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19 September 2013

Herloooo Hello ALL MY DEAREST SWEETIES  :3 I'm back!!! Many blog post have to publish before it's too late. Finally I'm here while my poodle Bebe is sleeping right now :P This few days actually rush here & there just to solve its health problem. I'm really disappointed to the previous owner who actually 'take care' of Bebe. They are so irresponsible and selfish because they don't even think dog's health as an important issues and never aware how much should a owner taking care of their own pet.

I think I should share what I experienced within this few day but before I start with that I'm gonna complete this blog post! I know you that I'm almost gone during this few weeks / months. It's quite exhausted when I need to do double job within this few month. Finally everything over! Gonna get back to my real life and stick to my dream. Fight for it! So what I did on the previous month is quite simple. Basically I just joined few bazaar mostly it's on weekend because that time I'm still having my 3 month internship working life. It's such a memorable period for me and I will appreciate everything I learned from there. As you know that since I'm working I less accept blogger job & this make me couldn't join any event + no side income at that 3 month period. No choice I have to save money while preparing and planning for my BKK trip within that 3 month. 

So what I did is I just join as many bazaar as I can within this 3 months time. I think I joined 3 bazaar. The 1st I joined is the Fashion Salad Bazaar @ SquareDotz. I updated that and due to the amount of photo I need to upload I combine the 2nd & 3rd bazaar in this post. The next bazaar I joined was the Blogger Bazaar @ On A Cloudy Day somewhere near Bangsar there while the last one is the same venue at SquareDotz SS2. I'm appreciate because of your attending and coming! I'm much appreciate that you're one of the person who indirectly help me to clear all my pre-loved , then all pre-loved converted into $$. With that $$ although it's not too much but at least I have additional $$ rather than just sit at home waiting $$ drop from the sky.

Seriously (again) , thanks for those who coming.  I'm really happy that I'm able to meet all of you real life and some of you just simple drop by to say 'Hi' to me. I'm not aim to earn anything from you all but just want to clear all my pre-loved clothes especially those still new and never wear before one. I'm really happy that you grab it and you're the new owner for them. Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks!!! It's not the first time I joined but each bazaar make things happen for a reason. I get inspired by my readers and I hope I could join as much bazaar as I can. I don't wanna just be a 'blogger' but something special and unique about me. Seriously maybe I'm talking too much that's why I love to join bazaar because you guys...Talk much than me!!! HAHAHAAHAH

I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!! So let's get started :) Here's some of the photos I took during the Blogger Bazaar @ On A Cloudy Day.

Thanks god this bazaar was an indoor one. So it's quite different with the previous bazaar i joined! You know that I can get sweating damn fast & I just sometime hate outdoor one. Both got their pros & cons la. If outdoor will be more happening sometime. This location at Bangsar is quite hard to find parking but still some of you just ask your bf parking for you and you just come up the boutique and shop. So clever if I'm the bf I'm sure go crazy because my dad can't find a proper parking for me to carry up all my clothes to the venue. Spent almost 20 mins to find a temporary parking I immediately drop everything on the road -.- Too excited and nervous.

The owner and girls were so friendly. They lending out their venue for us just to sell our own stuff. I'm here to thanks Nanaand On A Cloudy Day's ownerfor the invitation. I'm really enjoy a lot on that day especially talking to you and crapping here & there :P This is why I love having bazaar because I can talk damn a lot and I love the environment. Nice day and time to spend with all of you!! 
We choose the place beside a big window and beside us have our own fitting room :P So nice ehhh!! Like that everyone of you can have a chance to try on our clothes and decide whether you want it or not. Bobo , Chenelle and I were there at the same corner on that day. So end up we just combine everything on the table like this while the clothes we just hang it separately. I'm brought my Double Beauty double eyelid tape and some flora crown too. Apart from that, I'm quite surprise that end up we don't have enough place to put HAAHAHA. The owner of the shop actually borrow us hanger as well because we don't have enough hanger for our clothes and they borrow us their racks and help us when we need any help. Seriously thanks so much for everything :) I'm appreciate it! Teehee*  

Cool Shoulder Drape Dress from

Too stress = Eat A lot = CHUBBY FACE! I seriously feel like gained weight on my face =.= I HATE THAT!!! Why don't it appear on other part of my body. Lol
 Thanks Yummy Flowerzfor this 

This is damn delicious especially the chocolate strawberry !!! How talent !!!! I want it on my birthday toooo!! Gonna make my 21st birthday celebration a little bit special. Any place recommended for party celebration? I wanna have a simple dinner with my closed friends~ :3 The fruits were so fresh and it make all of us stop talking for a while  !! HAAHAH Everyone just love this so much

 Happy that everyone grab what they want and some of the photo we took on that day :) 

 Everyone of them influence by me :P All of us have colorful makeup look on that day! Such a fate we never plan together but accidentally have the same makeup look! Will make a tutorial for all of you as soon as possible :D    

Here's some of the photo with my sweeties & readers! I just able to grab some because some of you lock your profile on instagram :'( 

 That's all for today. Love xx