August Mivva Box : Flower Power ♥

01 September 2013

Hello Sweethearts :3 Good Afternoon everyone! Hope I'm not too late because today is the last day of August so guess most of you start to ask about my monthly beauty box's post! So here you go.. Sorry again suppose I should update my beauty post every 2nd week of the month but you know due to my working life I can't bring my laptop to my office and that's why it delay but still ...everything will be the same as previous after I end with my internship. *fingers crossed* I'm going to update about my August Mivva Beauty Box. When talk about this month's beauty box the lavender scent pop up in my mind again!! AHAHAHAHA

If you know what I mean that you will be as surprised as me. It's the first impression I had on this month's beauty box. So you now can guess the theme of the month? OH YEA, It's Flower Power. This month's beauty box is all about flower and most of the items inside is related to each others especially when the moment I unbox this beauty box I can smell a very strong lavender scent. Then, I start to imagine that inside is full of flower LOL At the same time, beside my table I have a fake lavender on it so I just grab it and put together for the matching theme. HAAHAHAHA

Now I still can smell the lavender scent but somehow it's a little bit too strong for me because I have sensitive nose which really sensitive for this kind of thing. I can't play soft toys when I'm young and I can't breath properly when I'm inside a shop called 'Lovely Lace' but still I'm very in love with flower scent especially the previous rose I received from Mr.Kitty. AHAHAH I have no idea why I still can remember the scent maybe it's really a miracle because Mr.Kitty won't do this kind of thing to me one except that day! Ok larrr too much for the story but seriously this month mivva box make me flashback something happened in my life. Lol

OK, I think I should stop crapping here and Let's Get Started!

See what I get in this month's beauty box?! Yea TokyoNinKi ( RM20.00 Cash Voucher! You know what? I purchased from this website previously I think it's their rainbow contact lenses which recommended and reviewed by Cheesie. I think now I can guess why there are Fcup Cookies inside because this website selling Fcup Cookies too! I think most of you tried this? I tried this once I receive this mivva box. So outdated la but I think this kind of cookies is useless on me because it's basically more on firming up your boobs. I don't have boobs therefore nothing to firm ! HAHAAHHAAH Jkjk

The cash voucher only apply for those who purchase more than RM100 ya :) Then next I saw a Dermedex small little card inside too. It's regarding a celebration for the returning of refining cream 2 and you can stand a chance to win a year's worth of Dermedex Skin Care Products by sharing your own story with them. Inside the box I saw a thin paper about the worthy book which you can purchase it with RM10 discount off the book then once you purchase it you can tear out the voucher and redeem offer at specific brand's outlets. I call it as a Voucher Book! AHHAHAA

So let see what's included in this month beauty box!!! I think most of you noticed it because every time I received my mivva box I will straight away upload a picture of it to my instagram (@chanwon92) For those who lazy read my blog could follow my instagram for more my live update there :P  I'm surprise about this month's beauty box again because of the big product range included in this time. Mivva increase their range from hair to toes.. Now they even intro us a refreshing eyedrops which really suitable for all of us!!! Then inside also included 2 pieces of F-Cup cookies and I shall try it later and wonder how this 'cookies' taste like LOL. Quite curious!!!
Of course this time mivva bring us back to a olive hand &body lotion too!! Then introduce us with a rose essential skin care set from SHILLS which is a popular brand in Taiwan. OH yea  some more have TSUBAKI hair shampoo & conditioner trial set!! OMG!!! Last but not least a Dermedex cream 2 pack which I tried when I'm still a secondary student. I remember that time I bought it from my friend's sister shop.

Product Included

(1) I-Gel Aire Refreshing Drops 
(2) F-Cup Cookies
(3) SHILLS Rose Essential Hydrating Skin Care Set
(4) Di Palomo Orange Blossom with Wild Honey & Olive Hand & Body Lotion
(5) Tsubaki Damage Care Shampoo & Conditioner 
(6) Dermedex Refining Cream 2 Challenge Pack

Other than those products.. Do you remember that I mentioned on every mivva's monthly post that Mivva always surprise us with extra goodies/ gift??? Yea this time as I mentioned previously that during my unbox process I smell a very strong lavender scent this time the little gift inside the box is~~


 Now this had become my closet freshener liao :P I simply put inside my wardrobe hopefully the scent wont turn too strong on my clothes~

Let me show you each product's detail and also some description about it.

hmmmm which one to start first ya?? The first product that pop out in my mind is their Refreshing Drops!!!

 I-Gel Aire Refreshing Drops 10ml
RM18.80 for 10ml

How many of you never aware of the importance of having a good refreshing eye drops on your bag or your pocket? MEEE!! I never know it's important for me to carry this around :'( But once I having my working life within this 3 month...I realize the importance of this. Imaging you're now working inside an office and every day you wearing your contact lens during your 9-10 hours working time + sitting in front of a laptop + working and doing your computer task + facing it for more than 7 hours excluded your lunch time + air-con room.. Isn't it make your eye look tired and it turns so red & dry??

Definitely YES! I'm working inside my office every day for more than 9 hours time and mostly I'm facing my computer to done my quotation stuff and of course sitting inside an air-con office is really annoying because my eyes seems to be so damn tired after 3-4 hours non-stop facing my laptop. When I'm tired my eye turns red & dry ..Then slowly I feel the pain on my eye!!! I wanna to purchase eyemore eye drops from 7 eleven but I remember that it's can apply if you're wearing your contact lens so I think I must get one eye drops which suitable for contact lens wearers one.

Thanks mivva for introduce and recommend this for all of us! I'm loving it because it's suitable for all contact lens wearers and this unique formulation is suitable for long lasting comfort & ocular surface management. But still remember not to wear your contact lens over 8 hours and now I only wear it when it's my outing because my eye seems so dry. No matter how good the contact lens I wear once I sitting in my office for more than 8 hours my eye can turn sooooooooo red!!!! I hate this :'(

Oh yea and this suitable for dry & sensitive eyes too. It's recommended because of its moisturizing effect & it can soothes our eyes.

Direction : Use 2-3 drops whenever is needed. Of course remember to finish this bottle within 30 days after opening & aware of the expire date.

F-Cup Cookies
RM78.90 for 14 sticks

Wanna try this when I'm still a secondary student because I remember when I was 17 years old everyone was crazy for this. I search most of the review on internet that time most of the person comment this will only help people in firm up their boobs but it doesn't really increase the size I think. So end up I give up never buy this because it's so expensive too. Finally, I have the chance to try this out!!!!!!!!

It's being introduce a lots previously but now I think not much people take this because everyone will rather go for some drinking product or others collagen LOL Seems like I'm quite curious about the taste of this cookies... So let me try it now~~~
nom nom nom nom nom!!!

I think this shouldn't call it as cookies because previously I thought this is crunchy but I just tried it was those soft kind of cookies. Not really taste nice because I expect it to be a COOKIES! HAAHAHAH But still the taste is those can accept one. It taste like soft cookies + chocolate light powder on the cookie's surface. Something like tiramisu cake surface those. 

Don't ask me whether I can see any outcome on my boobs anot I think nothing works on me! HAHAHHAHA I have nothing to firm up LOLLLL & I guess this is more recommend and suitable for those who have sagging boobs or want to firm up too. 

  Di Palomo Orange Blossom With Wild Honey & Olive Hand & Body Lotion
RM59 for 75ml

Woohooo I finished the previous body lotion?!!!! HAHAHA and I think my memories is quite good because I can memorize quite a number of product I get from diff beauty box :P I'm not old yet! Lolll Actually it's randomly selected or put inside this month beauty box so some of you might get their hand & body lotion OR moisturising body wash OR their hand & nail cream.
Oh yea!!! So I get their Hand & Body Lotion which I can apply it all over my body + hand!  This is suitable for those who prefer and would like to moisturise their skin with olive oil plus natural extracts of orange blossom & honey. The scent of this product is kind of special and quite relaxing. It's a flora scent and quite strong too (because once I apply it I keep on sneezing & I HATE MY SENSITIVE NOSE). It's very good and known for skin soothing purpose. This will leave your skin softer , smoother and nourished

Direction : Apply it all over your body and hand after your relaxing bath or shower. 

 TSUBAKI Damage Care Shampoo & Conditioner 40ml
RM16.90 For 220ml | RM33.90 For 550 ml

I tried this before once it launch and sell at Watsons! Worth for the price and worth for try! This product is known for this Tsubaki Amino (it's a repair ingredients) and it can intensively nourishes & repairs damaged hair. I love their shampoo and it works almost the same with my current shampoo but their hair conditioner is not very useful for me. I prefer the Loreal Professional hair conditional I get from my previous beauty box!!!
 About the Tsubaki Amino is it can penetrates deeply and repair damaged cell membrane complex while retain the moisture deep. After I used this I can see my hair seems to be so shine and smoothness just that the conditioner doesn't works very well on me maybe my current conditioner too perfect and nice to me :P So maybe for those who looking for new hair shampoo you can have a look on watsons and try their sample set out! I think they have 3-4 diff range for diff kind of hair. This is special for damage hair care while others you may have a look and check out at others outlets ya.

 Dermedex Refining Cream 2 Challenge Pack
RM30 for this challenge pack with Bio'tox Cleanser 10G + Refining Cream 2 5G

I think most of you so familiar with this product!! Am I right? I have been using this when I was in form 4 that time my pimples all pop out on my skin I can't wait someone to help me with that. Then my friend's sister was selling this so of course I grab this from him. The price still remain the same after so long and now dermedex seems like starting to appear on diff outlet and have their own official website again!!!

I love their refining cream but some people found that it's not really suitable on their face. I guess it's better to ask doctor to consult it whether it's suitable on your skin anot. Since diff type of skin might have diff result on it. Consult before consume it! This very popular on achieving ACNE FREE skin! Of course when it known as challenge pack their brand must make sure it work and worth the result within 3 DAYS!!!

The Bio'tox Cleansers helps to unclog pores while at the same time moisturizing your skin while the Refining Cream 2 will encourage and improve your skin's natural defenses to resists blackheads , decrease the level of redness on your face & irritation.

Direction :

-For the cleanser , apply and use it after exercises while apply a small amount to wet your skin up and work until it turn into a light milky foam. Concentrating on T zone area.

-For the refining cream 2, you can use on morning time or evenings after your exercises and also concentrate it on the T-zone or problem areas.

 SHILLS Rose Essential Hydrating Skin Care Set
RM237 for 3 items
Cleansing Gel (RM79) | Toner (RM59) | Essence (RM99)

Loving their packaging of this product because it's full of ROSE! You know recently I'm falling in love with rose stuff! No matter my top , clutch , shorts and notebook ALL FULL OF ROSE! This rose essential hydrating set is more on soothing & calm down your skin.
 When we talking about the rose... are you enjoying the scent of rose?? The scent of the rose can help to calm you and at the same time can even make one feel more romantic. Yea!! I have no idea why it make me feel so romantic but it really did!! I just know it make me feel super comfortable when I'm having the scent of rose on my room after I bath or everywhere but not too much la if not mu sensitive nose running here n there again LOL I think it's important for you to know about this precious rose essential and that's why you might notice within this trial set the price of the essence is MORE expensive if you compare with others . It's because.....

1kg of rose essential oil = 4000kg of fresh rose petals taken in the production!! WOWWWWWWWWWW That's a lot my dear♥♥!
 There are lotss of SHILLS product which use rose as one of their main ingredients but now we just focus on what I get from their sample which is the rose essential dual Action Cleansing Gel , Rose Essential Hydrating Toner and lasy but not least the Rose Luxury Essence.
All of the product in this set is really nice!! I really love and feel really comfortable after I use it. I use it after I done my shower then when I come out from my bathroom I apply it step by step. Never forgot to mention that the rose scent really make me feel so warm and 'safe' Lol FEEL SUPER RELAX with that. I can pamper myself with this rose essential skincare set♥♥♥♥♥♥.

REMEMBER THAT THIS SKINCARE SET is NOT SUITABLE for those who have sensitive skin!!

Rose Essential Dual Action Cleansing Gel : It's not only a cleansing gel but also can remove your make-up. So it's known as 2 in 1 Make up remover + Cleansing gel! Lol It done very well on removing your light make ups and at the same time it impurities perfectly with a dewy moist skin. Gently apply on your face then massage it in a circular motion. Then, rinse it with warm water.

Rose Essential Hydrating Toner : With its rose aroma that can helps in leaves a velvety finish on the skin with healthy complexion glow. It can refine pores , whiten & moisturizes the skin. Remember to use it after your cleanser then pour a suitable amount on a cotton pad or your hand. Gently dab into your skin.

Rose Luxury Essence : Penetrates easily into your skin to improve dull-looking skin and at the same time it's anti aging too. Remember to pour the appropriate amount on your hand then massage onto your whole face until it fully absorb into your skin and remember to enjoy the scent of the rose♥♥!

What I think ?!

Basically I'm loving every surprise gave by Mivva. I have no idea that when it come to diff various of theme but still mivva can handle it as good as I expected. I means I have nothing to hate this box because I just loving it without any reason!!! Just that this month's box without included any full-sized product :P Can't be so greedy horrr! But it's okie because the product range seems to be improved and increased a lot! 

You can see them improve the protection of their box from the 1st mivva box until now I had 3 diff kind of design and each of that slowly improve and I just love each design!!!! Product range too! Never expect to have such a great deal with and thanks a lot for Always making us HAPPY♥♥!!!

Interested and falling love with mivva??What are you waiting for??  You can now check it out or click on to subscribe their monthly beauty box NOW!!!!