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01 September 2013

Hello My Lovely Sweeties :3 Huiiirayyyyy!!! Finally I'm here again I just can't wait to share another website which is so attractive and easy for us to SHOP with! They pick up some beauty & skincare product for me and everything you can get it from . I love NattaCosme! Don't ask me why because as you know that I seriously only need to sit at home and grab everything on their website. It's something like others website but this offer more great range of product. You will be totally shock once you click on their website because I saw that 80% cosmetic product I can get in Watsons can get it here!

I just scrolling their cosmetic product page on ( They even have Miss Hana eyeliner which is so popular in Taiwan and I'm gonna get all color for myself too. Other than that like those popular brands - KissMe , Majolica Majorca , DollyWink & etc which you can get at everywhere too but for me I really think that nowadays we just have to shopping online which can really save our time on it .Plus , convenience & EASIER!

So once I get shocked by the product range they offer I still continue figuring what's they didn't offer but basically they HAVE ALMOST 80% +  brand or product that you can purchase at pharmacy outlets like guardian or watsons. I WAS SHOCKED!How can I say No to online shopping!!!!!! I need to repurchase my HadaLabo skincare product , my KissMe eyeliner gel and Miss Hana makeup eyeliner pen & so on..... HAVEN DONE YET??? They still have shampoo & dye hair product :O

 See even they have Liese products and some brand I mentioned just now such as Hada Labo , Kiss Me , Naruko , Majolica Majorca , BeautyMate ,Kanebo, Miss Hana , Koji & MOREEEEEEEEEE!! See they offer a big range for us! Now I can just save my time and do my online shopping now :P It's really convenience leh! Am I Right?! I think I should stop talking about their website because this is not the main point :P I shall start to talk about the review for each product LOL.. 

So you now can check your bank balance see how much you left then can start to do your online shopping on already :P You can click on their categories and look for the product you want or click the product brand and forgot to tell you that they operate through both virtual e-store and actual physical shop. So , Don't worry too much when purchase it online everything is real!!! Stop crapping here & LET'S GET STARTED

Thanks Nattacosme for the invitation email for sponsoring this whole box of product for review purpose. Although this is a sponsored post but it doesn't affect my review or thought on this post. All opinion is my own. So let see what's inside the parcel. I'm very happy that every single product inside the box is well protected during the delivery process. I love their Nattacosme logo because if you realize that the TT is actually one seems to be lower and another one is higher. Curious about it? It means that every individual is distinctively different from one another. So meaningful and I love how they pack their product on it!

I love how everything works on me especially when I see through their website it required me quite a long time to look for and choose for the product because they have too much choice and some product imported from Japan and Taiwan too. Something I need to Thanks for them is the invitation card has my NAME ON IT!! See how cute they are and how much of Love I received! Thanks so much for your love~
 Well packed and they even add double protection to my parcel too!!
 This cute little box :) A flower tie together with their name card
 Seriously they delivered a new msg for me which is full of love and I this seems really diff from others website. I purchase from others online website too but if you really compare you can see the diff especially the protection box. Everytime I will get SOOOOO angry if I received a parcel and a spoiled box which spoiled my product packaging too. Luckily the product didn't spoiled if not I might need to return it and exchange. So this is why during the product delivery process owner have to make sure that every parcel deliver safety and also recognize how important for them to have enough protection for their product during the process.

This is what i get from my observation and opinion. I hope NattaCosme can continue for doing this because buyer can receive and feel the love from them :) It's so true! Am I right?

Let's see what I get :3

x3 Mask
x1 Hand Mask
x1 Hanaka Chu Chu Lips Scrub
x2 sample size product for review too

So this is what I get and I'm quite surprise that they let me try the hand mask because it's my first time to review and try about HAND MASK!!!  Other than that the 2 sample size product which is the dark circle diminishing eye complex cream from am+pm & another one is NARUKO SPF50 BB Sunscreen. This two product is something like free gift I think because I had a sticker on it wrote that it's a free gift and not allow for selling purpose LOL

 So yea!!! This is my favorite item of the month!!! I can actually wear this when I'm typing on my keyboard! HAAHAHA I used this last week because I need to review it of course I need to try it myself! As I mentioned just now this is my FIRST TIME to try on hand mask normally I wont touch my hand. Like NEVER EVER buy something just for my hand. Maybe sometime I might apply some hand cream on my hand but still very less la :P I'm lazy because once I apply my hand cream I can't do anything with that hand and waiting it to absorb so this make me quite curious about how this hand mask works on me Teehee
This product have a very comfortable and strong milk scent like those body shower we use or the milk favour mask sheet I purchased on some korea skincare shop. Both smell look almost the same like our face mask but this one is SUPER MOISTURIZING maybe because it's glove type of hand mask so that while we are waiting it to done our hand actually well absorb everything inside the glove.

I love this sooooo  much and I'm gonna purchase this again! Maybe should do this once in every month !! Never forget to take care our hand !! The glove wont drop easily because the design of the glove you can actually closed it at the opening part of the glove! Quite special and lovely design too!! After you wear on the glove you need to wait for almost 30 mins to take it off. I make it to 35 mins just I need fully 'utilize' it! AHAHAHAHAH  After you take off the glove you no need to wash it just keep on massage until all remaining cream absorb into your hand's skin. I can't hold my camera to capture my hand and I forgot to snap the before & after photo since I did both my hands together but my hand really appear whiter than the previous one. Actually this is quite normal la since this hand mask is really works and YOU CAN FEEL YOUR HAND SMOOTHER NOW!!!
Rating for this (/) Four out of Five because it really shows the result and outcome on my hand. I can instantly feel it after I apply for 30 mins and take it off! SUPER MAGIC!

OMG?! Did I see it wrongly? FOOD MASK? This 3 food mask from Foodaholic and it's well known for their super food skin care. I get this in 3 diff food which is Blueberry , Tomato & Pomegranate. I love to eat Pomegranate when I'm small because that time I'm staying at my grandmom house and she's the one who always gave me this as my fruit before I have my dinner. So nice hor!! But I don't know where can I get this now and I don't even know how to differentiate whether it's nice to eat or not! I remember that time I'm just 6-8 years old staying with my grandmama Miss her so much!

Okie back to the topic! So every mask I get is a natural essence mask which I never purchase before. Normally I purchase those mask like moisturizing or whitening but didn't really look on this kind of mask for my face. It's quite normal to see this kind of mask Am I right? So far I didn't know any shop selling this korea mask ! Lol I'm quite outdated actually :'( This food mask basically works the same as our normal one but I think the absorption quite fast when it come to food mask! Normally I took 30 mins or 35 mins to tear off the mask sheet but this I only use 25 mins I can feel that the mask sheet is slowly tear off and dry !! 

So each of these have their own benefit on our skin! Let see one by one :D
 First one will be this Blueberry Natural Essence Mask. This is for those who love to eat blueberry cake xD I'm just joking :P This Blueberry one diff from others because it can helps in maintaining elastic skin especially work really good in keeping your skin lustrous and moist.The blueberry extract provided a energy deep into the skin so that it really can keep and hold the moisture level on your skin. I feel like eating the mask now -,- I craving for fruit cake lol..

Blueberry suitable for Skin Soothing and Lustrous Skin

 Next will be the Pomegranate flavor ! Want to have some?? Lol

This is no hydrating or a whitening mask but it helps to make our skin look more healthy through removing the dead skin cells and at the same time it also maintains your skin smoother. Then this food mask also can use to improve our skin elasticity. I can feel the tightness after I tear it off and the food smell really good!! Once I used this I immediately went to my kitchen and looking for some food -.- Lol

So yea, this Pomegranate one suitable for clear and lively skin

I love to eat baby tomato those mini kind and after heat it it taste super nice!!! So I start to imaging i put all tomato on my face LOL. This tomato food mask can helps in moisturizing our dry skin and maintains the skin smooth too! Oh yea forgot to mention that this one sheet of mask includes plentiful of vitamins and minerals which good and benefit our face. 

This suitable for those who wish to moisturize their skin or want to achieve a clear skin. I think this is more on moisture our skin while the pomegranate one more great for those who wish to have a clear healthy looking skin.

I dunno they got sell this product too!! If you have read my previous haul from another online website you basically had read this review included in that post right? So I just need to talk a little bit on it and I'm currently still using this product. I think this suitable for those who never try any lips scrub before and it TASTE LIKE CANDY ..LOL

You no need to put it on your mouth you can already 'smell' the sweetness of the product. It's totally look like make of sugar or candy because it's really super sweet Lol. I just grab small little portion from it then scrub it all over my lips. It can instantly brighten my lip's color ...turn a little bit brighter but when you have a dry and peeling lips it doesn't really work well! My peeling lips still have a little bit on it but this can improve our blood circulation on our lips and i mentioned just now brighten up the color which means it reduce the darkness of my lips.
 If you look carefully my under lip actually look the same but upper lip have improve in term of color and the peeling lips! So I give it (/) The price of this little chu chu scrub is quite affordable and reasonable!! For those who looking for a normal scrub product for lips you may choose this before those expensive one :)

Happy girl that I take some time to done this post and review it because I wanna try every product before I start to do the review. So now I got two sample product from NattaCosme :P the first one is the eye complex cream and another one is what I mentioned at the beginning part of the post , the Naruko SPF50 sunscreen.

I personally very in love with this dark circle diminishing eye complex cream. I have panda eyes once I didn't get enough sleep after so long and most of the eye cream I used is more on moisturizing and hydrating kind of eye cream. So I keep on looking for those who can actually helps me with my panda sleepy eyes :'( Thankiuu for this sample because I tried it and I feel so surprise the absorption level of the eye cream is quite fast and the texture not really thick . It's very light when I'm applying on my eyes area. Oh yea forgot to mention that I can feel the tightness between my eye area when I'm applying especially the bottom eyelid. This can helps in tighten , brighten , whitening , moisturizing , soothing and anti-aging on our eyes area!! IT'S ALL IN ONE!! 

What you need to do is just gently apply a small amount on your eye area and slowly massage it until it fully absorb then you can feel something really diff now :P *finger crossed*

Last product which is the Naruko Narcissus Defense BB Sunscreen SPF50. This product is really a PRO! It can blocking the UVB & UVA which harmful to our skin especially we are doing some outdoor activities or standing under the sun. As you notice that it's not just a normal sunscreen product it's also add with a BB product which can correct your skin tone + almost same like the BB cream !

The color of this texture is not white color but it's a skin nude color liquid form of sunscreen + bb cream. It's not really thick but every time when you're using a sunscreen product which is more than SPF30 you need to remove it with some remover product because it might block your skin! After I apply this sunscreen I didn't feel any oily but my skin seems to be too 'bright' and a little bit too shine for me. Lol But one thing I need to talk about this product is after i running or doing some outdoor activities the sunscreen still stay on my face. I don't know why I can feel it but maybe because I observe my skin color and my skin remain as shine as previous. But remember to use makeup remover product to remove it after using this ya since it's BB + Sunscreen just make sure you remove it as clean as possible.

Haven't done yet!!! Before I end with this post I have a good news for YOU

Thanks NattaCosme providing us such a platform to purchase some imported product from another country and make our life easier!!! I now can just scroll and look for the product which I need to purchase and have DISCOUNT ON IT!!! It's cheaper when you have the discount on special event and also holiday like MERDEKA DAY & etc!!!

Never disappointed you!! Now you can provide a code for them so that you can entitle to get a RM5 discount for any purchase above RM50!!! Just simply quote: CHANWON5 then you can easily enjoy this RM5 discount. Although it's not really a huge discount but at least you can save RM5 for your shipping fees or extra discount when you purchase some expensive skincare product right? Little also mean lotssss for me actually!! HAHAHAAHA

Hope NattaCosme can have more discount onward! Thanks for your time! Enjoy Reading. Love, xx.