Pet Diary #2: Living together with Bebe♥ Toy Poodle

23 September 2013

Oppss Hey You found me?!!! HAHAHAHAA Oh yeah! it's just a little update for my little blog here something related with my current life. Yea :) My precious prince Bebe Finally after a week living together I'm able to deal with this little cutie. I never thought of having a baby poodle in my life ( keep repeat this again & again) but one thing I realize is how irresponsible of the previous owner. The first day my brother brought it back I actually called Mr.Kittyand I remember that day is Friday (I'm still at BKK) because we found that our Bebe have serious skin sensitive problem on its 'pee pee' area and inside the ear got lotss of brown color stuff look like blood but actually not. Then my mom , bro and bf immediately brought him to get advice from vet.

My mom actually quite worry our Bebe and of course once I get back I immediately went to the same place and asked for advice see how can I take a good care of Bebe. They told us it's so normal to see this kind of problem but Bebe case was a little bit serious. Then I'm wonder how can the previous owner be so irresponsible never know what's going on with all the poodles. My brother actually told the previous owner and my mom advice my bro just let them know ask them to check all their poodle see whether they are suffering this anot. We are just kind enough to tell the owner about it and we never ask them to do anything to our Bebe. We just want them to check others poodles.. Pity my Bebe because its ear so itchy and keep using its leg to touch it.. Until it's almost bleeding I guess.

Pity little cutie and I'm quite disappointed for the reaction of the previous owner. My bro and mom tried our best to advice but they just say it's because we don't know how to take care it -.- HEY MY GOD it's our first day to get it and we immediately bring Bebe to get advice from vet but how come they never take it as a serious case by just saying that the skin problem just ask us to take a responsibility. OMFG they just hope to born the puppy and sell it isn't? I'm really </3 when see my Bebe suffer like this and when we help Bebe to clean its ear mites he keep crying loh </3  The sound really look like a baby 

I think this one week experience is quite special for me because I cnt walk away from him. He 24/7 follow beside me and keep on bark when I'm bathing or just go to toilet. Somehow I feel so sad because I everyday bring him to pet clinic and hearing his crying sound when they help him clean his ear mites. Of course I have to learn it too now I'm able to clean it myself but I still don't dare to clean deeply. Lol Seems scary when he crying and push my hand away ...Like a baby x2
See his innocent face and expression! I can't resist it!! HHAHAHAAH You know how many mins I need to help him clean his ear mites? he keep on shaking his head and moving left to right and I have to talk to him like a baby. Keep praising good boy good boy and he seems can understand what am I talking and slowly let me clean his ear. Then next I never realize having a puppy have so much expenses and it's quite high too. I'm quite broke but still I will pay him for everything. My mom some more bought a lots baby pillow and things to him. OMG like a baby x3

Bebe wake me up every morning at 8am and this is why I have so much time and effort put on my blog. I have more time to do my blog but at the same time I didn't hang out almost one week. It's okay actually because I want him to get back his healthy life so I can just push my date behind and things behind just for him but please let me sleep more Bebe. He wake me up every 2-3 hours at night for the first few day and want me to awake and clean his pee pee & shits on my room. Lol I'm actually quite happy he wake me up to clean it but why he don't allow me to sleep back LOL

I miss my pillow but few days later he just wake me up at 6am and 8am. The day before today I don't know why he bark and cry at night when I closed the light . I thought he want me to hug him and sleep but actually I have sensitive nose I can play and hug him all the day but just cnt sleep beside me so I refuse him but he keep bark. I feel so annoying because I dont have enough sleep but end up his innocent face like seducing me lo ! Lol I open another light and hug him like a babyx4 then see whether he can sleep anot. End up I notice that he afraid of darkness. Is this normal ? Lol or something wrong in his mind? Maybe someone treat him so bad previously I don't know just curious why my Bebe afraid of darkness
It has a bed but never sleep on it. Lol Why a? Bebe love to sleep on the floor beside my bed and I use something to cover him because afraid anything happen on him. Treat him like a baby and compare with the first day I think he grow a little bit. Heavy liao!! When I hug with one hand my  hand getting so tired after that and he keep bite our hand -.- I don't know why but my friends and some of you read my previous post about it you guys just so sweet to share some knowledge with me. Thanks a lot :3 I'm appreciate. They told me when Bebe keep bite he thought he was playing with us. Lol
See its emo face. Vet ask us to do this for him so that his ear wont become more & more worst but I did this for the first day after that... ALL EYES ON HIM. Don't let him to touch his ear once he touch immediately take away his leg. Lol I'm a super free mummy because I'm really 24/7 look on him. Lol Big clap for me! I'm actually very tired and I'm not sure why I can't sleep on the day after that because looking him suffer really </3! I keep on sayang sayang him not to cry not to bark and when he pee I actually hit his ass but he turns wanna to bite me back. Lol I'm very afraid puppy bite on my hand because I experienced that on my BFF puppy there. HAHAHAAH I'm really scared but then I still dare to scold him because I don't wish he simply simply pee end up let my parent scold. I rather scold him by myself mah!
I can't bring him to anywhere right now within this few month because he never done his injection.Even the first one also haven. That previous owner told my bro that they did the first injection but end up when we ask for the third and second time she told my bro HAVEN! OMFG Normally puppy born after 6 weeks should get their first injection but until now already 2 months plus haven done his injection then we can't immediately bring him to do the injection also because doctor told us Dog is different with human. They need get used to the new environment only can get their injection and only can bath.

I was shocked because I don't know so now I have to wait another 3 days for his first injection. Normally dog need to use 7-10 days to know the new environment. I did some research on internet to prove that I'm not wrong LOL because I'm really afraid he sick then I have to take care him 99.Every mins every day ! LOL Seriously feel like I'm having a baby rather than an animal. Lol I think I'm blessed because everytime I saw Bebe Innocent and cute face I'm so happy. When he know that we gonna fetch him go out to pet shop he will run here & there then bite my clothes pull me -.- I dont know where he learn that. 

His teeth grow so fast now i can see the bottom part of his teeth and so pain if I kenal his bite.He can sleep everywhere but once sleep for almost 1 hour he will automatic wake up look for someone see whether anyone beside him anot. If someone beside he will continue sleep if I'm the one beside he will wake up then come beside me and sleep. OMG WHY IT'S SO CUTE but I feel damn itchy and geli when he sleep on my leg. SOOOOO CUTE 

He got lotss of sleeping post and sometime every expression and movement he did just like an human. He super duper blur when just wake up and open his mouth like what we did then look here and there.. slowly wake up if you disturb him he will get angry and walk away from you !! HAHAAHAHA if he's thirsty he will go to the right direction to have a 'tea time' AHAHAHAHA! SO CUTE HORRRR!!
 See his sensitive area :( Still need to put medicine on it and still itchy :'( SLEEP LIKE A BOSS! AHAHAHA
 Sleeping face #2.
Fall asleep face #3
 Innocent face #4
 No caption for this because I just so in love by touching its leg! HAHAAH The part that I capture! So cuteeeeeeeee and I keep on touching it until he get angry while he was sleeping on the floor! HAAHAHAH BAD MUMMY!!

It's Play Time!
 Don't mess with me! Lol

My mom so sayang him bought this & that just for him. How come I don't have :'(
 The funniest thing is...Even..Playing with me...STILL CAN SLEEP?!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA Should wake him up * Just Joking*
 Cincai cincai simply pee on my room get scolded by me. Then he will go to his bed and do this face expression to me -,- Ok lorrr Sayang back!

 Bought new toys for him..First day already spoiled the toys 0,0 Lol
 Bebe said 'Mummy this is yummy..can I have more???'

 Sorry for my messy hair. Didn't comb immediately after wake up LOLLLL!! See all of our sleepy face. Bebe Sleepy , Bf Sleepy and I'm sleepy too. We are! SLEEPY FAMILY♥♥ :3
 Although I don't really know how to take care of bebe at first but I believe that I can slowly learn it. Sometime I feel so frustrated and tired because I slept 4-5 hours only..he keep wake me up and must sleep on my leg only can sleep..But I still love him a lot because I'm most of the time when I'm alone at home he is the one who sleep on my leg and show me his innocent face. So damn cute leh!! But just hope that I can earn  more money and gave him some good pet food and bring him to try pet spa and grooming. I never thought expenditure of it really high. Hope could save more money for him and get him a healthy life too. Really </3 see him suffer and keep bark when cleansing his ear mites.

Bebe must be a good boy and wait for the right timing to do your first injection until the third injection we bring you go outside and meet new friends k? My friends came my house yesterday and Bebe so happy! I think he suka sangat ppl come to visit him and bring him lotss of toys huh? HAHAHAHAHA

Mummy love you , We love you! Stay Healthy always.

PS: Is time to </3 again. Need to bring him to check and clean his ear mites in the pet shop again. Good Bye Sweeties.

That's all for today. Love xoxo

Me "Bebe faster say Bye Bye~"

Bebe "..................."