Pet Diary #3 : While Bebe Sleeps ♥

14 October 2013

Cuteness Overload!! Some of the photo I took while Bebe sleeps. I know I'm a bad owner but he is just being so cute to let me bully! Lol 

Everyday have to clean his shits & pee + can't scold him for that because he's still small which really make me worry now. I'm gonna leave him for 1 weeks just because of my trip :'( Earlier I don't know I can own a pet for my life!! Really like a miracle and now he has become the cutest pet ever in my mom's mind. I told you that my parent hate dog right?

Everytime someone back he know and sit beside the door wait for my bro to open the door. So cute but sometime he is so naughty. He pee here then pee there and when he is in a good mood then he pee inside our toilet and on the white toilet paper for pet. So cute and now he get his first injection and his skin problem full recover. YEAHHHH I'm so happy and being the first pet in our family of course he had become the most cutest pet ever in my parent's eyes. Lol

He love to eat his milk candy as a treats while he super clever !! We brought him to our home when he's just 2 months old !!
 2 weeks later he know how to SIT 
See he's so cute and his video up to Instagram popular page
Even his video have 2k like more than my selca photo

3rd week he know how to shakehand and raise his hand up placed it on our hand!!

Bebe is so clever and WE LOVE HIM!!

So continue for the topic..
I have to disturb him for few min
Just to kacau him 
For fun


 -Story Ended-