Pet Diary #1: Welcome New Member ♥ Bebe

17 September 2013

Bellllo Sweeties :3  Sorry for this super late post! I'm actually back from my trip yesterday midnight but I have so much work need to catch up and guess some of you already start asking me where am I going & some preparation tips! Dont worry because everything will be post on this week since I'm HOLIDAY now! I will be writing it part by part. For instance like BKK Food Post , BKK Shopping Post , BKK Tips and preparation because I know some of you actually attracted and get to know me from my previous Taiwan Trip 2013 and I wont be able to answer you all one by one so I choose to share everything here for you :) So don't worry!!! Just jeep calm and stay tuned for that!

So before I start with my BKK post I have a great news which I would love to share with everyone of you! YEAAAAAAAHHH!! FINALLY!! I own a puppy!!! I don't know how to express my feeling right now because everything just came in sudden! Story began when I'm still having my 4th day trip at Bangkok...I received a watsapp msg from my bro and he told me that he bought a toy poodle at home without any early notice from me and also permit from my mom. If you're my readers for a long time I'm sure you know that I'm always a pet lover but I never own a puppy for myself. I didn't get permit from my parent to do that then we actually discuss within me & my bro about to have a puppy after he got his SPM result...

But everything just sooooooooo surprise. My brother's friends own a toy poodle too and the poodle mama born few new puppies.. and that's what my brother did.. We discuss to own and booked one of the poodle from his friends but horrrr..because one of my parent disagree on that for almost 5 years time.. So I never ever think to own a puppy although I wished for so many years... Until today I can't believe now my Bebe is sleeping beside me and keep wake me up at the early morning.

I really can't believe that my bro have brave to do that. If I'm the one who brought it home I'm sure my parent gonna kill me and ask me to let go for others but things happen suddenly and it's really a SUPER BIG NEWS FOR ME!! Imaging I dream for that for almost 5 years plus...My friends , my relatives all have their own puppy and sometime I saw some video of those cute puppies I'm really feel like WHATEVER I JUST WANNA GET IT HOME! But I never dare to do that because I know it's a big responsibility for me as a pet owner.

SOOOO.. My brother just get it home without any permit from my mom!!! Then my mom scold everyone of us like shit but end up LOVING BEBE like I do!! I seriously can't believe that my mom accepted him as one of our family member. My mom brought him to pet clinic and help to take care him when I'm still on the way back and I was thinking to gave him a name. $$$ Came in my mind so I called him as 'Money' but my mom told me that it's better not to call it this name because it seems so 'heavy' for a dog to own a name like this. Like it should bring money for us or whatever those typical chinese culture very emphasize on one person's name..So I discuss with my bro and daddy end up changed it to BEBE! I'm not sure whether Bebe know its own name anot because the previous owner used to call him as Milo! LOL but I love it so much!! I mean I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!

I asked my mom..Why you no hate after this all?! She told me that Bebe was too cute to hate! LOLLLL His eyes was so innocent and this is a fate between all of us with him! LOL such a miracle I never dream of this happen on me like this.. I thought I will only get a pet when I'm get married with someone..After so long..LOL
Sorry for the weird fringe because I curl it and suddenly I forgot to comb it back nicely -.- So just ignored ya!!! 

OK! So pictures do the talking you know how cute and how he caught my eyes and steal my heart! Melting!!! I really can't imaging he is mine! He's our new family member! But actually he's the only reason why I'm so late to update my blog here.. Seriously... He wake me up every 2 hours! I can't sleep tight and keep on taking care of him. He's just a two months old baby puppy.. I think his mama maybe lack of attention for him and he is super duper easy to get emo and keep doing those sound like he's crying. TOTALLY MELTED ME TO THE MAX.

I slept 3 hours every night. He wake me up to pee and because I put his bed beside of my bed ..Once he wake up he will immediately turn his head to look for anyone..If without anyone beside him he will Immediately start to bark softly + bark sadly... Seriously the sound is damn sad like nobody beside him to accompany..I guess his mama never take care him nicely and when he slept he just like a human... suddenly bark then wake up.. LOL Mr.Kitty told me that he was having a nightmare.. OMG?! 

I learned lotss of things within this 2 days.. Like suddenly be like a mom ! Lol experience something like taking care for a baby. Lol I seriously damn worry him because this puppy have a little bit skin sensitive problem on one part of his body and his ear too. I seriously think that their previous owner never take care it nicely maybe? or never give any attention to him. He seems like so suffer the part start to turn red and he look like damn itchy on that. I feel like </3 when I saw the veterinary help us to apply the medicine on Bebe..Bebe bark so loud I can feel the pain! T^T

Then the next thing is the owner told my bro that Bebe done his first injection but end up NOTHING done. Luckily my mom , bro and Mr.Kitty were free. They brought Bebe to the same place again and booked for his very first injection date on next coming week. Seriously hope it wasn't too late because I'm very worried..He still so small and tiny :'(

Please recover babyyy Bebe!! Mummy worry you til I can't sleep especially seeing you hurt so badly.. Lol.. Now I understand how to be like a mummy and pet expenses is damn high. Within this few day I used up more than RM300 just for the food + his bed & so on. I seriously hope that I can earn more money to save him from the pain T^T But don't worry I still have a little bit on my budget and I now just hope that he can get well .. I'm quite tired actually but I need to  make sure he get well before I fall asleep. Seriously I'm not sure the skin problem would be a BIG PROBLEM for him anot but I just hope to get through with Bebe! 
I'm really so so so so happy for him and myself!! A new member added in our family!! Welcome to our family Bebe I will try my best to take care of you and remember to get healthy always. Sorry my face is quite stupid but I just can't wait to show and share with all of you my feeling now!!!!!! I'm bleesed 

Let me show you his new bed! But he doesn't really sleep on it at night. He love to sleep on the floor and sleep beside me and this is why I can't sleep too. I let him sleep first then I put it on the bed but after i put it on the bed he wake up and walk to my side...and sleep beside me! LOLLLL Not sure I should be sad I can't sleep or be happy that he need me!! AHAHAHAHAH But I'm happy to do everything just for him 
 TAAADAAA I get a pillow from Anakku for him! Lollllll
 LET ME SHOW YOU HIS SLEEPING FACE. SEEE?!! Like a human loo!! Once he has nightmare he will bark and keep shaking his leg or body.. I tot he got sick at first =.= Now I know it..Anything I can do for him? I don't know I need some tips from you if you own a pet.. I'm happy to know more about how to take care a puppy or anything you wish to share with me just comment below.. I will read it!
 OMGGGGGGGGGGG! I took this photo just nowww!! SEEEEE ?!! I feel so happy he can sleep so tight!!
He love to sleep like this but I worry this sleeping position might not good for him! LOLLL OVER WORRY for him..I know right..But... First time maaaa!! That's why...

OMG... 1.30am now.. I can't think anything now..I just feel so sleepy and just feel so free to drop by here (while Bebe still sleeping beside me nicely) I will continue the next post tomorrow!!! 

SAY Hiii to this cute little Bebe..Let's Pray for him :) HEALTHY HEALTHY K?!!♥ Mummy Love you..We love you!