BKK Trip #2 : Food Hunting

05 October 2013

Herllooo Pretty Little Sweeties :3   I know you're waiting for my BKK #2 post!! Finally I'm here again (Never end of finally) It was like few weeks already since I back from Bangkok. Such a memorable trip because it's really shop & eat til drop trip. Not much time to do or snap nice photo during the trip because both of our hand are holding heavy bag , plastic bag , take away snack , foods and so on. It's basically 'release stress' trip. We walk around the road and the road is quite small and tight. I can't believe there are still have car pass by + people walk through. Today I should finish whole trip post including #3 & #4 because I'm afraid I don't have time to do so next week since I'm travel again!!! 

So I now should tie up all my hair , sitting in front of my lap top and start blogging til tonight. Lol Please be patient each post will be slowly publish even I'm going to my trip I will also publish it ok? Teehee* So back to topic, today I'm gonna talk about FOOD . Please don't kill me if you're reading this. I'm craving those food especially snack food from bkk and some nice noodles , mee from their restaurant. I can't believe everything were so nice to me!! You know that at first I thought and my friends keep on telling me ' chanwon ar..you go there everything spicy one la..you no need eat la.. never eat spicy you will regret blablablablabla '

Then What to do?! I'm here to tell you I'm still enjoy a lot and sometime I do test & tried their Tom Yam Kung too. HAHAHAHA So don't hear too much unless you went there and tried + of course some advice is nice to hear but some people just never go there before still thinking what to talk and tell you just to make you feel down. When you're not enjoy then they are happy. Lol  Nice or not is depend on you sometime I feel nice but it might be not nice to you. It's not a mathematical equation no true answer for that. So every time you went to a new place must tell yourself  IT'S AWESOME!!! Although seriously can't eat spicy is really a bad thing when you went to a Spicy Country but somehow I still enjoy leh!!

So here's some of the food I recommended to all of you and of course EVERYTHING & EACH of the food is less than RM9! If you really macam like me keep count count count then I think whole meal or meal per day no more than RM30. RM30 you can have breakfast , Lunch , snack food , dinner and supper. Super worth. I wonder isn't I'm always too hungry when I'm appear on other country or I'm just too excited to try everything up. Compare with the last year Taiwan Trip I went this time I tried more food because we have girls to be with. 3 of us just share everything because in real we really can't finish all by our own . Sibeh banyak the food!!!! You can't believe the price but when you order some mee or noodle the amount just nice for a person only. So take note ya

I went to Taiwan I love their rise and this time when I went to BKK I love their noodle and maggi mee Lol. Their noodles is so Q (Chinese's version of al dente noodle perfection)  and very diff from our country one. The level of Q is ....... VERY SUPER DUPER Q... The maggi mee sell at Seven eleven have the same QQQQQQ also. Is like each noodle have the nice combination of soup and noodle. It's so tasty and yummy. Most of the time I order basic noodle soup (清汤面) because we wanna try the real taste of the delicious noodle then after I tried I will put on their spicy ingredients. Then the whole soup become DAMN SPICY. I did tried one bite with the spicy soup and that's $#%#$@# spicy I don't know how many cup of water I need for that. It's suffer by looking at my expression and all of my girls were laughing because of me. Lol

Too  much food I don't know where to start but since I talk about noodles and my first favorite food stall...So ..  LET'S GET STARTED

If no mistake, Day 3 onward we keep going for the same restaurant because the food & people there were so nice & friendly. First of all the people there one of them know how to speak chinese and keep smiling to us When we thinking what to order she just speak chinese to us and introduce & recommended some delicious food for us! It's so nice and I'm glad we able to try each special dishes on the place. HAAHHAAHA So the first time we order & tried their noodles while the day after we tried their rice dishes. I can't believe I eat from the morning til night. Lol luckily I didn't gained so much weight  *proud to be*

I don't know where is the location but it's somewhere around the platinum mall that area. Because whole trip we just keep on hang around there and walk through each of the place we just rest at here and have our meal. I snap some of the photo of the stall and the main person who cook all delicious and tasty food for us!! He also keep smiling one and talk some unknown Thailand Language with us. I can't understand but I understand 'xxxx Pretty?!!!' So should be compliment for us! HAHAHAAH I accepted that. Lol syiok sendiri I think 
 The hair is damn yeng! HAHAHAAHAHAHAH Bleach yellow gold color LOL.
 STRONGLY RECOMMENDED this! But the choices is not much la :) I miss this a lot especially their crab rice and wan tan mee!

Everytime until afternoon all their food almost sold out. Lol
 Don't know why among all the restaurant I went all have crab fried rice or should I say everything you can add on crab inside your food. Their crab is white soft soft crab meat put inside your food. Not say many la but compare with other one it's consider many! LOL
HAHAHA Some funny logo beside the window our table. 
 Compare both dried noodle and basic soup one I prefer the soup one. I told you that I always prefer to have everything in dried kind because soup too hot I'm impatient to wait it and eat that but during this visit I found that everything which is soup is JUST TOO NICE. We ordered both but all of us really think that soup one seems to be better lah. All the plate is same design one so you can easily recognize it.
 See the white meat? It's crab crab!! So many hor? But the amount of noodle just nice!
 i TOOK this twice per day. I love this so much the taste is very strong and something like our country taste. Very strong and tasty. And you know why I say the ppl there were so friendly? Because I remember the day before we actually went to another shop and 3 of us just order 1 food. It's tom yam kung I think. Then because I don't eat spicy and it's still haven reach the time to have our dinner so we just think to order one. The ppl straight away ignore us and keep point her finger like " 1 only??!!!" then the whole face is so busuk. Damn annoying with that stupid expression. I was like.. I paid for it for what I need to see your face and some other just sit down and drink water how come you treat customer like this. But I don't know how to talk in their language so I also just ignore.

Then both of my friend wanna to have additional chopstick. So, they raise their hand up and ask them for a pair of chopstick then the ppl thought we wanna order another food so she was so excited face but soon.. we told them we want to get a pair of chopstick... You can imaging her ass face.. Then we wait for 5 mins the chopstick so far I guess.. Haven come.. I was like WTF?! Then raise her hand up they straight away IGNORED us!!! They are so angry and I wish I can speak their language so that can complain about their stupid attitude which never respect people but too bad... And as a tourist I think it's better just diam diam makan back our food then NEVER COME AGAIN!

So this is our bad story apart from our wonderful and amazing shop-til-drop trip. Lol

Some selca photo :

Walking around the street which near or opposite the platinum mall that street we tried this super nice chocolate nutella snack. MUHAHAAH It just cost us RM5 (50 baht) Super tasty!! We just order this and walk around keep makan makan makan this. Can't get enough with this and still got many diff taste one. They put as many nutella as possible lo.. Never be so kiam-siap! I think this is why I like their nutella chocolate!! AHAHAHAHA So greedy hor me :P
Making Making~

 Things available at 7-11 other than Malaysia seems to be so nice for us. I don't know but I went to Taiwan and now BKK their 7-11 super duper nice. We purchase sandwich and they make it hot for us. We can order hotdog which have lotss of cheese inside and some other rice set. I love Betagen  so much!!! Just RM2 Ringgit can get a bottle of big betagen. It's something like our yakult! Taiwan have the same kind of drinks also + cheap also! ARGHHHH We spent part of our $$ at 7-11 as well.
My previous colleagues and friends recommended this brand for us.. Their maggi so far I think this is the most delicious one. Got Creamy Tom Yam and another one is normal one. I told you that I afraid of spicy right? But this is just too tasty soo...I purchase a HUGE BOTTLE OF BETAGEN and drink together with this cup of maggi. SUPER NICE . All of us were wearing super Large size sleeping clothes , sitting together on our bed , placing all food above this chair , then talk crap , gossip and girls talk. They still laughing for my expression when I'm having spicy food. LOLLLL Then all of us just talk so loud and I wonder anyone will complain about us anot. HAHAHAHAHAA

This is the environment I love. HEHEEEE Long time never try this and I'm gonna plan a beach trip soon!!! ARGHH Wanna went with my secondary school friends because I MISS THEM!!
 Snack time another night 
 Betagen Lover

Rice set

They complaint that I didn't drink any water. Yea I hate water I prefer forever drink orange juice , betagen , yakult and fruit juice! hHAHAHAHAHAAH I know I'm not really healthy but just not healthy for few day. Let me be! Jkjk*

I did purchase something BAD on their 7-11. I tried their rice burger. The chicken rice burger is not nice. The rice is not nice and the middle chicken too. I thought it just like those japanese rice burger.. BUT!!! It's not really nice and I eat til half I throw already because no one of us willing to clear it even it's still can consider a FOOD. lol So please don't try that it's not nice!!! Other than that everything is STILL NICE to me!!! Their spicy rice set is super NICE!!!
Their tuna bread and ham + cheese bread. You choose it then they make for you. It's super hot so remember to blow blow blow blow before you eat it.

They 7-11 is meant to be convenience because every 2km we walk or 5 mins we can see another 7-11 beside. Some 7-11 have special food and some have additional choices on their snack which I think it's awesome!!! One of their chocolate candy called 'bong bong' or 'bang bang'  I forgot just RM0.50. Very nice also! HAHAHAHA #LIKE A KIDS

At night we just walk around and our leg so pain -.- Never forget to try their coconut jelly. This stall is placed somewhere near and in front of a small mini 7-11 , opposite a seafood snack food stall. This whole road at night is super long and many people just grab and eat. Their mango is super sweet I tried that too. I can't believe they straight cut the mango into pieces in front of us and I was like 'Aiya malaysia also got la..go la go la..' But my friend want to try so.... End up I regret not purchase another pack of  mango. It's super sweet lo while this jelly coconut nothing to complain because it's really cold and fresh coconut. The jelly is not those thin thin and no taste one. This is so tasty and the strong + heavy coconut taste. SUPER CHEAP also!!
Their sotong superrrr good. A tips for anti-spicy person : every time you order something you can ask them to pack the spicy sauce separately.  So that you and your friend no need to purchase another package to try la :) We can't communicate with the seller but they try their best to show some 'body language' to us! It's really cute and I found that being in a country which we can't communicate with them is somehow very fun and new for me too. At first I was like so scared because the taxi driver and people talk with us in their language and their expression like very scary.. I didn't understand any word but end up I think it was quite challenging because we just keep on pointing here & there , talk with them with our body language. HAHAHAHAHA

 We passed by this few day and the last day we decided to spent all our money on 'road food' AHHAAH. Food selling beside the market / road. I don't know whether it's clean or dirty but because it's our last day so we just wanna spend our remaining money! HAHAHA Most probably we can't spend it all because their food is so cheap!
 This very nice and I don't know how to name it. It's basically look like 'Takoyaki' but taste totally different. Inside got coconut taste and 软棉棉 inside. I not sure what's that because I just grab AND WALK walk walk around.

 The Street

Wherever you walk you can see lots of stall selling this kind of drinks. All is RM2-RM4 depend on which you choose. I think it's super enough and awesome when you're thirsty and you just spot this!! HAHAHAAH I love the purple color one and the avocado they say taste nice but I think it's just okay for me. I think it's a little bit bitter for me.. A very little bitter on my tongue I can feel like it's not really nice ! Lol 

 AGAIN I really is a 'road stupid' because I don't know where is this. It's so confusing because every place every street every shop look the same for me. Once you turn here you can turn there pass by here then you reach there. So confusing and easily get lost. Remember to bring someone can recognize road one together with you if not I tell you gg.com.cw. Because I don't ever dare to walk here alone even I'm hungry in the early morning!! Lol

This place is super familiar with their AWESOME CHICKEN RICE. As you know too  much people there and line up. MORNING SO EARLY already so many people!!!!

We walk around the street again. Then passed by this we just simply order but then can you know this drink just 10 baht?!!! MEANS IT'S RM1 ONLY?!! THE TASTE is not like no taste at all because I order the coconut one it's totally same taste like the coconut jelly i took that time. The coconut taste so good inside the drink and still added on some pearl which only RM1?!!!! Can you see RM1 coconut pearl drinks around our country? NOOOO RIGHT? NICE NICE and you should try their coconut one and green tea also very RECOMMENDED!

 Tom Yam Kung

Please don't ask me how it's taste or  how to differentiate which is delicious or not because for me it's all about SPICY. Whether it's super spicy , spicy or little spicy. All friends told me that's not spicy or just a little bit spicy but when i tried -.- SUPER SPICY and the fire appear on my mouth! LOLLLL
 Again!! Basic Noodle Soup 

But this one taste really good .The noodle is slightly transparent one and the taste is really so nature and 'pure' soup! HAAHAHAHA Besides that I think this is really so less for a person to finish it. I think I can eat 2 bowl of this. I forgot to snap the shop of this !!! This is our DAY 2 FOOD!
 After that you can add on their spicy stuff to make it super spicy -.-
I really don't know how to enjoy this food now ! Lol

But I think the original already taste so nice :P

Basically 3 of us really don't know what is this. Don't tell me what is this because at first we thought it was pork but when we try it out ... isn't pork at all and the meat is very soft and easily melt on our mouth. But one thing that make us purchase is I remember that day was raining then we walk inside the street market that road keep on smell this. We passed by the same road quite a few time and then the seller keep on heat and cook the food then the great smell came out.. Blow with the wind into our nose and absorbed by us! Then we decided to give this a try.

Until now I can still remember the taste and the smell but I'm totally regret why not ask them to put the sauce separately because the transparent sauce with the vegetable stuff is SUPER SPICY. You know my super spicy is also my friend's super spicy. All of us order 3 drinks after done half of this and one of our gang is super duper love spicy . Even she also can't tahan this spicy food. but this taste and smell really good which I really think that I can't found it anywhere other than BKK. BUT TOO SPICY LA..


If you dare?

Of course I didn't try this because I HATE it..I'm afraid of everything like this. I feel so disgusting even now I'm looking back at this photo. So I just snap a photo for you. If you dare and brave enough..GO AHEAD!! LOLLLLL they told me it's so crispy... vomit 

Remember that night was raining. We can't go any place that far from our hotel so we just walk around and sit down together with my Hello Kitty Umbrella. Then we order a super nice noodle again but this is pork one!!!! PORK PORK PORK
this noodle is diff from the previous one because this is Guo-Tiao shape (果条) one. The noodle is short but the width is longer one. So little -.- but super delicious. 
 You might want to try if you didn't read the following paragraph. AHAHAHA

Hmmm.. Actually I'm quite shocked when I sitting beside and watching my friends having the noodle after I had tried it. I watching the people cooking and when he pour the water inside the big pail into the hot boiling pot. Then I think it's very normal because every seller also do that ma.. Then, after he pour out that pail (REMEMBER I TOLD YOU THAT IT'S RAINING?) he put the pail under the rain..

The pail inside is =.= not water from anywhere. the water = THE RAIN. ?! I WAS LIKE WTF? If you use paip water I still can take it but you use rainwater?! wtf?!!!! Because you know Thailand air pollution is really serious then all those rain got chemical inside or something polluted stuff IDK what it's call but it's totally bad for human if you drink or eat the rainwater even you boiled it or what... Then I totally no mood after I saw that -.-

So that's what I experienced. Lol


I picked the Durian Ice cream!

Very nice especially during the hot weather! I can't find any ice cream around the street except this near our hotel there. 

Oh yea Oh yea!! Nothing to say about this durian ice cream because it really taste like durian.
Inside still got little durian meat inside

 Last two item which I STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to all of you!! This duck noodle is super delicious and the taste is so fresh which I think it's suitable for those who hate to smell those 'unfresh' duck smell. I love this because it's taste really nice and another is this peanut noodle (photo below) but it's spicy one la!
 Although I CAN'T EAT because I tried one spoon it's super spicy although you can't see anything on it. I thought it wasn't that spicy because the peanut taste so good!!
This also taste so nice T^T Whatever in this shop just so nice. Still the same street which near platinum mall!! Total we spent for this meal no more than RM15 


Oh yea!! This is the hot aunty here selling super tasty food. My friend told me that everyone who came purposely take away back her food because no sitting place available at that place. So for those who cross this road and meet her should ask for take away and all of the food is thailand super popular food. She just have few choice available but all of those is super nice and of course spicy...

As usual my friend order Tom Yam Kung... 

Super long food post!!! I think this basically can let you get some idea what's the food around. We didn't go any expensive place to have their popular dessert or thing like that because this is our first trip to BKK I wanna tried everything around the street and next time if i have a chance to visit here I'm definitely will try out all expensive and nice restaurant / dessert + tea time!!!  

That's all for today. Love xx