BKK Trip #1 : Preparation ♥

22 September 2013

Yooooo Lovely Sweeties :3 I'm here again and it's time to start with my BKK trip post. Flashback to last year I think I'm still starting to plan my Taiwan Trip! So this year as usual most of the time I'm having my semester break for almost 3 weeks before my birthday and this is why I love to travel along with my friends. Especially I take this as a birthday present for myself. No matter how is the trip as long as you have fun without any burden or stress it's still consider FUN! Most important is you know what you are doing and you HAD A BLAST on it. 
On your right hand side have a sidebar known as Label and you can always check this out. Maybe you wont take it serious but for me this is like a big deal! I saved money for whole year and finally I did back the same thing like my previous year , TRAVEL! Yea maybe this BKK trip not consider travel because nothing much can be travel but we do SHOPPING TIL DROP! When I say tilllllll drop means it's seriously a shopping heaven specially made for US! Yeahhhhhhhh~ Finally, I'm FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Nothing else can explain my feeling right now because I'm just super excited on the day before I travel. Of course lah , it's because I can shop til drop. I know most of you wonder and had been asking me about all the detail on instagram , facebook chat and etc. I'm quite tired to answer the same stories and answer again & again and of course SHARING is always the best effort as a blogger. 

So don't worry I will be sharing everything on my blog so I make it into #1 until #5. Each post have different topic to be covered. Lol like studying a textbook but for me (normally what I did all the time) I will always share some tips for travel to one & another country. Just like what I did on my previous Taiwan Trip and I'm great that you all found it useful for you. The first post about my BKK Trip is always about my luggage. Some of you asking how much I brought to this trip and things like that. Girls Being Girls...


I didn't bring much and never get enough during this 5D4N trip and of course end up if I really consider I spent a lot on the hanger and luggage bag :X I don't have luggage bag the blue luggage bag on the photo below is borrowed from my bf and someone told me that LUGGAGE at BKK is SUPER CHEAP but i don't wanna take the risk so I get the blue one go + a hand carry bag inside. Unfortunately, end up I bought a new Pink Large size Luggage bag back from BKK!! HAAHAHAHHAHAHA Girlsssssss~ 

For you information, FOOD in BKK is totally cheap til drop and WHO SAY BKK no nice food if without spicy. I prove it on the next post!! I don't eat spicy and I know it's totally wasted for me to be in their country but something attract me more than those spicy. Hiak Hiak* Hints for you first then you should stay tuned on my next #2 post ! Remember to ate your dinner before reading it!!!

I should stop crapping here and straight to the point. So this post is all about what I prepared for my BKK Trip. I stay there for 5D4N the weather at there not really hot the 3rd-5th day raining at the morning & at night but still never affect our shopping power! We are STRONG enough ! AHAHAHAHAHHA Ki siao one me! But i think we really smart enough especially me can predict the weather because last year taiwan trip also same same raining season mah! So I can estimate it :P

Here's the original photo! Lol Actually when I snap for this photo I afraid my luggage spoil by myself -.- So I'm actually using my leg to hold my pose like this. I'm carry this and one tips for all of you that you won't forgot to bring something important is when you start packing your luggage and things you need to imaging and think from your head to toe what you gonna wear / bring for the trip

Tips #1
Like when I imaging my head/hair I need [shampoo] , [Hair Band] , [Conditional] , [Comb] 
Moving on my eyes I need [sunglasses], [spec] , [contact lens] , [eyemore] , [contact lens washing liquid] , [makeup product] 
Makeup product I need [ eyeliner ] , [eyeshadow] , [double eyelid tape] 
For lips I need [lip balm]
For face I need xxxx
Then so on and bra , underwear , blablablabla~~

This is what I did when I pack for my luggage. Next thing if you travel with few of your friends  maybe you can carry less by separate some product and share with your friends.

The day before all of us will open a group on watsapp.We chat almost everything and start to talk about what to bring what not to bring. We distribute this task among each other. For example I will bring mask for everyone then person B will responsible on hair product like shampoo and conditioner while person C will responsible for toothpaste. This is just an example la you all can discuss with each other so each of us responsible on one thing so that you can carry less especially we plan the trip and wish to carry as light as we can.

Next, for me la..Because I'm kind of budget one :'( I will planning on how much i have to spend in a daily basis. Just some simple math calculation.

For instance on this BKK trip I bring RM1500 and I change it to Baht round it up almost 15000 baht lah! Approximate la!! Then the first day was a morning flight while the last day was a night flight time. So I consider it to be 4 days cause normally first day we didn't really spend a lot. So using 15000 baht I divided into 4 or you can divided into 5 also. It mean one day I can't use more than 3000 baht (RM300) .

I know you will think that it's very suffer la go trip still need to count til so less and how can spend 3000 baht per day only. Not enough la..!! But don't say I  never remind you..If you spend too much on the first few day end up especially the last day when you went to those shopping mall and saw something you like.. YOU CAN'T BUY IT and then you will turns very EMO! This is for my experience la because my previous Taiwan Trip I never plan and estimate my spending ..lol

So be smart! Don't purchase too much on the first few day because too much choices you can choose for and of course never end of shopping also. YOU WILL NEVER GET ENOUGH so you must plan before this. So it can helps you to manage your money well. LOL *Smart Buyer*

I didn't purchase any simcard on their country because our hotel have own wifi and normally we don't have time to online when shopping! Lollll So you no need waste the money to register any simcard on their country so just KEEP THE MONEY FOR SHOPPING lah!!!

Here's some of the tips and more to come on the next few post because my brain stuck in sudden. Lol my Puppy is disturbing me right now so I have to update everything before I go to bed! Lol Let's us continue

Don't let your luggage to be empty because it might spoiled your luggage when they actually throw every luggage on the airport. You can put your hand luggage inside make it have some weight on it or you can bring a medium luggage as your hand carry so that you no need to check in your luggage & at the same time you SAVE MONEY for it. No need pay so much for the flight ticket . reduce some cost!

If you lazy bring back your clothes and also your underwear LOL. You can actually purchase a disposable underwear. Last time the disposable underwear doesn't feel good because the material is like a paper not comfortable when wearing it but now everything had changed! HAHAHAHAAH Got new disposable underwear for both female & male and made of COTTON! So it's exactly feel like your underwear that you're wearing it right now! LOLLLL So you no need to wash you can just throw away ! No time to wash and wait it dry !! TIME IS GOLD! XD

Hmm Don't know how to say the tips here but you can get it on what I carry during my BKK trip. Bring one sleeping outfit is enough liao and don't bring so many outfit la. Bring extra one shorts for the next day while for the top you can easily purchase any top on the BKK street mall FOR JUST RM10 OR RM12! So don't worry you don't have clothes to wear k? Nobody know you there so even you cincai or simply wear also never mind one! Just like what I did! HAAHAHAHAH

Okie let have a look on what I brought 

 As I mentioned , a hand carry bag inside your luggage bag. So you can use this for extra to put some snack or those easy fragile items. I bought it during my last taiwan trip for only RM30. I bring this to every place when I travel :P
 Teeth Brush , Hair band for easy wash face and mask /makeup , Few mask needed !
 Phone & camera charges! Without this I can die!
 A box of Fairy Whitez because hor.. I actually very afraid of dark skin tone so I  have to protect myself plus it left few bottle only my luggage so empty so I just bring along and share with my friends so that I no need bring back this box. For detail post about fairy whitez or fairy beauty product you can google 'chanwon.com fairy beauty fairy white' All article and post will come out. If you need to search any blog post I wrote on the past you just key in chanwon.com xxxxx << the xxx represent what you need to find. K? HAHAHHA Syiok sendiri! Lol
 Camera! I brought 2 camera together with me. One is Casio ZR1000 and another one I can't live without Sony HX50 because the High-key filter which others brand camera can't do that.
 Remember to bring sunblock!!! NEVER FORGOT TO BRING THIS!! I love Yadah Sun cream SPF40!!
 I used to have 2 bag to separate my product one is for face like facial cleanser stuff and another one is for makeup product.
 Aiyaaa BKK weather damn hot and nobody know you there so you just can makeup as light as you can. I didn't bring any mascara if you notice that. I just bring some simple thing like double eyelid tape (most important for me) eyeliner , and I'm lazy to bring big size stuff so I bring together my eyeshadow pen..Everything in a 'pen' size!
 CANMAKE eyeshadow always came in a mini size that's why I love it :P Neutral tone of course!! And a rose cream which can put on your face and lips so it wont look so pale.
 I'm really taking a good care on my eyelashes!! HAHAAHAH Some concealer to cover my eyebag but end up i didn't use because i wearing my sunglasses EVERYDAY! LOLLLL so don't bring this la useless one~ Then eyeshadow pen ..eyeshadow pen and eyeliner pen! Weeeee~ ALMOST DONE
Oh yea and last but not least of course never forget this!!! PASSPORT AND $$$$$$$$ YES!! Remember to bring an extra RM100-RM150 keep on your pocket wallet so that you can use this if any emergency or not enough $$.

Don't bring expensive or big wallet la.Like what I bring is those thin one side open wallet. Once I open I can easily see through all my money and of course when ppl refund for you you can keep the money back on your wallet as soon as possible. KEEP YOURSELF SAFE don't bring any branded stuff lurrr but if you wish it's okay la because for me I just went to shopping no point to bring too exp stuff later they charge me exp xD  *think too much*

Next post I'm gonna share some tips and experience on BKK trip .. FOOD..SHOPPING HEAVEN and which currency exchange counter offer the most flat and nice rate for you to change your money!

That's all for today. Love xx