09 September 2013

HERLOOOO EVERYONE!! I know you gonna misssssss me so much and finally I'm back!!!!! Sorry that I'm disappear (almost a week) without updating anything but don't worry I'm done my internship last Friday and today's gonna rush for my report submission before I go for a short break trip tomorrow.

I'm so excited and I can't believe that my dream came true again!! I'm able to travel a year after my previous Taiwan Trip 2012. I'm so happy and maybe you will laugh and look at my funny expression right now but I'M REALLY SO HAPPY. I feel so FREEEEEEEEEE from now on!! Huiiiirayyy and please stay and stick to me k? I will be back again after this 5D4N trip to Bangkok and gonna shop til drop!

FINALLY after the longggggg waiting~ Will be back with lotss of interesting blog post and I'm collaborate soon with come japan cosmetic company and hair product especially for girls! Giveaway with lotsss of goodies too. I can't wait to publish it sweeties!!! Stay tuned and I'm going to pack my luggage now!!

GOOD BYE !!!! All the best and good luck for those who need to prepare for their final examination. Love, xoxo.