Favorite Online Shop Of The Month ♥ 826 Closet

21 September 2013

Hey yoooo Sweeties :3  Is me again! So today I'm gonna update about my recent favourite online shop. Sorry for the late again but it's better than never. I feel so sorry to my readers & you because I less on updating my OOTD post on the past 2 months. Sowiiieee x1000 :'( But you guys know that I will never forget you. I just wait the time and mood to update it and actually I almost forgot about this post ! Lol luckily today when updating to ios7 I look through and look back all my photo in my phone album. Then I only realize I owe you this! 

     As usual talking about my internship was a nightmare for me. I almost stop everything and now have to get my life back. I tried to be happy on that few month but things happen for a reason and it make me faces the reality of the world. Lol seems to be a big challenge for me but one thing make me miss the company is the relationship with my colleagues. I miss them badly especially working with a friendly environment is always a good choice but we went to the wrong track. Lol Too much to talk should leave it on my next internship post. OKAY?!
     So I'm really happy that the owner of this closet being so nice & friendly to me too. Look at the note she wrote for me few months ago. I'm really happy and when the time I look back the paper I feel so warm. I always keep all these note & paper who wrote for me on a mini box. When I look back it make me feel so warm and touch. Seriously , I LOVE IT! Love to keep notes or papers like this. I'm here again to thanks all sponsorship of the blog shop & all the lovely notes or paper!! Thanks a lot lovely... It's worth for me to spend my time with you guys just to talk about EVERYTHING. HAAHAHA

Let's get started ~ So the first parcel I received from 826 Closet was their clothes. I love the denim style and all items were picked by myself. For those who followed my instagram (@chanwon92) you might realize how I fall in love with their denim. I wear it to my trip , I wear it as my daily outfits. If you ask me to calculate how many time I wore this I'm sure it's more than 3 time :P I love the design of the denim top and the stud on the collar of the top. I can simply just match with my leggings or wear it as a top. Imaging I'm going for a trip I can simply pair it with a tee inside + a high-waist shorts too. So lovely right?

The next item I picked as my monthly favorite piece is one of their blue peplum top. I think it's still a trend but I love peplum top is because I can wear it to work and also wear to some outing. I choose the blue one and one thing I need to emphasize and it impressed me so much is the quality of this peplum top. This top actually is slightly sexy for me because the top part is like 40% transparent!! :P 

I match this with a bodycon skirt and you actually can pair it with a shorts too but not forget to mention the quality is DAMN GOOD for this little top. I can't believe the price is so worth and also REASONABLE. Most important , their service! The shop owner so responsible and intro or recommend me this end up turns everything into magic for me :)

Just love the way they treat their customer. So I'm gonna stick to this shop again and maybe have a look on their coming new stock.. Few weeks later I get another parcel from them. This time is no longer a clothes but two color of clear transparent clutch! I'm not sure you remember anot I said that I wanna have a clear transparent clutch.. Now my dream came true!! Thanks 826 Closet because I found you selling this

Some photos I took once I received their clear clutch. 
 For those who interested can click on http://826closet.blogspot.com/2013/07/a001-morning-clear-zip-clutch.html to make your order but before I end with this post just have a look on how I match my outfit with their transparent clear clutch :3

Seriously I think it's really so easy to match with my outfit but the size of it not really big just nice for us to carry around for some party night or celebration. I carry this with my phone and power bank + my camera so that I wont missed everything. With the half transparent look I can easily see through what's inside and grab whatever I want :)

For instance (Photo on the left) I wear a shoulder off peplum top with a black skirt and I would like to have something colorful to catch people's eyes. So end up I decided to carry this neon pink color clear clutch instead of others.

Besides the neon pink one when I'm having some bright color outfits I change the color of the clutch. I will take the silver one out instead of having the neon color one. I really feel like it's super easy to  match with anything. Of course the size of it as I mentioned before JUST SO SUITABLE for us to grab for party. Wont too big nor too small.

Therefore, when you wearing a bright color outfit you might choose the color which less caught people's eye while if you wearing black/white outfit you may added something fun on the color. Choose the brighter color clutch when you wearing black/white color outfit.

Detailed + Close up photo~
    They now having new arrival and I love their own design Paris Tee!!! You may have a look on their official website :3

826 Closet Official Website here
826 Closet Instagram♥ here
826 Closet Facebook here

 That's all for today. Love xx