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24 September 2013

Alohaaaa Sweeties :3 Is me again! I'm a good mummy recently if you know what I mean~ AHHAAHH So today a little bit update about my another recent favorite online store which is www.happy2u.cc . I'm really happy when I saw their website and it remind me of maybank2u! AHAHAHAHAH And of course because of their website I get a lot chance to purchase some trendy korean caps recently. You can know it from my instagram :P I wear their items on Jane's 21st Birthday Celebration and also during my BKK Trip. It's quite surprise that they offer lotss of affordable items. Except for korean caps those like stylenanda style , they also offer heels , shoes , accessories for girls , temporary tattoo stickers , flower crowns , lotsss of necklace & so on. ALMOST EVERYTHING WE NEED. (I always love to purchase from those website who offer us with a lot of choices one and then I'm broke after that :X )

The first thing caught my eyes is all there korean trendy caps. I love it especially when I'm having a bad hair day I can just simply grab it and wear it out. Of course it's also easy to match everything and this is the reason why I grab 3 caps from them. Other than their various choices they also offer us an affordable price of each item. You can check (http://www.happy2u.cc/category.php?id=386) all their caps range from RM16-RM25 and few of them just cost me RM30! OMG How can you find it with this price and please it's not pre order because ALL READY STOCK♥ item !! OMG REALLY CHEAP RIGHT? most important is I order it on that day and the next 2 day I received it. Damn chio and I do afraid of their quality but when I received it ..I'm impressed and unexpected that all their items is quite nice and good quality too. 

Let me show you~

 This is what I picked by myself and I'm so happy with everything They reply my email so fast and they actually damn friendly to me especially when I have any problem with my order. I'm quite dilemma don't know which to choose but end up I picked these up. WEEEEEEE!! Some detail photo below :)

Muahahah spot what am I wearing on the photo above? Thanks TonyB for this photo. I'm always fall in love with every photo he took and he's a good photographer too. Thanks a lot! So let me show you which I picked previously ya~ I will link everything on the photo below so that you can purchase it as well and save your time by searching it on their website but before you purchase please have a look on their items because everything is just so reasonable & affordable especially their caps. I really think that it's worth for the price.

I previously wanna order with other website but due to it's pre order and also the price is like RM45 each then I keep the money for myself and doesn't wish to wait since I wanna grab that before I'm going for my trip. Until I found Happy2u.cc!!  Thanks for your service and friendly remind. 

Some item I picked.
 I can tell you why I picked this because I love the wording on the cap and the bottom part. When you wearing this it look really damn cool! I wanna rock my day with this and also their model photo is quite attractive to me too :P HAHAAHAHAHAH But in real the quality really nice which I never expect them to have such a quality compare with the price. Within this 3 cap this price slightly higher than another three but the diff is not much. Just few bucks!!

 The next items I picked is this CA caps! It's so simple but don't judge it because when you turn it down and look at the bottom part it's really damn nice!! WOOOHOOOOO Guess what this is just RM20?!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?/ I'M REALLY SHOCKED WHEN I SAW THE PRICE BECAUSE the quality really damn nice and the caps isn't like those soft soft easily spoil one..This one is thick and can stand alone like this. Some of my photos...
 Can wear as a front or behind!!! Style with some black outfits~

Detail photo
 I love this wording so much toooo! Especially it's so colorful and easy to selca :P

Jane's 21st Birthday Post coming uppppppp~

 YOOOOO! This is the last design I picked! I'm loving this and it's slightly diff with the #1 & #2 caps because of the shape and this is more simple than others. This also special and slightly nicer when you style your hair and the caps will slightly higher when you wearing it.
 I wanted to get a red one but accidently got myself a black one T^T But black also nice :P Just feel like grab others collection too. This come with red , blue and black color. Which color you prefer?
This is more suitable on my head shape and wont be loose too! I can't wait to match this with my outfit!!! Awwww~ and this is just less than RM20!!! ARGHHHHH~

Other than their cap their website selling temporary tattoo too!! Look what I picked :P Just play for fun and it can stand for 3 days and slowly it will drop.
 The wording & font look so nice I hope it's real too but I'm afraid of tattoo on my body. Let say one day I did this on myself my parent will ...FOR SURE.. Kill me! AHHAHAHA Although they quite open minded but still never accept me to have this kind of thing. I feel like having a small love symbol on my body also can't :'( But nvm la I got temporary tattoo so it's ok :P

Besides I also picked 2 units of neon series color hair band!! I love this and it add a little fun  on my daily outfit 
 One is neon yellow and another one is red one~

 Last but not least everyone!! NECKLACE! I pick this because I love this two combination and I can't wait to style another #OOTD look with the remaining items on my instagram! Stay tuned and follow my instagram @chanwon92 if you lazy read my blog! HAHAHAHAHA
 This is how it look but a little bit look like a toys rather than a necklace! HAHAHAHA it's very light too!

I know right! You want to know each of the link so I paste everything here and you can just save your time to search for it :3 Here you go!!!

CA CALIFORNIA Cap (Black) : http://www.happy2u.cc/goods.php?id=5037
Neon Yellow Hair Band : http://www.happy2u.cc/goods.php?id=5045

You can also watsapp 016-9523287 them to get their fastest respond :)

For more information you may click on www.happy2u.cc

 That's all for today. Ciaoz xx