)

#9 When you back you can purchase NaRaYa collection bag to your parent or relative. 
The quality of the bag is really SUPER SOFT but design abit too normal la.. But I did purchase a small pouch for myself to use it as my little makeup bag

#10 I know that the 3rd day your leg start to tired. Like all of us the 4th day already can't walk and didn't really shop :'( So we went to a massage place near our hotel area. RM20 per hour for leg massage :)

That's all for my BKK Trip and next time I wish to visit there again and plan to go siam for some delicious food again!!



Ps: Before I went to BKK trip some sweetie actually inbox and tell me where should I go and visit. Really thanks and appreciate and Thansk Casey & Vivian too :) Love xx